Bu Bu Jing Xin Picked Up for Broadcast in Korea on CineOn TV Starting Early October

Wow, that was fast! Bu Bu Jing Xin has officially been picked up for broadcast in Korea, on a network called CineOn TV (click here to see the landing homepage). I don’t think it’s a cable network, but likely an international station that shows a variety of programming. If a decade ago Princess Returning Pearl can be a smash hit across Asia, I won’t be surprised to see BBJX fever starting to spread very soon.Once it hits Taiwan and Hong Kong for broadcast, it’ll take off from there, if it hasn’t already.

CineOn TV produced an official MV for the Korean broadcast set to the theme song “Three Inches of Heaven”. Click below to watch. Normally all the K-dramas are subbed in Chinese, so it’ll be a treat to see a C-drama subbed in Korea. I think BBJX is simply a larger-scope sageuk with a very heady love triangle. Hopefully the Korean viewers will like it. BBJX will air in Korea at 10 p.m. starting on October 5, 2011.

Official BBJX MV for Korea Broadcast:


Bu Bu Jing Xin Picked Up for Broadcast in Korea on CineOn TV Starting Early October — 48 Comments

  1. I love most of the scenes chosen in the MV, but I’m not feeling the MV very much because the video don’t sync w/ the songs in beat/melody *shrug* But I’m glad/happy/excited by this news

  2. I wonder if Korean audience are receptive to other kind of “sageuks”? I know they sure do love theirs…but I wonder if this might appeal to them.

    • I think they might be. It has this very regal feel and the plot isn’t bad… So much drama one girl so many guys fighting over her. Love triangles, plot for the throne. Plus a girl that goes back in time isn’t something that is done in their segeuk. so I think they’ll like it.
      My question is will this be dubbed or given subtitles.

    • I think that korean audience might like it… they love sageuks and love complicated romance… thought the story is different.. but BBJX gave me the vibe of The princess’s man.. it’s tragic love story and PM is having great rating… I understand it’s being shown in a cable network so probably not as many viewers will tune it.. but I am not doubt for those like this tape of story and sageuks will love BBJX… wish BBJX lots of luck.. and personally love it.

  3. Wow a C-drama being boardcast in Korea. This is the first time i’ve heard of this.
    I wasn’t going to watch this raw or dubbed in Cantonese but now that Korea is boardcasting this…. i might give it a shot.

    • “Princess returning pearl” was broadcast in Korea, it was so popular it reached over50% ratings and the network shifted the remaining episodes to a much later time slot so it wouldnt be so popular. Restrictions on cdramas were pretty tough after that.

      • That’s kinda sad. But for a network pov i can see why they might do that. in that case i guess this drama will air pretty well.

      • Wonder where you people read such asinine urban legends. And why you believe them.

        还珠格格 did score similar ratings… in China.
        Show was broadcast in Korea on the now defunct iTV channel (Incheon TV, which should give you a hint to the fact it was a regional channel). Average ratings? Under 7%. No foreign drama on Korean TV has ever surpassed the 20%, let alone 50%. And even then, they were all American series in the 80s, like Dallas and The Six Million Dollar Man.

      • I dunno about the actual ratings, but I do know they changed the times slot to a pretty late time while it was still airing. I know cause I was living in Korea at the time.

        But then again, did they really score 50% in China? I find that impossible considering the population, the highest rating ever recorded in China is like 10% regional for any drama…. I know they say over 50% on Wikipedia for HZGG, but that’s not a reliable source of information…

      • You’re thinking network (a few Hu Mei historical dramas like Han Wu Da Di actually scored close to 20%, but I haven’t been checking ratings as of late so I don’t know if that’s still the highest). The high ratings are from cable, Beijing Cable TV, which back then measured ratings regionally. And the 54% (regional) average is well documented by sources with a lot more credibility than Wikipedia.

        The urban legend is about the government pressuring channels to limit the popularity of foreign dramas by moving their broadcast to a later timeslot. It’s complete BS.

