Man of Honor with Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young Release First Teasers

The first teasers are also out for Man of Honor (Young Kwang’s Jae In, or Glory Jane as KBS apparently likes to call it). Unlike the one for Thousand Day Promise which was all melancholy, the teasers for MoH indicate that this is one sunny, cheerful, and peppy drama with a heart of gold. Or something like that. The first teaser features Park Min Young‘s Jae In dealing with issues in her job as a nurse, and the second teaser show Chun Jung Myung‘s Young Kwang discussing his baseball career.

I’ve heard rumors that Park Min Young cut her hair for this role, and it looks to be true. Which is pretty funny since every single actress in the May dramas this year sported the shoulder length cut, except for Park Min Young in City Hunter, and now she finally ends up cutting it. On a shallow note, PIE looks insanely adorable as a baseball player. I actually enjoyed these two teasers quite a lot, so this means I’m definitely check out the first episode for sure.

Jae In’s Teaser for Man of Honor:

Young Kwang’s Teaser for Man of Honor:


Man of Honor with Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young Release First Teasers — 17 Comments

  1. same here ^^ i like her..i really thought this will be a heavy drama because of the directors.hmm we’ll see. Im excited for this

  2. Thanks for the preview.. I might have to check this out and see if Man of Honor can deliver a grandslam or at least a homer in its first episode….

    • Right, so I watched the PIE teaser again and in the first bit, when he tries to do badass/bad boy? He’s just not believable, not with that baby face he has. But then he goes the dorky and boyish way and alskjdlajdslajsd so adorable, omg!

  3. Looks kind of good… lets see… have to say I donΒ΄t like her too much… but I am really looking forward to the insanity of loving a good drama!!!

  4. OMG this time she really plays a good role that we can see different sides of her, and omg she looks so fresh as a nurse (she is nurse, right?) πŸ˜€

    and that music in the second teaser, it was also in soulmate ost….

  5. woah..the trailer looks fresh and cute…nothing like i imagined the drama would be like…i’ll watch if the tone is completley different from BKTG

  6. Ah it looks more promising than I thought it would be. I’m not that big of a fan of baseball or particularly any sport related dramas. But the trailer for this one really captures my attention ^O^.

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