Bu Bu Jing Xin Scene Recap: A Birthday Party for 10th Prince

I did seriously consider recapping Bu Bu Jing Xin, but ultimately I don’t have the time these days, nor do I have the emotional energy to relive every moment of this drama. I’ve decided to just go with the flow instead, and post about whatever tickles my fancy with respect to this drama, such as recapping a scene or a series of moments. I’d like to share a great sequence from early in the drama that just makes me happy to rewatch over and over again.

It’s the birthday party for the 10th Prince, as organized by Ruo Lan, Ruo Xi’s sister, and held at the estate of the 8th Prince. Most of the princes show up for the celebration, and what follows is both heartwarming, funny, and rife with lots of foreshadowing. Ruo Xi is about 15 years old at this point, still slightly bratty, very direct, and completely charming. It was an idyllic time for everyone, and one that is worth taking a walk down memory lane.

Ruo Xi happily runs out to the courtyard where the final preparations are underway for the party. She shows off her new look to sister Ruo Lan, who notices that Ruo Xi is especially dressed up today with a different hairstyle and make up. Ruo Xi sasses back that everyone says they are lookalike sisters, so complimenting Ruo Xi is like Ruo Lan complimenting herself. I just love their sisterly teasing and affection.

The 8th Prince’s first wife Ming Hui, and her younger sister Ming Yu, arrive. Ming Yu uses this chance to send a few barbed remarks over to the sisters Ruo Lan and Ruo Xi. While Ruo Lan just takes it all in stride, Ruo Xi’s prickly temper gets the best of her and she spars a little with her nemesis Ming Yu.

The majority of the princes arrive, minus 13th Prince and the Crown Prince. The princes are happily chatting away about how much they are looking forward to celebrating 10th Prince’s birthday. The ladies greet the princes with a courtesy.

10th Prince compliments Ming Yu on being quite pretty today. 12th Prince immediately notices Ruo Xi and surmises she must be the newly arrived younger sister of Ruo Lan he’s heard so much about with respect to her beauty and charm.

10th Prince toddles over to happily compliment Ruo Xi as well, on being especially pretty today. I love that instead of being demure about receiving a compliment, Ruo Xi replies that he’s got great taste.

Everyone teases 8th Prince for having such a pretty little sister-in-law. Oh god, the irony.

While waiting for the other princes to arrive, the men retreat to the South tower for some tea. Ruo Xi heads to her room in the North tower for some snacks and to pass the time.Β She walks out to the balcony munching a biscuit, only to see 4th Prince standing there.

Their eyes meet and they just look at each other across the divide. The way they look at each other already makes my toes tingle. Or shall I say, the way he looks at her, like he is studying her because she intrigues him

8th Prince walks out and notices that 4th Prince is staring intently across the balcony at Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi makes eye contact with both men. Seriously? The foreshadowing in this scene is so thick I can cut it with a dull spoon.

13th Prince arrives and notices the unusual atmosphere with his two older brothers, causing him to look across the balcony to see what they are both staring at. He realizes it’s Ruo Xi standing there.

Ruo Xi nonchalantly goes back to munching on her biscuit. LOL, I love her whatever attitude around the princes. She’s careful but she’s not awed or cowed by them as men or as princes.

The brothers agree that they are all going to get drunk tonight now that the 13th Prince has arrived, with his renowned ability to hold his liquor.

The princes move the party back to the banquet courtyard and start their carousing.

The Crown Prince (2nd Prince) arrives, bearing a gift for 10th Prince that was intended as an offering to the Emperor. The other princes help resolve this awkward situation for 10th Prince.

10th Prince heads to ostensibly change his clothes, but really to start puking since he’s already getting drunk. Ruo Xi follows him and then leads him to where she’s planned his birthday present surprise.

She’s decorated a pagoda with a thousand paper cranes she folded herself. 10th Prince is giddy with happiness. She sings him the modern rendition of the Happy Birthday song.

13th and 14th Prince arrive and tease 10th Prince about hiding here with Ruo Xi and celebrating in private.

Ruo Xi takes off, only to run into Ming Yu on a bridge over the lily pond. Ming Yu decides to be a total bitch and insults Ruo Xi and Ruo Lan as being raised with no manners by their parents, deriding them as being ill-bred wenches.

Ruo Xi slaps Ming Yu, who’s stunned at getting hit, but then regains her senses and returns a slap to Ruo Xi. The two girls start bitch fighting right then and there, which ends up with both of them tumbling into the lily pond, to the horror of all the princes who have arrived at the scene after hearing the commotion. 13th Prince and 14th Prince immediately jump in and drag the girls back out.