  4. is it going to be shown here in US. too? i mean there is a KBC or KBS channel something on cable that show korean pop, drama, shows etc. Comcast Channel 369 i think. everyday they allot 30 minutes for Kdrama every afternoon and evening. i do not watch it there though, only internet. But if BBJX will be shown here on cable on said channel I will not mind waiting and watching for 30 minutes every day 🙂

    • This drama most likely will not air on the korean channel here in the US because the US has their own chinese channel. Since it did soo well in China it most likely will be boardcast on chinese channel’s like CCTV. I believe dramas on the chinese channel are boardcast for 1 hr.
      If you live in the US and are near a chinatown keep an eye out for the drama because you can most likely find it for rent or purchase later during the year.

    • If they do air BBJX it will most likely be on a Chinese channel. I live in the SF Bay area and the local Chinese channel KTSF is airing the first episode of “Gong” tonight. It’s only a matter of time before they start airing BBJX since it’s so popular.

  5. is princess returning pearl, gong and jade palace gold heart all the same CDrama?

    I was curious about Palace Lock Heart I decided to check it out. Unfortunately, after being indoctrinated with BBJX, PLH is nothing compared to BBJX. Stopped watching it after episode 1. Sorry my loyalty is with BBJX all the way! Cheers!

    • I didn’t know about BBJX at first so i kinda like JPLH but Qing Chuan’s personality got annoying…I don’t mind playful, but that girl does not think before she does things…such as the part she trick 8th prince into thinking she poison him…even though it’s a joke, she would have been beheaded for it…I know it’s fantasy, but they gotta put some reality in it to make it good…i love how tong hua weave Rouxi’s fate with everyone…setting her up to be one of the main reasons for the 9 prince battle…such a bittersweet tale that will be remember for a long, long time…

    • Princess Returning Pearl is one drama, Gong / Jade Palace Gold Heart is another (“gong” refers to the “palace” in the title).

  6. Oh, that’s great news. I remembering reading that, after the phenomenal pan-Asian popularity of Princess Returning Pearl back in the late 1990s, the Korean government apparently vastly restricted the import of foreign TV shows, for fear that home-grown dramas wouldn’t be able to compete with foreign imports. Given the wild reception that Korean dramas now enjoy overseas, I hope that this need no longer be the case, and that foreign dramas will also be given their chance to shine on Korean soil as well. 🙂

    I wonder how Korean audiences will respond to BBJX. They do seem to love their weepy melodramas, but if we’re comparing BBJX to a sageuk, I feel like BBJX is a very different cup of tea. (Err, I think I just made a “pun”, and it wasn’t even intentional.) For one thing, there’s very little actual “action” in BBJX. For the most part, it’s a very quiet, deeply introspective piece, whereas sageuks tend to go for the grand-scale and the spectacular.

  7. I guess I am one of the few who does not watch korean drama as much as chinese drama…most korean dramas settings are modern time and are pretty much the same concepts so they no longer interest me…I love historical dramas especially those that are about famous or infamous monarchs such as Emperor Wu from Han Dynasty and Empress Xiao Zhuang from Qing Dynasty (Kangxi’s grandmother). A little mixture of scheming, drama, romance, action, and politic are what I look for in dramas.

  8. Ooh, there’s a fellow blueangel in town!

    Hmm, I know that Chinese (mostly HK) wuxia dramas and films were enormously popular in Korea during the late 1980s and early 1990s, and names like Leslie Cheung, Chow Yun Fat, and Joey Wong were household names, especially among people in their teens-30s. But then again, that period was the indisputable golden era of HK wuxia dramas and films, won’t you agree, Koala? It’d be interesting to see whether BBJX can revive that boom once again.

    • I’ve been meaning to tell you there’s been another blueangel here, one as sweet as you when commenting. ^__^

      No, I don’t think BBJX will revive any Korean interest in C or HK dramas or movies. I think BBJX is an outlier, one genuine quality piece of entertainment that is also enormously addicting with widespread appeal.

      But yes, the 80s and early 90s were definitely the heyday of HK dramas (TVB) and movies (wuxia, gangster, and Stephen Chow-branded insane slapstick humor). I find myself missing that era often, because the quality may have been iffy, but the creativity was unmatched.

