So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo Smolder Up the Pages of W Korea

I be seeing stars in my eyes, dizzy from so exquisite couple perfection. So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo grace the pages of W Korea as part of their promotion for their romantic movie Always. They play a boxer and a blind artist, respectively, for the movie, where they were made to look average and/or worn down for their characters. But here they get to unleash their movie star gorgeousness to blind us all, and I am definitely wowed.

They look sooooo good together it’s unreal. The black and white picture above is takes my breath away – from how they are nestled together, her closed eyes to his piercing gaze, the way her exposed thigh adds an extra flash of white. W really got a great photographer for this shoot, that’s for sure.

[Credit: W Magazine via Baidu Only You bar]


So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo Smolder Up the Pages of W Korea — 19 Comments

  1. Veeeeery nice! I love the top black and white shot best, too – it has a great contrast and the composition is really awesome. I like the last picture, too, it’s so interesting and again with the great composition. The lighting makes me swoon a little, as well. ^_^

    Here’s a link to a short article at 10asia about So Ji-sub, for anyone who’s interested (it’s in English):

  2. i <3 these stills of them! they are soooooooo beautiful together and apart that it makes me want to ship them together. lol.

    is it too early to want to have them join again in a drama – perhaps? i don't even care if it's melo..

  3. thanx ms koala for these lovely pictures….i love, love, love the first one … they look so good together…. HHJ is stunning…. dear drama gods, please let them be together in a drama.

  4. That first pic is sizzzling hot! I wish there more photos of them together though. Individually, SJS and HHJ are perfect specimen of the human race. As a pair, they look awesome, it’s so easy to ship them.

  5. i love HHJ in the last picture.
    love the angle, the mirror, the hairstyle, the dress
    wish i’m the model *grin*

    thanks for sharing miss K

  6. i’ve said this before, i haven’t seen Han Hyo Joo this stunning. i know she is very pretty and likeable but she always had that girl-next-door vibe to me. looking at these photos and the movie trailer, its almost like standing next to So Ji Sub is bringing out her mature and sensual side. rawr. 😉

    they really make a beautiful pair.

  7. The hair can make so much difference! Amean i loved her in brilliant legacy inspite of that weird mushroom hair she had in it, but that was mostly coz of her smile…but now she looks gorgeous!

  8. I like HHJ but I like So Ji Sub more…watch all his dramas & films…love him!
    I’m so jealous of HHJ but I look forward to watch their movie. Looks hot!

  9. So Ji Sub never disappoints me for being my # 1 favorite Korean actor. Just one gaze from his smoldering eyes makes my heart flutter. I like Han Hyo Joo especially when she smiles, it brightens everything around her. They looked so good together. Good luck to your movie. I’ll surely gonna watched it.

  10. I like HHJ and she really looks very beautiful here with her long hair. I really wish she had been cast in the drama “Love rain” with Jang Geum Seok. They would have been a really beautiful couple.
    I have not watched SJS before because I used to think he had small eyes but he looks handsome in the stills and trailer which have been released for this movie. Can’t help thinking though why another sad ending.

  11. I like HHJ and she really looks beautiful especially with her long hair. I wished she had been cast in “Love Rain” with Jang Geum Seok. They would have been a beautiful couple.
    I have not watched any SJS drama before because I thought he had small eyes. But he sure looks good in the stills and trailer for this movie. I can’t help thinking though why another sad ending.

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