Ruo Lan goes to check on her sister, then Ming Yu, making sure they are alright. Ming Yu is wailing and sniveling about what happened to her. Ming Yu pushes Ruo Lan aside, which causes Ruo Xi to lunge for her again, which leads her to be restrained by the princes.

When Ming Yu can’t stop her sobbing, Ruo Xi marches right up to her and tells her to be quiet! Ming Yu stares in shock and her lips quiver, but she ceases her caterwailing.

All the princes stare at the spitfire personality of Ruo Xi in shock, with the 4th Prince secretly grinning to himself.

The Crown Prince steps forward and remarks that it appears 13th Prince has a sister by another father in this estate. 13th Prince, with the nickname Daredevil 13th Guy, appears to have his counterpart Daredevil 13th Gal standing right here. Everyone laughs and heads back to the party.

It is at this moment that Ruo Xi catches the attention of all the princes for her personality, and her notoriety even reaches the ears of Emperor Kangxi. For a modern girl who wants to lay low and not tamper with history, Ruo Xi can’t help but be different and unique with her fiery temper and outspoken nature. I love rewatching this scene to remember how much fun everyone had when they were younger and relatively carefree.


Bu Bu Jing Xin Scene Recap: A Birthday Party for 10th Prince — 37 Comments

  1. I love the recap scene ,it reminds me of the happier times in the palace,ahhh,I kinda wish you’ll do a recap or review on your pov of Roulan/8 Prince/Rouxi love. But I love your recaps and keep it going!:)

  2. Loved this episode, especially the balcony scene with 4th prince! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been re-watching this drama the whole day trying to see if I’ve missed any small details πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait for this drama to be fully subbed.

    • yes, the ‘intense’ stare at the balcony made my knee weak…gosh, i love that scene and watch it over and over again. How could a scene without any conversation could be so breathtaking…the more i watch BBJX, the more i find Goong is such a kindergarten work…well, I do love Goong, but the quality is really bad.

      • I love this show, and I love Goong as well, but to compare the two shows is unfair bcoz they are both different genres. Goong is meant to be a romantic comedy, and it’s not even a saguek, with a serious tone.

        Not trying to put you down but just to let you know that some people might be offended by you saying that Goong is kindergarten work. The writer made lots of effort for that drama, and after all, it was a popular drama across Asia.

        I just thought that you should not be comparing them at all because they’re entirely different.

      • Agree.

        I’m not trying to be anti-Gong, but the writer put effort on it? Are you even being serious? xD HAHAHA

  3. Watching the first half of this drama I was really annoyed with the 14th prince because he was always on RX’s case. I understand he is loyal to 8th prince but their relationship is really none of his business πŸ˜›
    I began to like him better the 2nd half of the drama.

  4. I am so freakin happy to see you write something about BBJX. I am so addicted to this series that the first thing that came to my mind this morning when I woke up was the 4th Prince and Rouxi. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, recaps and anything about the drama. I just love her relationships with the princes. I’m glad they saw each other in the museum at the end of the series, if not I am still bawling up to this day. I love all the episodes but my favorite was the one in the lilies. It was his hiding place and he brought her there. Love it! Thanks koala!

  5. Seeing the gals doing a cat fight was v v funny…ESP when she remove her shoes.. I have been re watching this epi too…everyone was so happy and carefree…I did a double take cos RX looks so different w a change in hair and make up…I like this look better..and it was so so so obvious that 10th prince like her and so shy about it…

  6. hi ockoala, always checking your site for more bbjx stuff. hope you could have one to recapture all of rx and 4th prince playful moments. really cute when she tugs on his clothes and gets his attention without muttering a word.


  7. The good ol’ times ^^
    Thank you for the recap!

    I love the scene where the princes try to resolve the situation for 10th. You can see their personalities from the way they handled the situation. 14th being the honest one, blatantly calls the Crown Prince out for his act, 9th (also known as venom snake 9th) sucks up to the Crown Prince and virtuous 8th tries to salvage the situation in the most subtle way. 13th tries to make things less awkward for the Crown Prince hinting to 10th not to accept the gift while 10th, being quite thick, does not get the hint and accepts the gift. 4th subtly lets Crown Prince realize how inappropriate his gift is but leaving him some dignity by telling everyone the Crown Prince was merely “joking”. From here, you could see why 4th emerged as the final victor in the end.

    It’d be nice to hear more of your takes on the various relationships in BBJX. (ie 8th-RX,RL & MH, RX-13th, RX-14th, RX-4th etc)

    • I love your analysis of their personality from that scene. And yes, I agree that it would be nice to read Ms. Ockoala’s takes on the various relationships in BBJX

    • Thanks for pointing out the significance this exchange! I missed it completely when I was watching the sceene because I’m not sure who is who, and who is in which camp at that time. Now need to rewatch this : ).

