Written Preview of Episode 15 of Protect the Boss

While it’s true that I’m a teensy weensy bit annoyed with last week’s Protect the Boss episodes, it’s not anything that makes me fear for the rest of the drama going forward. I do hope it’s just a blip in an otherwise stellar ensemble family and work drama, one which will be like water under the bridge with me if episode 15 of Protect the Boss immediately brings back the character consistency and the out-of-the-box plot progression the earlier episodes had in spades.

Written preview for episode 15:

DN Group has been turned upside down from the search warrant and quickly reacts to dealing with the prosecutorial summons. Chairman Cha pretty much suspects who is behind all of this. Eun Seol is very depressed and responsible as she’s cleaning the ransacked office. Facing the piercing eyes of the employees, Ji Heon is furious at his own lack of ability.

On the other hand, discovering that it’s her own mother’s doing, Na Yoon also finds out from Moo Won that Eun Seol has been made the scapegoat for this entire situation. She feels utterly devastated. She cries, and while facing Moo Won is trying to comfort her, she feels her heart once again flutter….

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Protect the Boss bar, translated into English by me]

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Written Preview of Episode 15 of Protect the Boss — 15 Comments

  1. So chariman cha is no longer mad at ES? He better not ask them to break up…and i dont want any misunderstandings between ES n JH! Please drama dont get typical…i beg u!

  2. Yeah, the misunderstandings from the last episode SHOULD NOT be carried out any longer than the first 10 minutes… Otherwise… TT . TT

  3. My heart broke when Chairman Daddy suspected Eun-seol of being the one to blow the whistle and yelled at her. It almost made me sadder than Ji-heon telling her to get out of the car. I hope they make up quickly, because I love Chairman Daddy and Eun-seol’s relationship.

    I hope, too, that there’s some solid forward movement on Na-yoon and Moo-won’s front – I think they’re so cute together. ^_^

  4. i’ll watch last week’s episode after this mess gets cleared up. i don’t want to Chairman Cha doubting Eun Seol, or worse, Ji Heon.

    i really don’t like extensions. aish.

  5. I guess I’m probably of the minority that I don’t mind this development. I felt that it was about time, really. Chairman Cha’s misdeeds has been foreshadowed for some time, and I was pretty sure it would come up around now. I suppose everyone is so used to conflicts being resolved in such a speedy manner that they don’t like how ES’s behaviour is unnecessarily prolonging the situation. The thing is, I kinda understand ES’s actions. She’s trying to protect JH and the chairman, and people do silly things under pressure. I’m cutting her some slack for being human. Now, onwards to episode 15! Can’t wait.

    • I totally agree with you DramaQueen. I agree that it was about time to develop this way, and ES’s actions are very natural for a human nature, having that little experience and information.
      I also began to like the second female lead and is looking forward to episode 15!

  6. preview..


    CEO Cha: I was not clean. And Noh Eunsul found that out. And those documents were leaked… Prepare yourself.

    Jihun: I’m done! With you, father, and with Noh Eunsul too, I am done.

    Nayun: No… is it really, the DN search and seizure—was it really my mom who did it?

    Muwon: I know that it was not your fault, Miss Noh Eunsul—I wanted to tell you that.

    Eunsul: Is your mother, Director Cha Muwon, involved in this?

    Muwon: Don’t ever cause these kinds of incidents again. Please, don’t trouble anyone, no matter whom it may be.

    Eunsul: Ah, I am the secretary to the son of CEO Cha. I have something urgent, I really need to see him.

    Jihun: Just what am I to Noh Eunsul—I plan to think about that.

    Source: @Lunjij

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