Bu Bu Jing Xin Scene Recap: A Snowy Break Up Paves Way for a Date on the Lake

There are countless great scenes in Bu Bu Jing Xin, and I’m not planning to run down a list and recap them all. I’m recapping depending on my mood and whim, and really as a way to wean myself off the BBJX exhilaration. I love how this drama refuses to tell you how to feel, when choosing between 8th Prince or 4th Prince, and casting either man into the corner of right or wrong, better or worse for Ruo Xi. Despite not wanting to end up with 8th Prince’s fate, one can easily argue that what happened to Ruo Xi was far worse. Or argue that it was far better, because It’s not every day, or even any lifetime, that two people can love as deeply as Ruo Xi and 4th Prince. Let’s revisit a snowy breakup with 8th Prince leading into a nap in the middle of the lake with 4th Prince.

It’s dark already by the time Ruo Xi walks outside. The snow is falling and she looks up into the sky. This scene mirrors the moment in episode 3 when a young Ruo Xi walks outside during the daytime and looks up at the snow flurries. But this time the darkness mirrors her mood. She’s made up her mind that she cannot be with 8th Prince should he decide that he cannot give up the pursuit for the throne.

Ruo Xi walks down a small lakeside jetty. She stands at the edge waiting for 8th Prince, who walks up to join her. They stand at the two ends of the jetty, the physical distance mirroring their current impasse.

Ruo Xi cuts straight to the chase and asks 8th Prince whether his answer is yes or no. 8th Prince remains baffled, unable to understand why Ruo Xi would ask him to choose between two things he ought to be able to have, the throne and Ruo Xi.

Ruo Xi takes that as a no answer. Ruo Xi tells 8th Prince to beware of 4th Prince. 8th Prince is like “what the what?”, completely confused with this sudden change in subject. Ruo Xi doesn’t elaborate, but continues listing names of high officials that 8th Prince needs also beware of. It is at this moment Ruo Xi tampers with history, despite all her attempts to tread lightly and be careful with every step she takes.

She tells 8th Prince that from this moment on, they are over and will have no further relationship to each other. Ruo Xi brushes past 8th Prince as she walks away. He calls out her name and she stops in her step.

Without turning around to look at him, Ruo Xi tells 8th Prince that she is a coward, a woman who loves life and is afraid of death. She does not deserve for him to cherish her. Ruo Xi steels her heart and takes off running, leaving 8th Prince there staring at her rapidly fading figure in the snow.

Ruo Xi runs and runs until she finally slips in the slippery snow. Instead of getting up, she starts to cry as she remembers all her moments with 8th Prince.

As she is crying, 4th Prince and 13th Prince happen to pass by. 13th Prince wonders who this person is laying in the snow? He walks over, and when he sees it’s Ruo Xi, he quickly helps her up.

Ruo Xi has unfortunately sprained her ankle in the fall. 13th Prince offers to piggyback her but 4th Prince stops him, reminding him that it’s against etiquette for a prince to be piggybacking a servant girl. What if someone sees? 13th Prince is chastened and rushes off to find help, leaving Ruo Xi alone with 4th Prince.

Ruo Xi has a death grip on 4th Prince’s arm so that she doesn’t fall down. They stare at each other intensely, but Ruo Xi still has tears coming down her face.

Finally 4th Prince tells her to stop. If she intends to thus debase herself, she ought to do it in the privacy of her own room. In her room, she’s less likely to be disturbed.

Ruo Xi is so pissed she pushes herself away from 4th Prince, causing herself to tumble back on the snowy ground. 4th Prince tells her that it’s because she’s got such an attitude, how can she ever expect a guy to treasure her and take care of her? He extends his hand to help her up.

Ruo Xi glares at 4th Prince, and then grabs a handful of snow and chucks it at him. He uses his cloak to block her snowball attack, but she keeps grabbing more and just heaving it at him.

13th Prince returns with servants bearing a stretcher of sorts. 13th Prince adorably wonders how the heck Ruo Xi ended up back in the snow again?

Ruo Xi is helped onto the stretcher and carried away. She turns and sends one final death glare at 4th Prince, before throwing one more snowball at him. 13th Prince is shocked to see it and wonders what the heck happened? 4th Prince doesn’t say anything.

After 8th Prince and Ruo Xi break up, her life gradually returns to normal in the palace. One day she takes a walk to a pavilion by a lake filled with lotus flowers and fronds. She runs into 4th Prince there, and they discuss how they both like coming here for the peace and quiet.

