Bu Bu Jing Xin Scene Recap: A Turning Point in the Nine Prince Battle

Bu Bu Jing Xin as a story is very well-paced. Not only does it span twenty years in the life of Ruo Xi, the story development reflects her maturation from teenager (cute, immature, and bubbly little girl at the beginning) to an adult learning to navigate the treacherous ebbs and flows of living in the palace and serving the Emperor himself. The little girl Ruo Xi we first met disappears as she learns to love, to lose, and to love again, growing into a fine woman with backbone, loyalty, and honor. This next segment I am recapping is actually almost an entire episode long in length, and is THE most pivotal scene in the drama. It’s the moment when the first domino falls, and everything gets set into motion.

Starting with a night of drinking with 13th Prince and leading into 4th Prince getting blindsided in court, by the end of this recap, Ruo Xi will have knelt in the rain for three days and nights for her best friend. And nothing will ever be the same again between the princes, pitting brother against brother irrevocably until there is only one victor and everyone else a loser. This is where this drama shows hand, in poker terms, and it’s holding a royal flush as far as I am concerned. Utterly riveting storytelling and acting combined to make this drama turn the corner from intriguing and entertaining to full blown must-see-TV.

Ruo Xi walks down a corridor and hears someone playing the flute beautifully. Of course it’s 13th Prince, with a talent for the arts that matches his love of life. Ruo Xi stands to the side and listens to him play, thinking to herself how this young man in the prime of his life, with such depth and promise, could possibly endure 10 long years of house confinement. Based on what has happened recently, Ruo Xi knows that history is slowly creeping up to the day 13th Prince upsets the Emperor so much he will lose his freedom.

13th Prince senses a presence and stops playing, turning around to see that his eavesdropper is none other than Ruo Xi. He confesses that he stopped playing because someone was listening in, not knowing it was her. When asked why he is not spending time this evening with the Emperor, he turns the tables on her, asking why she ought to be the only person who can find a quiet place to have a drink? Without another word, they each grab their bottle of wine and toast each other, with a comfortable camaraderie built from years of knowing each other.

13th Prince remembers it’s been much too long since they last drank. Ruo Xi confirms it’s been 8 years (since he took her out drinking that night). 13th Prince thinks they have to drink the night away then, it might be another 8 years until the next time they have a drink. Ruo Xi looks at him and repeats “8 years…”, and then she chugs her wine with the agreement that they really need to have a drunken night when they have a chance. 13th Prince gives her an assessing look.

Ruo Xi thinks it would be great if he wasn’t born into a royal family. 13th Prince smiles and says he was just thinking about that. His dream is to one day ride a horse, armed with a flute and a sword, just traveling the country. Listening to beautiful music in the South, hunting condors in the North, practicing his swordsplay whenever he feels like it. When the inspiration hits, he can write poetry under the flickering candlelight. Ruo Xi looks at him with such affection and sadness as he says this.

13th Prince sighs that his life is already predestined. Even if he can give it all up, he can’t leave the one brother who has treated him so well growing up to remain alone suffering the slings and arrows of palace politics. Even though 4th Prince has his own mother and a full blood younger brother, but it’s akin to not having any. Ruo Xi looks so crestfallen to hear this, which leads 13th Prince to ask if she’s alright? Ruo Xi wipes away her tears and smiles, lying that she drank too much so her wine turned into tears.

Ruo Xi and 13th Prince move their night of drinking elsewhere. He brings up the touchy subject of 8th Prince, saying that he doesn’t care about what happened between her and 8th Prince in the past. But since she’s chosen to be with 4th Prince, she must treat 4th Prince right from now on. Ruo Xi asks how 13th Prince knows about her history with 8th Prince, and whether 4th Prince also knows? 13th Prince confirms 4th Prince doesn’t know, and he was guessing it, but now Ruo Xi confirmed it. 13th Prince reveals that Ruo Xi hid it well, plus everyone thinks she’s got something going on with 14th Prince.

Ruo Xi asks him never to let 4th Prince know, and he promises to abide by her request. Though 13th Prince thinks Ruo Xi is making 4th Prince out to be too petty, why can’t he accept her past with 8th Prince just like Min Min’s husband accepted the fact that Min Min used to love 13th Prince. Ruo Xi says there is nothing wrong with a woman having previous relationships before marriage, and if it was anyone else, she would have told 4th Prince already. Except with regards to 8th Prince.

13th Prince asks why, but Ruo Xi says she cannot explain why. Even if 4th Prince doesn’t care that it was 8th Prince, now and in the future, Ruo Xi can’t ever take that risk. 13th Prince looks at her before accepting her word. He knows she has a good reason that she can’t share, and he trusts her to not press her further. Ruo Xi wonders how lucky she is in this lifetime, to have a friend like 13th Prince.

They sit down on the steps and 13th Prince bemoans 4th Prince as someone who hides his feelings deeply and is hard to get to know. Someone like that is likely to create their own misery in life. Even if 13th Prince can help alleviate some of 4th Prince’s worries, 4th Prince remains lonely in the end. But Ruo Xi is different. 13th Prince often thinks that despite knowing Ruo Xi never got a formal education, he keeps getting this feeling that she’s actually quite educated, and may have even read books none of the princes have ever read.

13th Prince thinks Ruo Xi can help 4th Prince by being the one person 4th Prince can talk candidly with. Plus she knows his ambitions and motivations, and understands 4th Prince’s worries. 13th Prince gives Ruo Xi even more advice. All the favors she’s received in the palace comes from the Emperor loving her as a daughter and trusting her because she doesn’t take sides and she doesn’t have any greed or ambition. But she will lose all of this if she gets involved in the princes battle for the throne.

