Man of Honor Holds Press Conference and Releases Six-minute Trailer

Just when I lavished praise on the cast of Tree with Deep Roots for dressing like the gorgeous stars they are at its press conference last week, and hoping that fashion sense would trickle down to other casts, the gang at Man of Honor’s press conference today had to go and hit me with the baseball bat of fugly. What. The. Heck. Are. They. Wearing?

Chun Jung Myung appeared to have raided his great-grandfather’s closet (complete with the two-toned dress shiny dress shoes), Lee Jang Woo accidentally put on his father’s cigar smoking jacket before leaving the house, and Park Min Young lost some of her hem on her way to the stage (as well as forgetting to iron her dress before putting it on).

As much as this press conference fashion show is a giant FAIL for me, the six-minute trailer for the drama is a big fat WIN in terms of being entertaining. It made me smile the entire time I was watching it, and that’s enough for me to check out this drama which premieres next Wednesday on KBS.

PIE! Why so cute! But this outfit? Why so much ugly? Did you run out of clean suits? Since you are playing baseball player Young Kwang, perhaps wearing a cute shirt with jeans would have been a great alternative instead of putting on a suit made from leftover curtain material from the movie set of some BBC movie.

And and and… doesn’t even fit properly. *sobs* Makes PIE look like three-day old bread pudding. Whatever, smiley faced PIE still looks darling. It is nice to see him so thrilled at a press conference, since he was quite somber at the press conference for The Duo.

Park Min Young, sweetie, your new haircut is precious and looks great on you, but did you really have to wear an awkwardly cut, too-short pink dress that washes out your fresh-faced complexion to this press conference? If the dress was in a different fabric that either draped better or had better form, the pink was a shade or two darker, and the hem a few inches longer, then it’ll look great. Goes to show a cute concept (little pink dress) can go horribly awry with the poor execution. This dress looks like something an early bootie from Project Runway thought up during a challenge. Poor Min Young clearly did not take Tim Gunn’s advice to heart and “make it work.”

I can’t even talk about Lee Jang Woo’s outfit. Maybe underneath that hideous jacket is a dashing ensemble. We’ll never know, because he didn’t take that “thing” off, and even if he did, I might already have been blinded by it. Actually, the more I stare at it, the more I’m thinking it’s not a jacket with a huge red velvet collar, but instead a normal jacket and he’s wearing a red velvet scarf thing inside his jacket and pulled it out to make it look like the collar of the jacket? Hhmmm, why am I wasting time analyzing it, other than its existence rather offends my fashion sensibilities. Since he’s already sporting a fluffly bird’s nest of a hairstyle for the drama, wearing an ugly outfit to the press conference does him no favors.

Six-minute preview for Man of Honor:

It can’t be just me that finds this preview really cute? I loved the peppy upbeat music, the general feeling like this is some wink-wink modern fairytale with a twist, and the great LOL chemistry between all three leads. Who knew the PD-writer combo for Baker King Kim Tak Gu could create a drama that looked intriguing to me aside from my PIE love. I’m officially excited about this drama now. Long preview, you have served your purpose.


Man of Honor Holds Press Conference and Releases Six-minute Trailer — 18 Comments

  1. PIE is still so cute. <3 PMY luckiest girl ever– look at her holding both their hands at the same time meanwhile LMH is waiting at home. LOL Also that dress is way too short! Sitting down would be a bad idea.

  2. actually i liked the teasers better than the trailer which gives me the feeling that we’re back on BKTG territory again..and that’s not a good feeling…o well, I’m still holding out some hope since this is PIE and PMY

  3. Awww, cute! I hope this maintains its light-heartedness, though with this writer/director team there’s no guarantee. This wasn’t really on my radar, and I’m not terribly enthusiastic about it, but I might check it out after a few episodes have aired.

  4. I thought it is premiering on KBS, following The Princess’ Man which ends this week?

    I was really shocked that PMY’s dress was so short… it just looks so odd that it’s that short. Maybe because it’s only one color. Not sure, but not loving it at all.

    The trailer was great – I’m looking forward to it, especially after the melo TPM which I love. I know that the other sageuk is probably going to get a lot of viewers but I hope this one finds good viewership too like PTB did. Lots of competition in the W-TH time slot 🙂

  5. I hate to say it *hanging head in shame* but I could care less what Jang Woo is wearing. He’s gorgeous. Period. (yep, that shallow) And I love his hair this length. It’s perfect grabbing and pulling…*heehee*

  6. Not now, nor have I ever been interested in watching BKTG, so I was wary about this one. I do find the teasers and the trailer appealing though, so I’ll probably check it out. I just hope it doesn’t start out all cute and energetic, just long enough to get me hooked, before it slips into makjang territory.

  7. Lee Jang Woo <3 (love him with Ham EunJung) might just watch it cause he's in it. haha. But I totally agree with you about the outfit he's wearing, if only he got rid of the red "thing" he's wearing.

  8. Loved your fashion critique! It was right on. And the preview…tempts me to rethink my earlier decision to not check out this drama…hmm…

  9. anyone notice that Lee Jang Woo’s suit jacket type thing is something Harry Potter and the gang would wear at Hogwarts? It totally reminding me of their long black wizarding cape since its red on the inside and its got that hem that it actually kinda looks like a hood on his jacket… (anyone want to agree with me?) but his is on the shorter end because its a jacket.. Thought I’d point that out..

    Debating what korean drama to watch next.. so many to choose.. maybe this one? not sure yet. 🙂

  10. I totally agree with your comment about Lee Jang Woo. I have no words to describe what he is wearing. I actually like Park Min Young’s dress. Very cute and chic. And the color matches her very well. I do agree about the hem though. I feel like if she starts walking or even moves her legs apart she would probably flash the entire room.

    As for PIE, I honestly didn’t even notice what he was wearing. My eyes naturally gravitated towards his face. I love that adorkable smile and face of his.

  11. Having my morning coffee and chuckling over this…liked the video (checked to see if Park Min Young was wearing three-inch heels while on duty like the doctor in OBGYN) and the music. It looks interesting and will give it a try…are you recapping? I always wonder who dresses these celebrities, especially the women, who can’t sit down on a variety show or for an interview without a (god awful) rag over their knees…so unattractive. But the men, that’s another story.

  12. While I liked I like Baker King, I hope it doesn’t take six episodes for the adult characters to show up. When I watched it, 1/2 the show had already aired, so I it was ok, but I’m not sure if I have the patience to wait 6 eps (three weeks) b4 things really get down to business.

    :o) I guess only time will tell.

  13. Srly who style this people up?!….they look soooo crappy…PMY dress look like for 5 year old at a Bday party, she is only missing the pinata in the back…..way way too short…and THEN PIE..omg the only thing missing from that outfit was the fedora and then he could be Al Capone and was LJW going for the Sherlock Holmes look? or did Superman lost his cape in Korean?….However, the trailer is solid.

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