4th Prince offers to take her somewhere that is truly quiet and secluded. He walks down to a small boat he keeps by the side of the lake and tells Ruo Xi to get in.

4th Prince rows the boat with Ruo Xi into the middle of the lake. Please excuse the horrific CGI and just enjoy the piercing stares 4th Prince is sending towards Ruo Xi.

In the middle of the lake, 4th Prince sets down the oars and declares that he’s taking a nap now. Ruo Xi can do whatever she feels like. Ruo Xi looks around and confirms she’s stuck in the middle of a lake with 4th Prince.

4th Prince lays down for his nap, leaving Ruo Xi no choice but to follow suit. She lays down and then puts her hankerchief over her face. She lifts the hankerchief slightly to peek at 4th Prince but then drops it back over her face.

After some time, 4th Prince suddenly sits up and comes really chose to the still prone Ruo Xi. She pulls the hankerchief off her face and sits up, which literally puts her face-to-face with 4th Prince.

They stare at each other, until she holds her hankerchief up between them. She tells him that he’s not allowed to look at her like that.

He grabs her hand and tells her to put that hankerchief down. She says he started it first by looking at her like that. She agrees to put it down if he stops looking at her like that. He agrees, so Ruo Xi drops the hankerchief. She then reminds him to let go of her hand.

Ruo Xi asks 4th Prince if he comes here a lot? He says that he’s come a few times, but he doesn’t come often because wallowing in comfort and leisure can dull a person’s mind.

4th Prince tells Ruo Xi that they should return now. He grabs the oars and rows her back to shore. They continue to just look at each other. It’s like a invisible wall has fallen between them, the moment 4th Prince took her into his private sanctuary in the lake, akin to allowing her into his fiercely guarded heart.


Bu Bu Jing Xin Scene Recap: A Snowy Break Up Paves Way for a Date on the Lake — 50 Comments

  1. I LOVED the snowball scene. It speaks volumes about their relationship. In some ways, it mirrors the scene with 13th prince, 14th prince, and Ruoxi where they go to explain and thank 13th prince for the help on the grasslands, after all is said and done, she shows her true personality and doesn’t hold back while ordering 13th prince around.

    The snowball scene was the same. With 4th prince, that’s really the first time she didn’t tread lightly with him, and showed him her true fierce personality since entering the palace. It’s a rare glimpse into their relationship – one where the two of them can fully be themselves around each other without having to tread lightly.

    I need MOAR! So addicting, up until 3 every morning watching this drama now. Koala, you are a bad influence. The book, then the drama, I’m going to have to rewatch this at least 3 times before I can ween myself off.

  2. Omg. =( I’m feeling sad again seeing 4RX pictures.. I feel like I can’t recover from the sadness. No wonder Shishi had trouble dealing with it.

    I LOVED the snowball scene as well. And despite the CGI, I also loved the lake scene. Argh.. I just love every single 4RX scene.

    I’m BBJX-ing the whole day already.. I feel sad to know that everything is over now.. I enjoyed these two weeks stalking their Weibo’s and seeing their interactions.. I just love the fact that Nicky’s Weibo is exploded with literally 10.000+ replies every post he makes. I’m so happy for them.

    BBJX has totally taken over my life these two weeks. I followed the Hunan TV version (yea.. loyal BBJX fan here)..

    2 episodes a day.. the last couple days were a torture.. emotionally. It was so depressing. It was like slowly ripping my heart. Each and every day. It was killing. I thought I was breaking down yesterday during the finale. In fact.. I really felt depressed by the episodes during this whole week, I even had some little problems with sleeping. I’m too attached to the story and its characters.

    Bu Bu Jing Xin – THANKYOU!

  3. The problem is.. Bu Bu Jing Xin isn’t the “normal” sadness as for the sake of drama and entertainment. I can’t describe it.. You just feel completely down and depressed by the story. And it might be the first time that I really felt that my heart was aching while watching a drama. Especially 4th and Ruoxi’s story.. wonderfully executed.

    We see how 4th and Ruoxi met each other. We see how they developed feelings. We see how they opened their hearts to each other. We see how they fell deeply in love. We see how they are hurt and how they are unwilling to let each other go. We see how the dying Ruoxi is waiting for the love of her life to come see her for the last time. We see how 4th is frutratedly looking for the letter of his love. We see how his heart is completely killed. We just feel their undying love.

    You just get completely immersed into the story.. I’m tearing up while thinking back of all the scenes. The story.. script.. acting.. just wonderful.