  8. Ah! Ah! Ah!

    I miss this atmosphere. So carefree, innocent, and wonderful. That part on the balcony was one of my favorites. At that time I was thinking “Gasp! 13 looks intrigued by her too.” Since I’ve watched Liu shi shi sing with Yuan Hong I was hoping he had an undying love for her as well. *Sigh*

    The way 4th and 8th looked at her. I’d trade places anytime with Ruoxi if I can be under their intense stare. *No pun intended… Maybe* I’m going crazy. – I’m already crazy.

    10th’s innocent puppy love for her is just the cutest thing. My heart broke that he married the one he didn’t like. I actually cheered him on and yelled at Ruoxi for not accepting his marriage proposal. I find myself talking to my laptop often while watching BBJX.

    I wanna guess! Next scene 13 and Ruoxi’s drinking getaway? ^___^.

  9. koala, i just started BBJX last night based on your recommendation and now i’m HOOKED! πŸ˜‰

    this is my first C-drama in years (last time was when i was in elementary school) and i really, really love it! i’m so glad you did a recap of this episode, i was just thinking to myself how much i loved that balcony scene. i did take a peek at your thoughts on the finale but even before i did that and had no idea whatsoever about the story, i already felt something between her and the 4th prince based on that scene alone. and of course, that late-night horse riding lesson just sealed the deal for me.

    i’m still on ep 11 but from what i’ve seen so far, i think what RX and 4th have is a love that is stronger than themselves. like they can’t help but be drawn to each other, especially on his part. and what RX and 8th have is more of a gentle love, both trying to protect and do whatever is best for the other. i don’t think one love is superior over the other and i really like how the drama is showing us that, as well as all the other kinds of love — i.e. sisterly love, soulmates, best friends, unrequited love, etc.

    another scene that i really liked was in ep 10, when both 4th and 8th arrived in front of her house at the same time and naturally went to see her when they were hurting. that little tea party for 3 that they had was so beautiful to me, all the little details, the music, its all perfect. seems like another foreshadowing scene. *sigh*

    thank you so much for introducing me to this beautiful drama. i know i need to brace myself for the storm ahead but i’m really glad that i started watching it. lately i’ve grown tired of the usual k-drama rom-com fare and this is exactly the right show that i need right now. πŸ˜‰

    • I like what you mentioned about the different kinds of love. I do think that is a very distinct part of this drama.

      Love between lovers, love between sisters and brothers, love between friends, love between soulmates, love between teacher and student (Ruo Xi and Li De Quan), love between parent and child (Lu Wu and Cheng Huan), unrequited love, passionate infatuations, childhood love (Ten and Ruo Xi), love beyond life and death (Ruo Lan), mellow love (Eight and Ming Hui), love from gratitude (Yu Tan and Nine), blind fatherly love (Emperor and Crown Prince), and so much more.

      And then, how all these forms of love co-exist with actual living and constraints.

      It should be some secondary school literature material haha!

      Like you, I’ve been quite bored of kdrama offerings now, so am turning to HK and Mainland dramas! Rotating among hk, c, j and k dramas work for me. =)

      • “I like what you mentioned about the different kinds of love. I do think that is a very distinct part of this drama.”


  10. That was the scene which warned me of the upcoming heartbreaks. I love close siblings relationships, and that birthday party where everyone still regarded each other as brothers more than competitors for the throne, was too bitter to watch.

    And of course, the jolly Ruo Xi…who showed a marked change in her temperament after she entered the palace… Painful!

    Anyway, the full version for the opening theme is out:
    Streaming audio at http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/66MmNcW9O-E/
    Download at 115.com: http://115.com/file/e6kyxgu9#

    • Oh, forgot to say, I absolutely love the opening lead-up to the first verse. It kind of drew me back into the story….like a book unfolding.

  11. Yay, Bu Bu Jing Xin! I just started watching this and I’m hooked, and I can only watch up to ep 15 cos Viikii hasn’t subbed the rest yet (bless their little hearts for doing it though). I’m learning Mandarin, but not enough to understand what’s going on.

    Thanks for your posts on this, I love it so much. I know I’m going to love the next 5-10 eps, cos I’ve been shipping the 4th and Ruoxi since the first ep. I liked her romance with 8th well enough, but he seemed more like an older brother than a lover. When they kissed for the first time I was a little squicked out, lol. Still, they had some nice scenes together, I could pobably tolerate it cos they didn’t feed the 4thxRuoxi ship much during that time.

