Park Shin Hye Channels an Edgy Ballerina for Nylon Magazine

I think this just might be my favorite Park Shin Hye pictorial ever. My only complaint is that Nylon Magazine just published two measly pictures. I can only describe Park Shin Hye as looking absolutely stunning and beautiful in these two pictures, even if the adjectives feel so oft-used. While the ballerina gown can sometimes seem too girly or cutesy, somehow she manages to make it feel natural and artful.

There is an accompanying interview in the magazine that reveals Shin Hye won’t be taking on another project until towards the end of the year, and she specifically stated that she’s looking to do a movie next. With any young actor with acting talent, the hardest thing becomes picking the right roles and the right projects. Shin Hye has been hit-or-miss for me in terms of projects, but I almost always like the characters she plays and her performances.

Doesn’t she look drop-dead gorgeous in this picture? She definitely has a great connection with the camera in this photo shoot.

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Park Shin Hye Channels an Edgy Ballerina for Nylon Magazine — 17 Comments

  1. Omg, I want a Shin-Hye! She seems to be getting quite versatile in her photoshoots; she’s played the standard cute-plucky-average heroine a lot, but I like seeing her a little edgy.

  2. I agree. I like her, not always her projects. Even her last role wasn’t to my taste, but I’m blame the writing.
    She looks wonderful though. I have a thing about hands and nails and hers usually turn me off but they look nice here. Natural, not stubby. Great shots.
    And great for her! I’m glad she’s pretty consistent about taking breaks. I’m sure she really needs one this time round too.

  3. Ravishing! She always looks fantastic in all her pictorials and so different every time! The camera definitely loves her and so do we. I love how mature she looks here. No longer a young girl but a beautiful young lady.

  4. These pictures are beautiful, 100% agree Koala!
    I have tosay that I also agree with Happa, that she looks really different in a good way in these pictures, I could hardly recognize her . I think she looks more like YEH on the first picture. I liked her in You are Beautiful, but couldn’t find any other works that were close to that. Hope that she will have more interesting movies/dramas in the near future.

  5. She is so cute.

    But is there really any woman in K-media who also takes care of her feet like at her face? At least I would ask for photoshopping. Unfortunately PSH is one of these -_-‘.

  6. OMG she looks like YEH in the first pic!! i thought it was YEH but when i see the name it says (park shin hye) i was like ???? 😀
    she’s soo pretty!!! 😀

  7. Wow! She looks great! I love seeing her in romantic comedies but it would be fun to see her embrace a darker character like in these photos.

  8. She’s so gorgeous in the 2nd pix, hope to see her in a melodrama theme for a change, she’s been doing romantic comedy drama since 2009, she’s a good actress!!!

  9. I actually quite like her character in heartstrings but I think I like YongHwa’s character more….but I agree, she’s really pretty here, she looks a bit different but she’s definitely nailing it

  10. Park Shin Hye is an awesome individual, young, great actress, been admiring her for years. even in Tawainese drama, Hayate. Truly is quite versatile. totally agree with you ockoala. we need to see her more in great, memorable scripts.

    ahhh, she’s got great heart, volunteering for charity works anytime she can. Love her!

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