      It was adorable that MGiaG had those Chow Yun-fat as a gangster references. I don’t think HK entertainment will be making a comeback either. But the combined power of HK/T/C co-productions will likely make some good products once in awhile.

      • Ditto! That was a truly golden era.
        As one of the many Asians who was raised abroad I still appreciate how readily available Chinese and HK entertainment was, and that it was pretty much my bread and butter growing up, over those two decades. And then along came my ultimate role model Maggie Cheung, in WKW’s flicks. <3

  9. ^___^ I hope it hits big! This drama has a lot to offer to Korean audiences. *Cough cough* Kevin Cheng, Nicky Wu, Yuan Hong, Lin Geng Xin, beautiful story telling, stunning directing, Tea, and the list goes on.

    I’m hoping it’ll hit big because I wonder what it would be like if they made a Korean version of this x) (I love sagueks). I think historically wise, it may be possible. King Taejo had many sons like Emperor Kangxi. King Taejo’s sons also fought viciously for the throne. <-Wikipedia-Ed it. … If I had to pick the cast… Jang hyuk as 4th, Jung woo sung as 8th, Kim bum as 13th, Kim Soo hyun as 14th. Heh I'm getting ahead of myself again.

    • Which King r u talking about as Taejo and King mean the same? Do u mean Taejo Wang Guhn? I think they did a saguek on it as ‘Dawn of the Empire.’

      • That’s how I felt about You’re Beautiful. ;). But I’m just deeply intrigued by the characters and the plot, of course nothing can beat the original ;).

    • A korean remake would be wonderful. I vote for Yoon Eun Hye to be the leading lady. As for the princes. I cant imagine coz there are too many possibilities.

      Miss Koala,
      If you are to choose, which korean actors would be suitable to be the 4th, 8th, 13th and 14th prince to paired up with YEH?

      • A Korean remake would be horrible. A large part of it is Chinese history (ie Kangxi, the 9 princes, costumes, palace rules etc) and I don’t think the Chinese would be happy if Korea were to take their historical roots and rewrite it as their own. And I can imagine how awkward the whole storyline would be. Unlike stories like Hanayori dango or ISWAK, BBJX is not at all suitable to be remade (especially by a different country). The backlash would be pretty scary.

      • omg nooooo!!!!! as much as I love yeh
        funny how there were reports of her joining Tong Que Tai and they were going to dub her voice…
        it would be strange since korea never had qing dynasty
        i hope china doesn’t remake this either unless they are sure the new cast is brilliant
        i cringe watching the princess pearl modern remake
        i wonder if any of the BBJX actors are actually manchu

  10. Glad to see the show is getting the exposure it deserves.
    The MV is beautiful. Though… I’m cursing my timing, I am in serious lust with the show after the first episode, but there are no further subs available. Eeeeeep!
    I foresee a lot of handwringing-and-wall-crawling-for-next-fix during my watch.

  11. Regarding Episode 17, Rouxi was reading something on a boat in the lotus pond. Anyone please translate? I wonder what it means-the letter- that made her do calligraphy.

  12. I really hope it will be appreciated by the Korean audience. Although some of the more poetic dialogues might not translate so well into korean subs.

    BBJX is a really well-written and cleverly-done plot in the way the writer, Tonghua, manage to weave such a creative, ogical, credible and believable storyline intermixing with the true historical facts. That’s what strikes the chord with me for BBJX. The story flows very naturally and in no way at any time do you feel the plot is deliberately contrive just to create angst etc.

    Actually, if but for the little reference to Ruoxi’s original origins in the beginning, the rest of the story plays out pretty much as a serious and proper historical drama. Hopefully, it will garner the level of appreciation in Korean that it rightfully deserves.

  13. I’m excited to see the ratings in Korea once it broadcasts. I wonder how often do they PR it on a daily basis? This MV always send goosebumps all over me when I hear it anytime or see ads on tudou. I hope it hits big time so the cast actually goes to Korea for presscons. Well worth the excitement! Yay!!

  14. Yay! I also lived in Korea briefly when HK movies were all the rage. I remember Jet Li, Leon Lai, and Jacklyn Wu were major stars. I think Liu Shi Shi can definitely appeal to Korean audiences.

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