Man of Honor Releases Official Stills of its First Script Reading

The Princess’s Man is a few weeks away from ending, so that means it’s follow drama Man of Honor starring Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young is gearing up to take over. Filming has actually commenced already, but today the production released official pictures of the first script reading session. It’s always a treat to peek at a drama in the early stages and guess whether or not the cast will have chemistry. Though what I really want to peek at are the scripts, since cast chemistry hasn’t been a problem for most drama recently, whereas the “script” has been a huge problem for me.

MoH will be the follow-up drama from the PD-writer duo who made last year’s insanely successful Baker King, Kim Tak Gu. Well, it cracked 50% in ratings for the final episodes, though the insanely successful part didn’t exactly extend outside the domestic market. MoH is supposedly yet another underdog achieves success story, centering around a washed up baseball player played by PIE who crosses paths with a sunny nurse played by Park Min Young.

Below is a look at the entire extended cast at the first script reading, including Lee Jang Woo, Kim Yun Joo, Lee Jin, and Choi Myung Gil. I’m just going to be candid about absolutely not understanding the appeal of Baker King. It was cracktastic if you liked your drama’s soapier than a Mexican telenovela, with some iffy acting all around.

So I’m going into MoH with a cautious wait-and-see attitude, because being from the same PD-writer doesn’t necessarily mean MoH will be copying liberally from the Baker King playbook, which included double sets of bastard children and lots of bread standing in for some grand metaphor about life and family. Though baseball is the perfect medium to go crazy on the metaphor overkill….

PIE tweeted a picture of him filming at the baseball stadium in the character of baseball player Kim Young Kwan. He looks cuuuuute! I’m so weak when it comes to his dimples and mega-watt smile.


Man of Honor Releases Official Stills of its First Script Reading — 19 Comments

  1. As much as I love Eugene, I never understood the appeal of king of baking, even though i saw the whole drama. So, I hope this one is far away from it because I want to see PIE in a good drama.

  2. Oh, I do love me some Mexican novela once in a while. The crazier the better, I say. I’ll probably catch the first episodes for PIE alone, so let’s hope it’s good.

  3. uhm, i absolutely loved king of baking, so i’m not sure how to comment here. i <3 me PIE, PMY and even Jang Woo though, so i'm definitely going to be watching this.

  4. Another sunny heroine. Vomit.

    One of the reasons I put up with Baker King was because Eugene’s role was so ambiguous morally/ethically. I liked that she wasn’t a sunny Candy Candy iteration 18,039,932,027.

    Rather, the sunny one was Kim Tak Goo. While he wasn’t the first ever male Candy, it was such a refresher.

    But CJM was obviously born to play a baseball player. I can’t think of another actor whose face looks so perfect with a baseball cap. He reminds me of 1980s (high school) baseball manga heroes.

      • At first I thought it’s an actual nickname given to him (due to the fact that maybe he likes pie).

        HEEHEHEE, your meaning got me all giggling inside. I too agree, he is a cutie “pie.”

        Thanks. I will now explore more of your tab option.

  5. The ensemble looks interesting. I like PMY so think she will be a good leading lady in a drama like this. After the recent developments in idol rain and brain, think this maybe an interesting project to watch for…

  6. I apprehensive of this drama… with the PD behind it. I absolutely love the leads, gah! what with pie and park min-young, it will be great not until it threads on the makjangese Baker King path, no, please no! I was never able to sit down and watch Baker King, I just can’t take the overly makjang premises there. I saw glimpses and made me run for cover. Please make MoH shy away from that.

  7. I will never for the life of me understand how baker King won best script over GIANT at one of the award ceremonies….cant remember which one ….but if it was baeksang awards…they just flushed their credibility down the toilet.

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