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Somewhere between watching the latest episodes of Bu Bu Jing Xin (I’m up to episode 20 if anyone is curious) and reading the C-news, I came across this poster for the drama which just took my breath away. I love the juxtaposition of Ruo Xi’s face on the left with a minature of Zhang Xiao (her modern incarnation) on the right, with all the princes hovering over it. Watching BBJX, you see how modern Zhang Xiao has been reduced ever smaller and smaller into the psyche of Ruo Xi as the months turns into years then into decades that she is spending in the Qing Dynasty. Her initial concerns and cares transform through time along with her feelings for the princes, until she reaches a point where she cannot remain detached any longer.

BBJX the drama is currently the hottest thing in China right now, dominating the airwaves and print on entertainment stories. It’s already tripled Jade Palace Lock Heart‘s Baidu hits during the same time frame, which is just an indicator of fan interest in a particular topic. Rating-wise it remains number 1 in it’s time slot, though having the first ten episodes leaked on it’s premiere day did eat into it’s early momentum. For now, the fans are starting to get bitterly divided between 4th and 8th Princes, with fan wars breaking out left and right. Sigh. I’m just happy to watch this drama, and the cast is just happy to promote it in these last few weeks. Below are some more random goodies for this brilliant drama that has me eating out of the palm of its hand.

NG Scenes from BBJX:

I’m going to have a hard time taking the drama seriously if I keep rewatching this video. For those of you who haven’t watched any of these actors in any other dramas or movies, or heard them on television, this NG has them speaking their own lines before it was dubbed over for TV. Nicky Wu has a very unique voice, which made him sing at a odd key when he was in The Little Tigers with Alec Su and Benny Chen, which probably doesn’t have the gravitas that 4th might project. His dubbed voice is very steely for sure.

Cast of BBJX on Happy Camp:

This variety show features most of the main cast members gathering for a question-and-answer session and playing some games. The last segment included a dating game where each of the three female leads got to come out and pick their bachelor. All I got out of it is 14th Prince Lin Geng Xin appears to kinda have a real life crush on Liu Shi Shi.

It was also hilarious to find out that everyone on the set called Yuan Hong “sister-in-law-camper” because he was always talking to the ladies playing his sister-in-law in the drama. To which Yuan Hong complained that all the female actors on set played one of his sisters-in-law, so he was put in a bind no matter what. Whatever, he’s such a happy flirt, and I’m sure only one sister-in-law got all his attention.

Fanmade Trailer for Modern Version of BBJX with the Same Cast:

Okay, I would watch this is a heartbeat. Someone? Anyone with money to spare? There is a drama waiting to be made!


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  1. What is up with all these new series with the Qing era! They all have the same sort of plot. Gong, gong 2, holy pearl. This must be the year for time travel series. lolz

  2. Lovely! That fanmade MV is why I’m still firmly not wanting a drastic change in the original original ending…coz I dun want max 15 min after the 30 heartbreaking hrs we’ve been with them. I want a proper BuBuKaiXin/BuBuHappy as suggested by KC. And in modern world there needs no throne or headoff.. I’m not the only one screaming if they can just take up a post most suitable and form one formidable corporation. Four as CEO, 8 COO, 9 finance, 10 corporate secretary, 13 Ad, 14 PR.

    • I’m so cried out from episode 20 it’s not even funny. Crying for every damn person is not good for my mental health. Though 13 owned that episode. Man our loverboy is PERFECT.

      • Babe, me too. I’ve been a leaky leaky faucet ever since. My dramawatching exp is now marked by preBBJX20 and post.

        I can’t even talk about it. I can’t even peek at Mousie’s swoonilicious Eight/RX caps coz I can’t see them happy, coz it reminds me of them in…20 and I can’t touch anything that’s reminding me of…20.

        I’m tearing up typing this, coz I have a visual of Nicky in Rain and I need to shut. it. off.

      • Nicky in the Rain is UGH^&*^&%^($(% *tears pouring down my face*

        It’s like 4, 8, 13 are taking turns bitchslapping me with their collective angst. And ShiShi is nailing every single scene!!! Her growth as an actress I used to call Crystal Liu #2 is astonishing. CL hasn’t improved as an actress one iota since her debut, whereas ShiShi grows by leaps and bounds until now in BBJX she’s truly an excellent thespian.