  4. I also love love this scene of 4 & RX. To me, it a clean slate for both of them to start up and fall hard for one another. They have officially let go and will be in each other’s heart.

    I like to think that 10th was like a puppy/friend love, 8th was her first love as he’s the only male she’s around with most and she is aware historically that he’s virtuous, 13th is her very best best friend, 14th is like her savior out of the all pain inside the forbidden city and 4th is her soulmate, her last lover.

    I am also addict to this drama! thanks for introducing us to this magnificent piece of drama! I am so deperate for english sub, that I just start to watch it raw and have rewatched the subbed ep a couple of times… especially my favorite scenes, googling for any blogs or forums related to this drama!

    One question, I prolly have asked alrdy. If during that scene, RX have changed history, that what really actually happened is history? Even if RX did tell 8th about those he have to be aware if, 8th will eventually fall and 4th will be King anyways right? Just because RX said smthg now, that made it seems like it was her who changed history ?

    Thanks Ms. Koala! Looking more for these recaps to help the BBJX withdraws!

    • That’s the brilliance of Tong Hua’s writing with respect to RX telling 8 to beware of 4.

      RX thinks she set into motion the events of history, 8 setting up 4, 13 getting house arrest, 4 gaining the throne to avenge 13, etc.

      But towards the end of the drama, 4 has a conversation with his wife (already the Queen by that time) about why on earth RX would have warned 8 back then. Yes, back then RX wasn’t in love with 4 yet. But 4 can’t figure out what he could have done to make RX single him out as a threat to 8’s pursuit of the throne. Yes, 4 wanted the throne, most of the princes did, but he shouldn’t have stood out for RX to specifically warn 8 about him.

      The Queen tells 4 not to overthink it. 4 was the most brilliant prince of all, and it’s only logical 8 and his gang would have wanted to take out their most dangerous competition.

      This conversation really goes to explain that RX may or may not have affected history. If she didn’t tell 8 to beware of 4, chances are 8 would have still rationally picked 4 as his biggest competition and targeted him anyways. But RX was so devastated by then she is no longer able to think things through calmly anymore, wanting only to accept responsibility for everyone’s tragedy so 4 would stop punishing 8 and the other princes.

      • Ahhh…. of course 4th and 8th were most intelligent, and on par to be competitors, worth it to compete. Thanks for the enlightment as I saw the discussion but there were no translations what so ever.

        I hope you will also recap the dancing fantasy that 4 have about RX. 😛

      • That reminds me of when 14 (or was it 10?) that mentioned that when 8 and 4 joined forces, the target was doomed and they would succeed. They would have logically gone after each other, but at the same time – I’d like to think that 4 wouldn’t have been so cruel if RX wasn’t involved and hurt in the process. I think part of him understood that the battle for the throne was common among princes (like 14 said) and had RX not gotten involved/hurt in the process, he wouldn’t have wanted revenge to that extent.

        Remember, 14 once asked 8 that if he won the throne, if he could allow 4 to retire to a quiet life, and 8 responded with “would he allow the same of me?” I honestly think 4 would have, he was a quiet and hard person – but he seemed to reasonably care for his family, as best as a family at war could.

    • That would be 14 because I just rewatched the episodes again. 😛

      It was when 13 threw the general ledger book (?) into 8th’s carriage regarding 9th embezzeling (?) and 8 and 14 discuss why 4 had given it to them. and 8 explained why and 14 was impressed and amazed and said (per the eng sub) that if they were not born into the royal family, they would work well togther.

      I was surprised and touched when 14th plead to 8 regarding letting 4th retire to the country side. I agreed with you that 4 will not do anything because like 13 said he looks cold outside but inside he is warm and caring for those he loves.

  5. Shishi once said something that I wholeheartedly agree with..


    I’m a VERY bad translator, but you can interpret it as “Ruoxi likes 8th, but she loves 4th”. Ok.. the translation doesn’t do the statement justice. But you get it.

  6. The CG in this drama is truly horrendous but I still totally squeed when 4th prince was leaning over Ruoxi and looking at her with those smexy eyes!

    I’m working my way back from the ending because it’s so hard watching two people who love each other so much keep on hurting each other because of their positions. It was so heartbreaking when Ruoxi realizes that she has to be careful about what she says to him because it might endanger other people’s lives.

    • ahh, watching a drama backwards has been a coping strategy of mine for years now 😉 It does help to alleviate some of the heartache.

