Yoon Eun Hye in Dazed and Confused Magazine

I’m sure everyone and their mother has seen these pictures of pretty baby Yoon Eun Hye modeling Calvin Klein underwear for the pages of Dazed and Confused magazine. She’s stunning and I find these pictures provocative without being tawdry, treading that fine line where things are left to the imagination but plenty enough is revealed. I’m not sure my commentary is needed for any of these pictures.

While it’s clear that photoshop was liberally applied, nevertheless I find Eun Hye natrually so gorgeous she can pull off sexy or tomboy at the drop of a hat. Up next for Eun Hye is reportedly the C-movie Tong Que Tai with Chow Yun-fat. On an unrelated shippy note, I hope her oppa likes these pictures and isn’t too jealous. *giggles*


Yoon Eun Hye in Dazed and Confused Magazine — 30 Comments

  1. Meanwhile, somewhere: Kang Ji Hwan is buying this magazine…


    (What the hell is wrong with magazine editors these days? YEH has a perfectly meat-y body. Why did they photoshop her legs to matchstick proportions???)

    • I suspect YEH’s particular oppa would make the life-sized copies of these pics
      *evil grin*

      Btw, Koala-san, has YEH finally agreed to involve in the Tong Que Tai? I see at yooneunhye.net that it is still unconfirmed. I think that it is a great oppurtunity for YEH to work with such great actors. So I’m dying to know the fact… Please enlighten me..
      *wink wink*

    • Have you not seen Lie To Me? The gal had a pencil thin legs, no photoshop required. And yeah, her oppa’s prolly salivating over the pics, just like every other hot blooded male in Koreas 😆

      • I think koala bear was right on this one! Although Eun Hye has an amazing body, there is no way a girl doesn’t have a belly button 😉

      • Sorry. I only read Koala’s recaps for LTM.

        However, I think the 1st pic is still too thin for YEH’s legs. (The last pic was ok though.)

        Seriously, I’m kind of a sickly, underfed person (@80lbs) and my legs are that thin. YEH looks like a healthy person to me, hence the assumption that some of those photos are edited (esp. 1st pic). (Either that or she IS sick after all, which is a possibility I don’t want to entertain.)

      • @JennyT90: though YEH does have a belly button, random fact is that it is possible to physically not have one just like Victoria’s Secret super model Karolina Kurkova

        @mary: I do agree that they laid on the photoshop pretty thick on this photoshoot, but it’s mostly the glowing effect and skin blemish types of smoothing. I don’t think they erased much. YEH knows her good sides and knows how to show the right angle. She does have very skinny legs but has a more voluptuous hip region. Comparing this shoot to her old Bali shoot at the beach and it isn’t that different except in smoothing/glowing skin.

      • @jenny

        Oh yes, her belly button been photoshoped out?
        I am not good at telling whether pics have been edited…

  2. meat-y body? are you serious? she was tiny in lie to me! although i don’t remember her being so booby-licious.

    i’m loving the cover pic though, her waist makes me never want to eat again.

    • Ah! The wonder of technology! By the way, you can eat. It’s the model’s diet: apples, water, AND kleenex tissues to stave off those hunger pangs.

    • YEH always loses weight over time when she’s filming dramas. She was at her smallest during Coffee Prince. She’s considered “meatier” compared to many other celebrities but that’s just relative to stick-thin idol-type women. You can watch her explain it on the Baby Vox special on the korean show Chocolate

  3. They picked YEH as Oct 2011 cover for Korea Dazed n Confused magazine (3rd photo). her ny short visit for this photoshoot must be hectic. we didn’t get to see her at all, so sad.

  4. Yoon Eun Hye is one of actress who can channeling her sexiness without even trying hard. She exudes that aura not just from her pose but also from her facial expression. I like the fourth picture the most because of her piercing eyes.
    She should try a “femme fatale” character some day, like her role on Cass Beer music drama.
    Thanks for sharing Mrs Koala 🙂

  5. Prefer her H & M look posted in Soompi just two days ago…elegance and grace—“eun hye” is her look that I want to retain in my mind…including her Basic House and specially her Join Us photo shoots…

  6. [http://photos.hancinema.net/photos/miniphoto12640.jpg]

    Yeh’s younger days photo with mariefrance wearing bikinis. I saw many interviews and models will saying they are not supposed to eat and drink for many hours before the shoot in order to reduce the water retention and bloating of the body.

    • That’s sad. 🙁

      I saw it too in Oh My Lady. Si Won’s character didn’t want to eat before a photoshoot, but I was hoping that was exaggerated. Apparently it wasn’t? =/

  7. Latest news of movie Tong Que Tai
    Alec Su in his interview said he is learning Korean Language as Yeh is in the movie
    watch how..he pronounces Oppa, Ajasshi n ahjumma. LOL


  8. For me I love YEH photo shoot its always gorgeous with her matching facial expression.
    It is really attractive…Well I’m pretty sure that her Oppa KJH will love her photos but at the
    same time his heart bit will pounding so fast cause more Korean Male & his co actors will
    adore her of her sexiness, dazzling body figure…

  9. incredibly sexy but also really classy- a perfect combination in any woman

    I actually love her legs, even without photoshop, her legs are already very nice…I don’t know why they would use photoshop, it’s just silly ’cause yoon eun hye can channel sexy by just walking (have you seen how she walks, it’s like a model’s)

  10. Many people were actually shocked for YEH doing this.. I mean so Bazaar is just a teaser? Hehehe Her past photoshoots were the sweet-girl type and it’s really surprising to see her like these. Not that I didn’t like it. But it will get you thinking, why oh why is she going all out NOW? 🙂 I love the 3rd pic where she is holding an apple, makes you want to think she’s Eve and she’s a reason to sin? 🙂 The fourth pic hopefully is not Photoshopped, for I didn’t realize she’s that booby-licious… hahha and the last one looks really sexy, though I can’t figure out why her legs look meatier there than the one in 2nd one… I don’t want to believe it’s photoshopped but… ANyway, she’s really sexy and I love how she knows what facial expressions to use. She’s really versatile. 🙂 Go Fighting Unni!! ^^

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