    Argh!!! Its probably good that the subs stop here. I’ve got a major, major assignment due. But now its just stuck in my head omgoknaginaoinaoivnaeoijf!!!!!! TT.TT

  12. the drama adaption of birthday party is done brilliantly. the added scenes of crown prince bequeathing birthday present gives a very good introduction into nature of each prince.

    my favourite scene of ruoxi and 4th & 8th prince looking at each other across the divide was potrayed well as it captured the essence of the moment and foretold the future relationship between 3 of them. In the book, this was the first time ruoxi actually sees 4th for the first time and I remember laughing at ruoxi being caught in the action at openly staring at 4th across the building because she was actually awestruck at being 4th in the flesh (reaction akin to seeing a modern day idol!).

    All the brothers happily congregating in the room is quite a poignant moment, especially given the future tradegy. Such an innocent and happy time for the brothers. Such a waste especially when you know all brothers will end up.

    I also like the scene of ruoxi’s birthday gift to 10th prince. the paper cranes and modern birthday song is a nice modern touch because in the book, she sang a non-modern song to him.

  13. I’m buying this C-drama. This is a masterpiece of storytelling.

    I have re-watched this scene so many times and still love it. I’m only up to ep15 in subbed videos. I took a sneak peeks at eps 21/22 and was in tears….I need to wait for the subs.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  14. I am watching that scene again and believe prince #4 gave #13 a signal when he turned to look at Roxi on the balcony. Sly dogs…. πŸ™‚

  15. Ms. Koala! Are you open to recapping the super epic moments between 4th and Ruo Xi?! I just adore them…although I have lost sleep the last two nights just thinking of their lovestory.

  16. you know ockoala, it is ALL your fault I got hooked with this drama. then, you only want to recap what you feel like it ? πŸ™‚ just kidding! love your work, mwuah!

    I wish you will recap everything as I really want to know what your thoughts and what you feel in every episodes. you share your insights so well I sometimes think to my self ” I never thought of that”. anyways, i just want you to know i am truly grateful for all you have done and recommending this drama because now I am truly hooked. i just have to be patient for the other unsubbed episodes huhuhu πŸ™
    If there are recaps it will help a lot πŸ™‚

    now, I am waiting patiently for the English version of the novel online. bubujingxin blogspot is only up to Chapter 8. I hope some kindhearted souls will help the translation among others, for us poor readers who d not speak/read/understand chinese.

    I am truly grateful to all and for what you have done. I am stalking your website ockoala everyday (harharhar) for any BBJX article. Be forewarned…. Cheers!

  17. My dear Captain Koala,

    Your irresistible persuasion finally worked on me so I started watching BBJX last Friday. I am now at episode 5 and am totally hooked, lined and sinkered. I love episode 4. Thank you for recapping it, because it enriches an experience that is still very fresh in my mind.

    I have read all your other articles on BBJX (I for one, don’t mind the spoilers) and I am preparing my heart, tearducts and boxes of tissue for the angst ahead. For now, I am just enjoying the light heartedness.

    Your background lessons on Chinese history and the personalities of the princess helped a lot for my understanding of the context of the drama. Truthfully, I now regret paying no (not much anyway) attention to my subject on “Asian Civilizations” I took as an elective in university. Dang! All that is still familiar to me is the name, Qing dynasty. Oh well, time to hit the books again (or Google!).

    Anyway, thanks once again, Mz. Koala, you are a true jade!!! keh!

  18. hi koala, i’ve been readin ur blog 4 quite some time… very interestin…

    1 suggestion…
    why dony you add all the bu bu jing xin posts under recaps???
    cuz, i think 1 or 2 months down the line, there’ll be othr new posts, and new readers 2 the blog might miss out on thus drama, since going thru the tags post will be tedious…
    and anyway all your bbjx posts are like recaps and reviews, so new readers, who are more prone 2 goin 2 the recaps sections will have a chance to discover this drama…

    on a side note, (irrelevant to this, and i’m not bein pushy, just out of curiosity), did you ever go back to seeing city hunter? cuz, i think it may be of your liking… just askin…

  19. This past week I finally started watching this series. I just finished episode 15 and I absolutely love this drama. Thank you so much for recommending it because I probably would not have watched it otherwise.

    I’m so happy to be in the middle of the story knowing there are many episodes left (even though I know they are going to be way emotional to watch).

  20. Came to your website looking for something else (I can’t even remember what by now) and your earlier short recap of the first 10 episodes of BBJX caught my eye. Your enthusiasm for the show piqued by interest and I went to check it out for myself. Must say I’m really enjoying the serial and enjoying your mini-recaps of the key moments. Thanks!

  21. I’ve always felt that 4th had been studying RX from the first time his horse almost ran her over. I think that when 4th saw her the second time, he was already very much interested and intrigued with her…I don’t think it’d be of his nature to go and buy medicine for any girl on the street he almost ran over?

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