  7. sigh i love these scenes! despite the horrific CG srsly what is up with that. i also love 13’s interactions with 4RX. sooo cute, especially in a later scene where he realizes ruoxi knows things about 4 that he doesn’t (i.e. the lake)

  8. After reading OCKoala’s raves about BBJX, I just found Eng subs on mysoju.com and am already loving it! Recaps and such make watching this beautifully filmed drama all the more enjoyable. Thanks!

  9. I have to say that I was quite disappointed by the disappointing CG effects because the scene potrayed in the book referred to a very beautiful setting. But that aside, the wonderful interaction and sizzling chemistry between 4th and ruoxi more than made up for the lack.4th’s piercing stares to ruoxi hit me straight in the gut…

    The snowball fight was so cute too. 4th prince just calmly raised his robe to deflect the snow but ruoxi finally got him in the end. It is quite funny and coincidental though that everytime ruoxi is sad/angry after a conversation with members of 8th gang, 13th and 4th prince always bump into her. Like in this case after her final breakup with 8th and the time when 14th shouted at her for messing with 8th’s feelings.

    THanks ockoala for your wonderful recaps, you always manage to point out the underlying symbolic message of a scene that i miss, which makes me appreciate the scene more when i re-watch it.

  10. I’m so going to miss BBJX! Yes, I especially love the snowball scene, and I love that 4th Prince treats RX the girl that he likes. Imagine, if a commoner threw a snowball at the prince..? See ya then…

  11. This episode is likely my most favorite of all. Such an adorable scene, seeing how the normaaly cool & dignified 4th is being repeatedly pelted with snow from angry RX. And the interaction between them on the lake (especially the face-to-face stare), one of their most electrifying ones in the entire drama. Lost count how many times I have re-watched them 🙂

  12. Okay just finished sobbing from the ending one more time.

    I keep thinking that the museum scene would have resonated more with me if they had included something more than the picture. Had the tea set she made been included in the display with the picture – I think it would have taken my breath away.

    But then again, I understand the lack of inclusion – it’s an understated ending, allowing the viewer to decide if it was all a dream. I still vote past life, debt not paid, he went to go look for a tissue for the beautiful, crying girl.

  13. BBJX is the best drama I had seen in last several years….I can’t explain why but the cast in combination with the script –it’s amazing. I’d always like Nicky Wu but his acting in BBJX is at his best! BBJX take a modern young woman’s journey through the Qing era; this was the casts’ amazing talent. With each twist and turn, Ruo xi experience with each of the princes …specifically with 4th prince – the love and endearing moments are beautifully acted out. Indeed, if there is one drama to watch this year, BBJX is the one!

  14. is it just me or what? RX looks eerily similar to korean actress Son Ye Jin or something in some scenes– Personal Preference (Lee Min Ho) and A Moment To Remember movie.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I keep thinking that RX looks like a combination of Son Ye Jin (in A Moment to Remember) and Han Hyo Joo (in Dong Yi). I don’t know why, I think its that aura of innocence and vulnerability that they exude in these characters.

    • Yes Yes, I always wanted to ask this in all the BBJX!! Especially in during the 1st few time I see LSS, I think she looks a lot like Son Ye Jin

  15. Ah, the lotus lake scene. Such terrible CGI. Maybe it’s because the only other CGI I’ve been exposed to is movie CGI, which is supported by wealthy productions, whereas dramas have comparatively smaller budgets. Still, I keep waiting for the day when the CGI in Chinese dramas (and they do use a lot of it, at least in the dramas that I gravitate towards) will improve to the point where I don’t have to cringe at the gaudiness or obviousness of it. Other scenes like the scene in which 4th prince teaches RX horseback riding. Would it really have been so difficult for them to find a plains on which to film said scene?

    I haven’t watched the New HZGG, but I saw stills of a lotus lake scene from that drama that was actually real (as in, they used a real lake and real lotus flowers and little or no CGI as far as I could tell), and I couldn’t help wishing that BBJX had been able to film their lotus lake scene wherever it was that the New HZGG’s scene took place at.

    I’ve heard that Tangren poured a lot, lot, lot of money into BBJX, even going so far as to acquire authentic (and expensive) jewelry, headpieces, etc. However, after now having seen the result, I rather wish that they’d reorganized some of their priorities and spent the money that they used on accessories, elsewhere (i.e., the CGI). Authenticity is great and all, and BBJX does try really hard to stay as close to history as possible, but ultimately, it’s a fictional story, not to mention the vast majority of viewers won’t be able to tell whether a hairpin is “real” or not, whereas bad CGI just leaps out at you.

