Ethan Ruan is High Flying for Lees Jeans

Some things are a match made in Heaven, and I firmly contend that Ethan Ruan‘s lower half and Lee’s Jeans might just be that destiny’s pair. Ethan was a model before turning into an award-winning actor, so it’s always such a treat to see him modeling for any product because he just gets it intuitively how to pose to draw attention to himself, thereby display the wares better.

After wrapping the movie LOVE, Ethan is currently in the Mainland filming The Flying Guillotine with Huang Xiaoming. It will be his last project before enlisting in the army for his mandatory service. As an actor he continues to challenge himself and develop his craft, so I have no worries that he’ll come back from MS buffer and better. Until then, have some Ethan being cute and sporty, because nothing says jeans better than jumping around and running in the rain.


Ethan Ruan is High Flying for Lees Jeans — 9 Comments

    • Haha…you took the words outta my mouth! I was just gonna say the same thing.

      I LOVE the one where he’s looking out of the subway…he’s just so damn smoldering sexy. All of these makes we wanna buy those jeans and I’m a girl! 🙂

      And on a purely shallow note…the “butt” shot’s hot…hehe. He’s born for the camera! Can’t wait to watch his movie & drama!

      • Buy the jeans even if you are a girl. Some men’s jeans are really comfortable if you use a belt. This may just be a symptom of being too tall for women’s jeans to really cut it.

  1. My mom has the biggest crush on this guy. She watched fated to love you over 10 times. I swear I ain’t exaggerating. I showed her these pictures and she wants to go print them out. :’). Specifically the second picture.

    Can’t wait to watch him with Huang Xiaoming! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  2. Dang, I used to think he was just okay-looking, but he’s really grown on me after FTLY and Monga. Definitely looking forward to his movie with HXM. Lookin’ good, Ethan!

  3. I feel like the photographer was like “Ethan, look cool, now have fun….action!” He’s looking way cute. I’d buy those jeans. 🙂

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