        Last time I cried so much was in Damo. And we’re not even at the really angsty stuff coming up in the late 20s, early 30s eps. *cowers in fear and anticipation*

      • GOSH it may also be Damo for me!! It was 2005 and my very first kdrama cryfest. TT_TT never cried much over deaths and OhSoSerious drama angst (I was tearless finishing MISA). But NAEURIIII!

        I’m literally shaking in fear and dread and MY!doom! for the early 30s. We r only at barely pass ascension mark on this angsty roller coaster freefall…

        ShiShi REALLY impressed me these latest eps. She’s improved heaps and done a good job so far but she’s also acting against SUPERB performances and the emotive scenes r insanely well written/directed, I hesitated giving her full credits, that is TILL ~18.

        All I can chat on without touching the really really raw part of my bleeding heart over them all is it slays me even more with the NianChi theme played throughout her kneeling in rain and 13 drunk despair …in rain. It’s YHLSS/YKMNC/13RX great ball of angst in ONE scene. YH as 13 is really the best casting in this terrific cast, all things considered.

      • Team Naeuri FOREVER. Team Rebel Leader can go nomnomnom in their fauxcest cave (which admitted is angst to the max). After ep12 of Damo I think I needed an IV drip I was so dehydrated.

        Normally C-dramas don’t make me cry like K-dramas do, because there is less emotional manipulation, but here in BBJX all the emotional threads are tangled up and complicated and logical, so it just hurts so bad to watch, but at the same time it doesn’t feel forced at all.

        I agree loverboy as 13 is the best casting amongst the princes (or is our bias blinding us?), but ShiShi really is astonishing to watch here. I see the most growth from her in all the RX-4 scenes. RX-8 scenes I think Kevin owns it all.

  3. love this show. (: i soo dearly wanted her to end with the 4th prince and have a happy ending but that doesn’t quite happen (read your summary of the novel). 🙁 but all is well! it is suppose to be a tragic drama.

    • I find her “love story” with 4th Prince so beautiful to watch. Whatever the ending, the journey of their love is really so satisfying and beautiful and tragic.

      • -may i ask where can i read the summary of the novel? is there a website i can go to? in english please? thank you.
        -also,is there anyway Ms Koala can do recap of this drama? that way i can watch unsubbed eps, then read you recap or vice-versa.
        -what does bu bu jung xin mean?
        thank you and have a great day!

      • I agree very much with you on this. So beautiful to see how their relationship developes from the 1st moment of their meeting. Although they will have a tragic ending, I am still keep my fingers crossed for a surprise yet “something wonderful” ending in the finale of this drama. But I am already reading rumours that there will be an “open” ending…sigh…

      • i am so owned by eps 19 and 20. i really love how prince 4 is opening up to her (it’s really cute when he hits her/flicks her forehead) … even though it’s only going to set me up for doom… and that fanmade MV aaah. sold hook, line, sinker

      • Wiggles, I dislike open-ending finales too. Well, there are reports saying that it ends when she discovered that the driver who hit and caused her accident is 4th Prince/Nicky. I sure hope that the actual ending progresses beyond that point than leaving it just like that. Otherwise, It’s so sad to think that her last thought of 4th Prince is that he no longer loves her.

      • @vivi: agreed, I do to find it sad about her last thought of fourth prince. what’s even more sad is that he had found the letter after she was gone.

  4. ok, i am from Chicago and i do not speak/understand/read the language in this drama. however, koalasplayground wrote an interesting topic last week and it got me curious. watched it via mysoju and dramastyle with eng sub up to ep12 only. AND I AM PROUD TO SAY, GEE I AM HOOKED 🙂 and i can’t wait for the next episode. any recommendation like website i can check even for unsubbed ep’s? I think I can manage, action speaks louder than words. I can’t bear to wait for another day without knowing what’s going to happen next. any suggestion? Greatly appreciate it! Cheers!

    • Bu Bu means step-by-step, Jing Xin means fraught with tension and/or anxiety.

      The title Bu Bu Jing Xin refers to Ruo Xi and her life in the Qing Dynasty, how every step (action) she takes is fraught with anxiety and tension.

