Lee Joon Hyuk Rumored to Join Janine Chang in the C-drama 50% of a Fairytale

The cross-border drama train never ceases to chug these days, which feeds into my addiction since I watch dramas from so many countries. Currently in China filming a period early-Republic drama is Jo Hyun Jae on the set of Rouge Hegemon, supposedly coming for a C-movie is Yoon Eun Hye for Tong Que Tai, and now a third Korean actor is pretty much inked to headline a modern C-drama. Lee Joon Hyuk, fresh off the hot City Hunter, has been confirmed by sources in the production for the upcoming C/TW drama 50% of a Fairytale (童话二分之一), which has also just revealed as it’s leading actress Janine Chang.

Now I know why Janine has to rush off the set of Ring Ring Bell, because this drama is scheduled to start filming in early October in China. Supposedly Lee Min Ho was rumored to be the male lead a few months back, but I think the production got their Lees from CH mixed up. Heh. Read on for the synopsis, which sounds typical of the modern romance and family power struggles fluff. But if done right, it can be an addicting and worthwhile watch.

Zhao Ting Yuan and Zhao Ting Yu are a pair of twin sisters separated at birth to be raised apart. Because their grandfather is quite elderly, and older sister Ting Yuan has a weak constitution due to being ill, younger sister Ting Yi is brought back to take over the family business. Ting Yu has to stabilize the family business and help it through its current challenges, which includes the interests of an ambitious man named Jing Qing Yu.

Initially the two sisters are like strangers, but they learn to cooperate and work together to save the family business. Accompanying them through this period is Ting Yuan’s fiancée Du Qing Feng and Jing Wei, the song of Jing Qing Yu. The two sisters learn their own strengths and discover the bittersweet taste of growing through struggle. More importantly, they learn the true meaning of family, and younger sister Ting Yu becomes the main support for older sister Ting Yuan’s battle with illness.

Right now the casting hasn’t been confirmed by the management of either actor, but has been widely discussed by the production heads of this drama. The fact that Janine starting following the head of the production studio on Weibo a few days ago pretty much confirms she’s in. Most of the C-casting tends to get leaked on Weibo days or even weeks before it’s confirmed. I think this is a done deal unless Lee Joon Hyuk backs out at the last minute.

I really like Lee Joon Hyuk, as much as I like Janine Chang. I think this pairing looks promising on paper, and really only needs a good story and solid directing to make it a decent drama. I’m not expecting much, so a solid outing out be a treat for me to watch. The production said Janine is the female lead, but no word on whether she plays both sisters, or just younger sister Ting Yu with another actress playing Ting Yuan. Directing will be the Taiwanese director who recently helmed Momo Love, which was dumb as bricks but the directing was gorgeous. The drama is slated to premiere in Spring of 2012.


Lee Joon Hyuk Rumored to Join Janine Chang in the C-drama 50% of a Fairytale — 17 Comments

    • I LOVE that song. He was so wasted in IAL, but that drama was all about the chemistry btw KJE and KSS as her rat bastard husband. Hhhhmm, delicious rat bastard bus, that was a wild ride to be on. But back to LJH, his singing makes my spine tingle. 😀

      • hahah, “her rat bastard husband”! WORD on everything you said!

        Oh man, if Lee Joon-hyuk accepts, I’m SO watching this. I just hope he doesn’t get dubbed, but I guess that’s pretty much wishful thinking. Heh.

      • He’ll get dubbed, but these days I’m pretty chill about it as long as it’s a good voice.

        Let’s watch together! I miss the crazy days of the rat bastard bus when watching IAL. YY, Sere? I flailed so hard for Ji Wook every time he would sneak some sort of eyes-filled-with-emotions look at Seol Hee. First time I ever rooted for a rat bastard in all my drama watching existence.

        Cute LJH might as well have been replaced with a cardboard cut out, that was the extent of his presence in that drama.

    • HEEEEEEEEE! Sure, we’ll watch it together. It’s a deal! 🙂

      IAL had soooooo many problems, chingu. TPTB totally didn’t know what to do with it and the pairings.

  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEL! I adore Lee Jun Hyuk. As much as I’d love to see this happening. Lee Jun Hyuk currently seems to be really busy with his variety show. I dunno how the scheduling would work out with this.

  2. Hmm… But isn’t the director of Momo Love the same director of it started with a kiss/they kiss again and, now, in time with you? Director Winnie? I’m pretty sure it’s him. Are they done filming ITWY?

  3. The female lead looks fine here in the pictures…i feel comfortable with this couple…Lee Jun Hyuk and this female actress. I always do not like the actresses who paired up with Lee Junhyuk, except 유하나,英文:Yoo Ha Na in “First Wives Club”. I think it was a disaster in “I am Legend” for Lee Junhyuk to pair up with Kim Jung Eun, but luckily there was no kissing scene for Lee and Kim, thanks God!…I do not like the female actress in “Three Brothers” too. Whatever, I pretty like this female Taiwan actress here by just looking at her pictures here….it seems that there is chemistry between these two leads. But I doubt if the news is true or not…the rumor is just spreading around the mouths in chinese Weibo…and no official announcement is confirmed yet…I will wait and see and crossing my fingers…

  4. ooh isn’t this the same director that did ISWAK and TKA and the currently airing In Time with you..or at least that’s what dramawiki says….and I agree he’s absolute love..Momo Love was just dumb as a story

  5. I love Lee Joon-hyuk. I’ve had a thing for him ever since City Hall. His character’s transformation was so heartwarming and bromance-y. I was so excited for his lead role in I Am Legend, so disappointed with how it turned out. I still love the soundtrack though – “You” is still one of the most-played songs on my iPod. His voice makes my insides melt.

    And as for City Hunter… yeah. I’m still waiting for him to give me back the pieces of my broken heart. *tear*

    Happy to see him in a new project, though I kind of wanted him to do a kdrama next… I don’t know where I would be able to watch this, plus I’m allergic to dubbing. He seems like a cute couple with the adorable Janine Chang, though! Good luck to them both.

  6. there was a rumor going around a few weeks ago that Jiro Wang was suppose to be lead… because the director absolutely adores him (he got Jiro the role of Ah Jin in ISWAK and TKA that made him famous, Jiro repaid the favor by being in the low budget Momo Love when he was smoking hot from Fahrenheit).

    • Yea. I also heard about that rumor. About Jiro and one of the guys from the c-version of Hana Yori Dango being the leads. And, apparently, it was someone related to the production team who started the rumor. Later, it was said that Aaron Yan and Lee Min Ho would be joining them. I think things only calmed down when Jiro said in an interview that he didn’t know a thing about 50% Fairytale. So I don’t think it’s safe to believe rumors on weibo with no real evidence that it’s gonna happen. Most of the time it’s just someone using popular idols’ names to try and create a hype around the dramas/movies.

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