  16. Just want to thank you ockoala for introducing us to this amazing drama. Its was good story telling, great attention was paid to details, and an awesomely talented cast. I rarely watch Cdramas but the production team is so good that it seem to have elevated the drama to a much higher level and have brought out the best from each actor. I have seen Nicky Wu on and off in the past but never considered him as a serious actor. He just shine in this drama along with fellow actors. Really love this drama!

  17. I’m starting to like BBJX now..hehe since everyone is talking about it ^^
    somehow I love the beauty of nature portrayed in many C-drama history..
    I don’t like that fake CG in the lake scene.it feel so awkward when I watch them lol
    may I know which episodes is the snowball fight? I want to re-watch it again as I can’t remember which ep.thanks

  18. Ah the lake scene CG wasn’t that bad 😉 …. Well they could have done better, but I didn’t pay attention to it (Though the bright green pinched my eyes).

    8. 8. I just wanted to give him a big hug after that scene. But I think it was very noble of Ruoxi to end things fast, if it was prolonged 8 and herself would have suffered much more. Sad it ended too soon though, so sad.

    The thing I love about 4 that 8 doesn’t have is his aggressiveness. ROAR~ :3
    It’s hilarious to see 4 pounce on Ruoxi. He takes initiative. It’s so cute how Ruoxi is drawn to him yet she tries so hard not to be. I love it when she sees 4 walking towards her direction, and she turns 180 degrees and tries to escape only to have 4 stop her ;). It’s the little moments they have that appeal to me the most. ^O^

    8 will always have my heart, but 4 is such a cutie!

    • Yep, 4th is definitely more aggressive. Take for example, whenever 8th visit RX, he never dared enter her room/study. But 4th just barged in. Most of the time, he doesn’t even knock, lol. Yeah it was funny how RX always did a 180 degree turn, but never able to escape, half-due to 13th prince. He has lousy timing. Just when she was about to successfully escaped, 13th unknowingly, called out her name. I always laughed at that. You can tell RX was cursing him inside her head.

    • I’m up to ep 20 and based on R/8’s private conversation, I think the body of the possessed R was never with him. History cannot be changed so R’s ploy to get him to not go after the throne by sacrificing herself to be with him if he agreed to her terms could never of happened…..Roxi never knew her history only the princes and she did not know the steps taken to get them where history records their deeds. Someone else could have been the culprit to flame the battle and not her by giving info to the princes.

      I do miss R/8 though. Their moments together were a delight to see. I still think R loved him but in the alternate universe version as demostrated by 21st C girl, he experienced romantic love like he felt with Roulan….Her web of “love” did not work on him completely; and she does not need one with #4 asking only to be told the truth from his lips. Rawr…

    • haha I also facepalmed…and not just at how there are so many lilies (that I could’ve coped with)…more with OMG THEY ARE HUGE LILLIES

  19. Hello, I was wondering are there English subs for this drama? Since you’ve been writing about it a lot lately and the drama really looks stunning I would like to watch this. Thanks =D

  20. You guys wanna know why they had to CGI everything?

    They filmed it during the winter, so there is no way to find the backdrop that is required.. so they HAD to do it like this. Note: HZGG was filmed during the whole year (summer), and their budget is X times more than BBJX’s. Tangren’s CGI generally sucks, but this time, I think it’s also due to the budget. They had to take a loan in order to finance BBJX (1 million?), which is Tangren’s most expensive drama to date. Oh, not to mention the salaries. Tangren pays the highest salary to extras in Hengdian. They spent A LOT on the costumes and the props. You can definitely see how exquisite the costumes are. Apparently, the jewellery are all real. The teacups of RX are all made of real jade. I especially like RX’s costumes/look after she got married with 14th. Just preeeetty! Ah well.. there are + and -.