      • thanks ockoala! now, i understand the correlation between the title and the lead actress/actors in this drama. it is aptly titled. i wish it is a happy ending 🙁

  5. I can’t wait to watch the drama, but I’m watching for it to air in its entirety. Nicky’s voice is quite cute but definitely not the type you’d hear being used in a period drama. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation! I can’t help but watch the NGs. Funny! Is it doing better than the “knock off” drama that you all mentioned? I hope so.

  6. Ah. I love the bloopers. I hope they’ll air more of them. :’). Kevin’s laugh <33333. Kevin's stare.

    I'm an 8th prince fan. ^___^ but I won't bite any 4th prince' fans head off. But I'll just be crying to myself when 4th gets it together with ruoxi.

    If money were to fall from the sky, the first thing I'd do would be to make a modern version. If they were to do a modern version I think it be best if the brothers became cousins wanting to become the heir of a billion dollar company that their grandfather owns. Ah. Ruoxi should be reincarnated as a daughter of another multi-billion company owner. Just to get away from the cliche secretary/boss thing. Ah oh the angst. I could go on and on :').

    Oh I got some BBJX cuteness to share too ^O^~


    14th prince <333. In episode 11 my heart started to feel for him x).

    8th prince’s intense stare, and charming smile ~ It kills.

  7. Hi Koala,

    I have been crying bucket loads as I have been re-reading the novel lately, and when I watch the drama after that, it makes the enjoying so ever much more the better. Although sometimes, it’s difficult to actually register the passage of time in drama. It’s way easier in the book. I’ve also watched up to 20 and crying again esp when 4th prince stood in the rain.
    But then when I watch the BTS and Happy Camper, i laugh to see some of the antics of the cast and great to see how close-knit they are.

    I was participating in TongHua’s weibo question and answer session and a fan asked her who was actually 8th Prince’s real love, Ruoxi or Ruolan. As usual, she did not give an answer and even when fans ask Kevin Cheng whose 8th prince’s real love was, he also remain mysterious about it. What do you think? I think 8th prince’s real love is probably power, woman even either of sisters come in a poor second.

  8. thanks koala for all the goodies. 🙂 your post lead me to watching..
    currently at ep 20. got hooked by the first 10 ep which i could find subbed online. 11 to 20 i just watched them as i don’t understand chinese. is it true that ep 21 and 22 will not be aired today? hope not because i want to wake up with them tomorrow morning..hehe
    i loved rou xi with the 4th prince. i just can’t help but giggle. i pray for a better ending. i hope they cross path in the 20th century cause i haven’t read the novel and it’s hard to find translated version readily available.

      • I saw it on Youtube, uploaded by thewisdom96. Unfortunately the account has been closed for copyright infringement. I suggest you click on the link I provided because the quality is really good. And! lots of BBJX goodies 😀

  9. Ms Koala and all the BBJX fans here. 11 episodes in 2 days and I am stopping at 18.I wasn’t going to watch but gosh darn it the photos looked so good.

    You guys are frightening me with this ep 20 talk.I am NOT going further.I hate tragedies and I am hooked in spite of myself.Too much suffering-can’t take it.

    I can’t even decide who I love more at this point 4th and 8th Prince are running neck to neck for sheer charisma.One can feel the suffering in the air.It’s not good. Not good at all.

    Love the drama….hate the angst even worse knowing the ending.This is my 1st C drama for many many years.

  10. F*ck. Episode 22 (Mango TV version) was soooooooo beautiful. Seriously.. my heart is aching. The rain scene.. 4th and Ruoxi.. 13th’s tragedy.. Oh god. And the music! The themesong matches the mood perfectly. Every single 4RX scene grabs my heart.

    The NG are fun to watch! I LOVE Shishi’s laughter. That girl can really make some noise =p.

    OH BTW. I friggen loved the “pudding-salt” scene.

    • Kudos to Shishi for having the courage to show her bare face during the rain scene. Still very pretty ^^.

      Hehe.. I love it how she opened her mouth to drink the rain..

      • Oh I KNOW. Loved it! And before then when lunky 14 kneeled down and gave her smuggled biscuits. God what a sweetheart. Honestly, all this shit could be avoided if she had the common sense to just fall in love with 14 from the beginning (they were the closest in age and basically grew up to adulthood together, as they both constantly remind each other).

