Protect the Boss Episode 17 Written Preview

We’re headed into the final two episodes of Protect the Boss, and I’m feeling that warm bittersweet feeling starting to settle in. Sadness at the end of a drama, saying goodbye to characters we’ve grown to care for. But relief that it’s ending soon, so everyone gets their fitting farewells without the story getting prolonged for the sake of plot filler. At this point, as long as the Chairman doesn’t die and gets to go boar hunting with his namesake Eun Seol’s dad on the weekends after their kids get married, then I’m good with however the drama chooses to sign off.

Written preview for episode 17:

Ji Heon takes a step towards Eun Seol. Seeing Ji Heon headed back towards her, Eun Seol is flustered and not sure what to do. She hits the reverse gear, but Ji Heon pulls open the door. Eun Seol coldly tells him to stop messing around and just leave. But Ji Heon confesses that he wants them both to be honest towards each other going forward, and he doesn’t want to leave Eun Seol’s side.

On the other hand, Ji Heon finds out from Secretary Jang that the Chairman is planning a corporate reorganization. He arrives at the Chairman’s hospital room and finds on the bed the Chairman’s bucket list. Reading through the list, Ji Heon chuckles, understanding his father’s wishes, but not feeling thrilled about it….

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Protect the Boss bar, translated into English by me]


Protect the Boss Episode 17 Written Preview — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve never thought about endings as a relief and you are right.

    If we didn’t feel the need to close our relationship with the characters and the world they created for us to temporarily dwell in, all endings would be just bitter. We would never be happy that a show ends. Somehow, if they write it write, we can let go as long as we feel the end is right.

    There were a few shows that I cried only bitter tears for: Hong Gil Dong and Giant, for example. Mostly because I couldn’t accept the reality the writers wanted for some of the characters. (Bali doesn’t count because the entire series consisted of self-inflicting wounds every time I hit the play button. It was only fitting that I cried and cried and cried.)

    There were some shows that I gladly hit the stop button (and would have thrown away the DVDs had I purchased them) by the time the frecking series came to a much-too-late end. Winter Sonata and Summer Scent and Autumn whatever-the-hell-that-was…Oh! And Snow Queen.

    • Haha.. I had the same feeling with Witch Yoo Hee.

      Like: “O_______O That was it?! GIMME 16 HOURS OF MY LIFE BACK!!!”

      Still, I’m a bit excited for eps 17 and 18 because I’m hoping that the bad juju from the drama extension is gone by now and the writer is back to being awesome. 😀

      • Oh my gosh same here! Witch Yoo Hee really pissed me off when I watched, it was like a complete waste of my days!! PTB was very good until like the 14th episode… it just dragged and lost all of its (how would you say) PTB sense??
        Anyway hope they wrap it in the delightful, happy, cheery way like how the show started.

      • Hee…. me too, i could not finish watching Witch Yoo Hee…

        Looking forward to PTB’s ending this week! Thanks to everyone for PTB’s comments, really enjoy reading them!

    • I felt that way with BOF. After watching the J-dorama version, I had to keep asking myself at 3am why on earth I was in the midst of spending 25 hours of my life on this mess.. TT.TT

  2. You’re right Koala, it’s definitely bittersweet to see the finale of PTB coming. I’m both happy and sad to see PTB ending this week, but I can’t wait to see how the story wraps up and how all the work, family, & love relationships end.

  3. I tend to lose interest in dramas when they “push and pull” too much, I end up skipping a large chunk of the drama. No matter how much I loved it in the beginning, if the way the climax isn’t brought on properly I just lose interest :|. They already started their relationship, and honestly I don’t see a point in “leaving to make the other happy” kind of thing. This appears in every Korean drama. I hoped in the beginning they wouldn’t use it for PTB. *Sigh* There’s a great price to pay once you’ve become addicted to kdramas, you hate it as much as you love it.

  4. Protect the end, writer. I hope we can get a satisfying end with our OTP getting married and the royal couple dating and few curve balls like maybe M’s mom and J’dad getting married. That would be so cool.

  5. Sadness that this series, which provided a little cup of sunshine amidst my angsty other dramas, is going to end. It wasn’t amazing, but it was fun, and I think I’ll have a blast re-watching.

  6. i’m with you guys… hope they end it well and do justice to the drama. i really loved this until the later episodes too. if there were no extension, i wonder if it would have been better…

  7. The good thing about this drama is that i had no major expectations. Which means however it ends, i am not overly disappointed and am not scratching off my wall papers with my nails – i almost did that after the end of LTM (coz you know major expectation and disastrous failure on delivery and all )

    Anyway this drama took us by surprise, delivered for few episodes and the last two were let down , so could not watch them, and just in time willl tune for final and be done with it.

    I personally am not toooo attached to the characters or the story line, or the romance and there is no shipping, so my take on this, good entertainment for few episodes – if its over, its over. moving on, whats next?

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