  21. it was quite a surprise to find this drama to be an excellent adaption of the novel and i thinik one of the best time travel chinese drama to date and more amazing , i didnt expect them to be able to mixed history and fiction together quite brilliantly and the casting i must say is one of its strenght .

    there are alot of dramas on the kangxi and yongzhen era , the battle of the 4th and 14th prince is repeatedly used as drama plot lol i grow up believing TVBS drama version of how Yongzhen changed the imperial edict with just a change of the stroke from 十四 to 于四 and later china production come to make me realise youngzhen isnt the emperor that i used to believe he is, the cold blooded prince who can kill anyone for the throne .there is alot that no one can understand what it mean to be on the throne .

    anyway i just want to come by to say .i teared towards the last few esp it been a while since i cried so for a fictional drama ..the love in the era where it is so forbidden yet cannot be deny ,步步惊心,却又步步难已自己
    i think the novel writing has such a beauty that make it so irresistable , the heart cant control but be stirred


  22. I always squeal so loud everytime I see another post of BBJX. I love that you love writing about it as I never get tired of reading them. This is one of my favorite scenes even with the creepy CGI. I was not really distracted by it since I was busy squealing whenever he stares at her. Nicky Wu is so freaking HOT! I never liked 8th for Rouxi…I just dont know why. Even during the early episodes I just felt that they were not really on the same wave length. I felt that Rouxi was more in love with love and I think it was more like pity that 8th was not receiving any love from her sister. Since 8th was pretty decent and nobody was really pursuing her that time, Rouxi was somehow taken by him but not enough to get by her fears. The 4th prince was a whole different ballgame. The balcony scene where he was staring at her was one of the most fascinating scenes for me. I just love the way he stares at her and then smirks through the whole series. I love their conversations as they were pretty honest even from the start. While she was wary of him, she always say and express what she wants towards him and that makes their relationship so different. My sis asked me why did she not just chose 14th and I told her that when it comes to real love, its all or nothing. It was heartbreaking when she felt the need to get away from 4th in the end, the love was undoubtedly strong from both sides but yeah in reality in whatever period in history, love is not always enough. However, I also believe that both Rouxi and 4th are meant to be together so yeah, I agree with Koala that 21st century 4th prince just went outside to get a box of tissue for Rouxi. Will we ever see the third controversial ending? I wished that the magnolia teacup was there in the museum, it would have been grand to see it. Love love love BBJX! Thanks Koala!

    • Your comment hit right on the spot for me. Your comment is EXACTLY my thoughts on this drama. I never shipped 8th w/ Ruoxi, they just don’t match and their chemistry is not that great imo. However, I luv 4th from the very beginning starting with the balcony scene in ep 2.
      Combined with Nicky’s wonderful acting, I completely fell in luv with 4th prince.

  23. Just finished BBJX, marathoned 3 days. Cried till my head hurt so much. I’ve never like to watch shows which makes me cry, they’re just too ‘difficult’. But I loooooovvveeeee this drama. Beautiful story, beautiful casts, beautiful costumes…..everything good, except my head hurts :)p Is there a ‘modern’ BBJX in the making??

    Thanks, Koala! Never thought I’d watch a Chinese production until this one…..just awesome!

  24. Epi 21 brings tears to my eyes each time I see the princes kneeling in the rain….I love #14 because he has such a good heart. I was shocked to see #8 there beside him, but they are brothers….It would have been good to see the CP, but he is dense.

    #4 is so devastated and the look he gave #8 upon passing him in the rain was epic. His standing in his study alone and angry unable to do anything to help those he loves was breathtaking….It looks like he’s entered a chess match to be the heir to the throne…before I was not sure he was active like #8 or #9, but after what happened to #13/R, he’s in the game. I’m up to epi 21, and the breakup is preparing me for more major angst….Love, love, love this drama.

    I did not mind the CGIs as I thought they were fanciful and leant itself to show the audience #4/R’s burgeoning romance. It’s beyond him and larger than what she knows and is very dreamlike for #4 methinks…..You have to love a man like that and this is why I’m squarely in his corner.

  25. after watching BBJX (which was sooo amazing!! >_<), I came across another drama featuring nicky wu- treasure venture with vicky zhao wei. koala, you should watch this one too! it's insanely funny, and i absolutely love it to pieces <3 i understand you must be busy handling so many dramas, but maybe you can give this one a try? 🙂

  26. koalaaaa.. I love u so much hahahaha.. thank you for the recap.. I love every scene btwn 4th and RX..
    every day open up your website just to see whether u have added new post about BBJX..

  27. I agree that the CGI in this drama was really bad, but I noticed that the production values were really good, but not the best of c-dramas I’ve seen. I think they spent more money on the talent which works for me! I didn’t find the lotus scene was distracting as some of the horse riding scenes. When 14th comes back to the Palace when the Emperor dies, the CGI is so bad because you can tell the horse is fake! Haha. I love this drama and thanks for reminding my shipper heart.

  28. I forgive the horrific CGI because the moment is so adorable… BTW can you tell I’m still in BBJX high and can’t get out of it? I’m reading your screen caps over and over again..

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