  11. Once again, I thank you Ms Koala. I now have yet another Chinese drama to watch. It’s been on my radar, but not too clear until I read your posts about it. I’ve watched 3 episodes today and I’m forcing myself to stop. A girl must save her dramas so she has something to watch, right?

    Yup, I’m hooked on this one too. *sigh*

  12. What do you mean their voices are dubbed? by who? and is that the case for all the actors and is it common to do that in a period drama?

  13. I still don’t understand why they do the dubbing? It doesn’t feel natural and just reminds me of Italian neo-realist films of the 60s in the worst way possible. I guess it’s because the actors are from all over the place and they want the sound and accents consistent. Anyone care to expand on why?

    • You just explained it to yourself. 🙂

      China is a country with hundreds of dialects, some of which are completely unintelligible to non-speakers. Actors come from all over the country, and now include actors from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Dubbing allows the lines to be spoken with the perfect Beijing dialect.

      Some actors speak perfect Beijing Mandarin and still get dubbed. It’s the norm to dub, the exception to allow their voices to be heard.

      • sorry to butt in, but i think it’s not the beijing dialect they’re dubbing in (with its complicated juan she’rs =p) but a “standard mandarin” (putonghua), the kind you hear on tv – kind of like bbc english maybe?

        i just wish they took more care with the lipsyncs though. especially when a character is supposed to “sing”… which you don’t realise cos they’re playing it like an OST, with unmatched lips. sigh. and i thought the CG was bad enough (i so so so wanted to lose myself in the lotus pond scene! but suspension of disbelief = impossible there)

  14. LOLOL. I died even though I didn’t understand a thing. Omg, 4 and 13 are so good looking right now. I come here just for Bu Bu Jing Xin goodies. Please give us some more! 🙂

    • Ha, u must have finish reading the novel…..Yes, too many camps…Although in the drama, Ruoxi is suppose to be good friends with 13th, but I find it v hard to ship for 4th,8 th or even 14th when she and 13th is oozing so much chemistry…..I WANT A GOOD FRIEND like him too <3 <3 <3

  15. Thanks koala for sharing the BBJX goodies with us!
    Gosh! What can I say? I absolutely love BBJX! I have seen the episodes that even don’t have subs yet! (Now, I’m regretting why I didn’t take my Mandarin lessons seriously) I’m crazy over watching BBJX MVs and clips! It’s perfect casting! This is one drama where despite the angst, I just feel light-headed whenever I watch it! Must be seeing all those princes! I adore RX, too! With BBJX, I don’t find the need to fast forward to the scenes of the OTP ’cause RX is just as lovable with anyone of the princes (except the 9th & the 2nd, of course). Though, I ship her with the 4th on the show but off the show I’m HongShi all the way! Besides that BBJX just amazing! Acting is totally wonderful and the scenes are lovely. Now, this drama-watching part of myself revolves around BBJX and kdrama has to take a back seat at the moment. Haha!

  16. This show is my crack now.When I wake up, I watch it.Before I sleep, I watch it.Thank you ockoala was introducing such a show to all of us! It’s absolutely great! I love shi shi’s laughter. reminds me of myself laughing my head off. : )

  17. This show is my crack now.When I wake up, I watch it.Before I sleep, I watch it.Thank you ockoala for introducing such a show to all of us! It’s absolutely great! I love shi shi’s laughter. reminds me of myself laughing my head off. : )

  18. Ok…I haven’t loved a c-drama so much since the crazy days of huanzhu gege. I’m nuts abt BBJX. Everyone is PERFECTLY casted. Of course I ship 4RX and I love seeing them together. Kevin is charming as 8th also. But I always go for the cold exterior warm heart kinda man…muahaha. And I’ve watched up to epi 20 too….EPIC. Everyone loves the rain scene (I do too!)….but for me, I prefer the scene where RX comforted 4 right after 13 was taken away….the kneel and cut by glass shards scene. Powerful stuff from Nicky. Oh god, I’m so getting a complete set after this…so I can rewatch and rewatch!!!!

    No one else I know is watching this….I need to spazz…and I can only do it here! I tried to avoid spoilers…but I accidentally read abt 14….who is adorable too….just that I worry abt 4RX time together….I want them to share lots and lots of lovey dovey times just like she did with 8. It’s only fair….

