Take that, Canon: A Kyoya and Haruhi MV for the Ouran Fan

How many times have I watched this video? Thank to the awesomer than awesome EternallyxShade, too many times to count, and I’m not even done yet. This just might be the single best Ouran High School Host Club live-action drama MV I’ve watched. Clearly I’m not over my KyoHaru fixation, but from the popularity of this video and the comments on the channel, plenty of folks are equally suffering.

Some of the best comments include “I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!”, “Dark kings always were more sexy than cute princes”, “Human Kyoya is HOT”, and finally the incoherent “hhhhnnnngggg”, all of which are more coherent than the noises I made when I happened to chance upon this manna from the Heavens video. I must be insane. Why am I taking time posting this instead of watching this video on eternal loop, which is what IPads are for. Thank you and god bless, Steve Jobs.

Oh yes this boy is perfect. Daito Shunsuke, you make me that Faster than a Kiss drama-adaptation as my personal drama holy grail casting, you hear me? That is all. Going back to my quiet spazzing now.

KyoHaru “Take that, canon!”:


Take that, Canon: A Kyoya and Haruhi MV for the Ouran Fan — 25 Comments

  1. *Swooning* I don’t usually watch fanvids and I’ve been resisting the KyouyaxHaruhi ship, but Daito Shunsuke is fine in this video. *Sigh* 2013, please bring me a romantic dorama with Daito Shunsuke. Till then, I’ll be hunting down pictures and re-watching this video.

  2. omggg thanks for this crack! *shuffles off to watch on eternal loop*

    anw i LOVE daito shunsuke in glasses.. we should try coming up with an entire list of manga with ‘megane-heroes’ just so we can bask in more potential daito-goodness….by imagination…. that is, until the guy picks up his next drama~ somehow, whenever a manga hero is bespectacled, i’m gonna be transposing daito-kun’s image over the black and white for a while…

  3. Haha. Loved it. I’d be all over this ship if it were canon.

    Has anybody seen the Daito Shunsuke pictures from his calender? He was here in NYC and I missed him. Damn.

  4. I need FtaK with him as Kazuma. It just needs to happen. Like, the world might possibly end if it doesn’t get made. Or at least, my world will.

    nnnnnnnnnngggggggggg ~faints~

  5. Fantastic. I’m going to be watching this on a loop when I get home from work, only because I’m too embarrassed to watch it on repeatedly here.

    But yeah. We need FtaK with both of them. Do the right thing Japan, and think of the fans. Or the children? Anything to get you to make this drama.

    Side note: I don’t follow manga’s popularity. Is FtaK very popular? It took AGES to get Ouran made as a drama, so I worry about the likelihood of FtaK. BUT SERIOUSLY JAPAN. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

  6. I have a feeling that a FtaK live action will be coming out of Japan real soon since it’s such a popular manga. Hopefully when the time comes, they cast these two!

  7. Watching this fanvid made me remember the episode where Haruhi fell to the ocean an Kyouya jump to save her behind Tamaki, I’ve been asking myself why the writers added that detail on the dorama, when it wasn’t in the original manga nor the anime?? First I thought maybe they were going to push Kyouya in to second male lead, but having watched all drama episodes, and seeing that didn’t happen, I don’t understand the meaning behind it.

    • I almost wonder if Kyoya WAS going to play a bigger part initially. Shunsuke was one of the more recognizable actors in the show, and look at the character chart here: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/File:Ouranchart.jpg

      He’s up next to Haruhi and Tamaki. Maybe the producers and writers got some pressure from fans, Bisco, or the television channel and had to change their plans. Because it does seem like a random element, even though I freaking love it.

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarhg I can’t watch this video because I’m in Germany and therefore no publishing rights from SME….what happens in it??? I want to seeeeee it toooooo!!!!!

  9. OMG!!! the MV puts endless smile on my face!!! And I wish I have an iPad to watch it on loops! But I will keep replaying it to keep my smile on on a gloomy friday like today!

  10. LOL
    omg all i can say is thank goodness this daito is older than me!!!!!

    If he was younger, I don’t know how I would survive the internal conflict of wanting to ogle and not be pedo.

    How popular is Faster than a Kiss? I actually started reading the manga (and finished it up to the point it has been translated) after I saw your recommendation and TOTALLY agree with the statements above.

    Although I wonder who would play Teppei? The little boy is like up there on my favorite characters list….

  11. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    At first I was confused by the music choice but 3 seconds later, I understood. OMG, sexy beast.

  12. You have turned me into a drooling fan girl just by reading about your obsession with Daito. What have you done? Now I search the web just for snipets of information about him and want to watch everything he has been in. Shame on you!

  13. lmfao! I very much enjoyed this blog entry 😛 And I’m glad you like my video so much!! Inspires me to make more 🙂

    Ah, Daito Shunsuke….why must you be over there and I be over here?! V.V

  14. Do any1 have the pic of Daito Shunsuke at the episode of Ouran TV drama?. At the first sight he look up after he smash the hollywood carmera. I would die to get that pic. The way he look up, dam I would drop dead. If any1 have infor plz email to Momoko179@hotmail.com

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