Lovesick with Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen Releases Swoony MV Trailer

Just days after I posted the two short trailers for Lovesick, the upcoming movie with Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen, and Li Yi Feng, the production released the official MV set to the title song “Not Anymore” sung by Kong Ling Qi. It’s a great ballad that just hits the spot, though I wish my Feng Feng, a singer first and foremost, was asked to sing the track. Clearly I have no objectivity when it comes to him. The movie actually looks much more interesting as seen in this MV trailer so consider my interest raised even more.

Official MV for Lovesick:


Lovesick with Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen Releases Swoony MV Trailer — 8 Comments

  1. Li Yi Feng has the sweetest smile ever. King Lin Qi sings “Not Anymore” beautifully but I’d love to hear a version by LFY to see if my heart throbs 😉

  2. This song sounds really nice, but I do agree that li yi feng should have sung it 🙂 ahhh his voice is so lovely and makes-me-melty hehes. He reminds me of Show Luo (Luo Zhi Xiang) so much! They look so alike, even in Sunny Happiness, and they’re both singers.
    Talking about Sunny Happiness, is the old-ish woman (on the right in the scene where there were three woman) the same person who acted as Mike’s mother in his latest drama, Mei Le Jia You? Cyndi Wang stars in it too, and Ariel looks like her in some bits of the above mv too hahas. Anyways, I can’t wait for this to come out, especially for more Li Yi Feng to stare at on the big screen hahas 😛

  3. I adoreeee Bolin Chen :)<333 and the mv! Excited to watch this!
    Um but is Ariel&Bolin the final OTP or is it Ariel&Feng Feng?

    • Haha, I know my postings of FF pics confuse the story, but my FF is the slimy ex-BF of Ariel and Bolin is her OTP in this movie. 😀

  4. The ballad’s so gorgeous, and the MV definitely raised my interest in the movie. I actually teared up a little during the teaser. Has there been any news about LYF singing any songs on the OST for the movie? At the very least, we’ll get to see him singing “live” in the movie. Ariel’s crying scenes looked great (as in, they made me teary). Totally superficial, but I feel like Bolin’s hair has gotten the short end of the stick for both this and ITWY; I guess it’s because he’s playing more mature characters in both LS and ITWY. It’ll be nice to see more Ariel and Bolin, especially a full love story in ~90 minutes while I’m angst-ing over ITWY’s weekly episodes (which are soo good, despite being somewhat torturous).

  5. I like chen bo lin and find him cute and charming but seriously, he needs to do sth to his hair. It looks horrible in itwy, the drama he acted with hu ge and this movie.

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