  19. OMG! the poster is awesome! And happy camp was hilarious. I especially like the limbo game part. nicky wu is really athletic and he is not young. How the hell does he keep so fit. and kevin cheng’s bald head is so round. haha. v pretty. obsessing over a bald head seems weird but my head is flat at the back. i will nv be able to pull off a bald head! This show is just too amazing! 😀

  20. In epi 12, the dancing by #8/R was beautifully done. The man never knew what hit him.

    I love their scenes together in epi 12. He is soooo in love with her. She brought that grown man to tears after their dance and his listening to her poem as sung to us….

    I’m losing my mind to this damn drama….

  21. Gals, go watch Swordgirl or Treasure Venture starring Nicky Wu (4th prince in BBJX) and Vicki Zhao. Although the script went down the hill a bit toward the end, the chemistry and scenes between the leads are sooo good! One of my fav drama despite everything else!

  22. i got to see this drama coz of some fan recommendation, i got curious, i got to see this and its really good. I already love this.i love the 8th, 14th,4th and the 13th prince. i love their feelings with rouxi, rouxi is so beautiful and a good actress. i love her face. i just started and i am inlove up to ep 20. I stop here because the sub is not complete. I love to see the whole episode wid full english sub please… anyone knows where i can watch ep 20 and 21 with full sub…thanks koala and i will appreciate if somebody will reply to this need of ep 20 and 21 wid full english sub. thanks frm. Philippines…

  23. Thank you so much for your reviews on this awesome mainland drama, I really enjoy reading them ^^

    Anyway, besides Liu Shi Shi is so pretty on her daily modern clothes, personally I would like to say that I love her elegant beauty in her Manchu’s fashion styles. It’s like the traditional clothes somehow contributed to show her different awesome aura ^^
    Hopefully I could watch her future historical dramas again, she is so suitable with the elegance of Qing dynasty’s fashion style.. ho ho ho..

    I searched for KangXi’s sons list in Wikipedia and felt like maybe in the future, someone should make a story of 19th prince instead of using the same rivalry between 4th-8th Ages again… lol… I need something more peaceful for typical “time-travel plot”, probably a happy ending(?) he he he~

    anyway, I must admit that I’m satisfied with this drama~ it has been long time for me to watch mainland drama again, and I’m not disappointed with my selection of Bu Bu Jing Xin~ definitely, gonna promote it to my friends ^^

  24. I’d watch that fanmade trailer version of a modern day. I need to move on. I feel like I was on BBJX crack and now i’m in withdrawal. Post more about this lovely drama and its goodies! I laughed so hard for the NG/bloopers. Hopefully there is more. 🙂

  25. I have not watched ancient Chinese Drama or any other drama in a while but this one top it all. Following a friend’s recommendation, I watched this drama on and I could not even move on the watching other drama while waiting for more sub… I had watched the last episode 3x while waiting for more sub (currently watching ep 26) and cried all 3x and still wanting more. Came straight home from school and work just for this.

    The love between Rouxi/Zhang Xiao and The Emperor/4th prince (love Nicky Wu) was so tragic and beautiful and the sincerely and trusting brotherhood between 4th and 13th princes was also so touching. My heart has never felt this heavy and wrenching like this in along time.

    I hope they will have the highest rating of all and will receive a lot of recognition.

    • yes, it’s right now on the “hot” rating in China! And a lot of fans are requesting the director for the sequel. He said he’s still considering about it. I’m hoping there will be the second of BBJX and all the casts can act again in the modern life!! <3 this drama is such a hot one with those sexy princes 😛

  26. I cried when I watched ep 20, and the other time was on the last ep 35. I cried the whole episode… *cried like there is no tomorrow* TT___TT Omg, 4th prince died so lonely, so did 8th prince :'(. Although the director made them to meet again in modern life, the end was still sad and short in a deficient way~ do you guys think so?

    Oh, and one question, is it right that there are more than 1 ending? Because I read another article and it said Rouxi was back to her body, and then she woke up after 7 days. She asked her family members what happened after the accident and they said she got carried to the hospital by a man, and later on she found out his face looks exactly like 4th prince’s! Then she met him again in the museum… But the ending I watched on is different and shorter. Does anyone know about this? Could you please reply to let me know? Thanks beforehand 🙂

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