The princes battle is one waged for glory and their personal gain, to get to the top seat. If they lose, it’s a price each must naturally pay. But Ruo Xi should not be sacrificed for their ambitions. He’s reminding her of this now because 8th Prince is her brother-in-law and has a history with her, plus she cares for 10th Prince and 14th Prince as well. But now she’s chosen 4th Prince, she can’t get involved on the other princes behalf even if watching everything unfold gives her great pain. 13th Prince just wants her to stay by 4th Prince’s side and not care about anything else, who wins or who loses. Ruo Xi closes her eyes and sighs. 13th Prince sits down and they resume their drinking without further discussion of these issues.

Ruo Xi wakes up the next morning and rushes to serve the Emperor his morning tea. She’s told that the Emperor is already in court, and his countenance is thunderous to say the least. In court, all the princes are kneeling before the Emperor. Once they all rise, the Emperor throws his cup of tea directly at 4th Prince. Oh shit. Ruo Xi arrives at court right at this moment.

The Emperor reminds everyone that he’s made it a national crime to covet the position of the Crown Prince or plot for it. He’s now gotten confirmation that 4th Prince has been secretly plotting for the throne, and even has people spreading rumors about the Crown Prince’s bad behavior and getting people to support stripping the Crown Prince of his position. During this speech, 8th Prince and his gang are silent but look rather unsurprised by all this. 4th Prince says these allegations are not his handiwork and he has no involvement in any of this.

Suddenly other officials speak up and say that none of this is the work of 4th Prince. The Emperor says these officials are just loyal to 4th Prince, but all the evidence points to their collusion. 13th Prince listens silently to these allegations. 4th Prince confirms he’s met with those officials, but did not authorize them to do any such activities. Ruo Xi realizes at that moment that this entire matter has been cooked up by 8th Prince and his gang, remembering how 8th Prince warned her recently that if she picked 4th Prince, she might have to suffer with him.

Ruo Xi knows this plan is perfect, allowing 8th Prince to attack the Crown Prince by these rumors, and get rid of 4th Prince for being the mastermind behind these rumors. The two officials spread the rumors, making it look like they are loyal to 4th Prince, but they are in truth working for 8th Prince. Ruo Xi looks stricken to realize all of this. She only knows that the Crown Prince will be stripped of his position sometime this year, but she doesn’t how what happens to 4th Prince in the history books during this tumultuous time. Suddenly Ruo Xi realizes with a startling clarity what is about to happen. Her mind cries out “13th Prince!”

13th Prince walks up and kneels down besides 4th Prince, who whispers to his beloved 13th brother to quickly move away. 8th Prince turns to look at 13th Prince, who announces to the Emperor that he was the mastermind behind this plot, using his 4th brother’s name to do it. 13th Prince says 4th Prince was in the dark about this matter. 8th Prince gives a little smirk. 10th Prince speaks up and questions whether 13th Prince isn’t acting on 4th Prince’s behalf since everyone knows how close they are?

13th Prince tells the Emperor to question the two officials then. 14th Prince suddenly speaks up and says it can’t be the work of 4th Prince, who stays in his residence most of the time and reads buddhist scripture and is the most loyal of the princes. The two officials get the hint and suddenly say it was all 13th Prince’s sole actions telling them what to do, and 4th Prince was not involved. Ruo Xi hides behind the beam and cries as she sees all of this unfolding.

The Emperor asks 4th Prince if it’s true that this is all the handiwork of 13th Prince. 4th Prince looks stricken and does not immediately answer. Ruo Xi knows this question is a trick, answering yes or no is both the wrong answer. 4th Prince says all he knows is that this is not his work, he doesn’t know whether 13th Prince did this or not. The Emperor orders 13th Prince to be stripped of his title and placed under house arrest in this tiny shack in the outskirts of the city. No one is allowed to visit without his permission.

13th Prince takes off his official hat as Ruo Xi cries silently to watch him stoically go to his punishment for a crime he did not commit, to protect the brother he so loves. 4th Prince, always so dispassionate, looks completely about to break down, as his eyes fill with tears he cannot shed.

13th Prince places his hat on the ground, and we see 4th Prince with his fist tightly clenched. 13th Prince bows to thank the Emperor and accept his decree. Ruo Xi cries knowing that today means a separation that is worse than death. 13th Prince walks out and the Emperor announces that court is dismissed. All the Princes bow to the departing Emperor. 4th Prince, with the shattered remains of the tea cup before him, places his hands on the shards of the ceramic as he bows.

All the other princes leave the court except for 4th Prince, who remains kneeling on the floor. Ruo Xi walks up to him, knowing how much pain he must be in right now. 4th Prince finally starts to cry, and OMG I’m sobbing here. Ruo Xi kneels down beside him and watches him cry silently. She finally speaks up and tells him to go home.

She reaches out and puts her hand on his shoulder, telling him to go home for the sake of 13th Prince. 4th Prince takes a deep breath, with tears still streaming down his face, as he straightens his back.

4th Prince stares at the throne before him as he stands up, his face hardening into one of determination. His hand, dripping blood from cutting it on the shattered ceramic of the tea cup, clenches into a fist. When 4th Prince turns around to walk out of the room, he is no longer shedding any tears. All that remains is a man with one goal and one goal only now. The throne. To save his 13th brother and punish those who set him up. Ruo Xi cries as she watches him leave.

Days pass and 13th Prince remains in house arrest and 4th Prince has not entered the palace to participate in any politics. Ruo Xi, who knows how long 13th Prince’s confinement lasts in history (10 years), gets word that Lu Xu, 13th Prince’s lady friend, wants to be allowed to join him in house arrest. Lu Wu begs Ruo Xi to help her, so that she can alleviate 13th Prince’s loneliness and suffering. Even knowing she will incur the wrath of the Emperor, Ruo Xi nevertheless dares to beg the Emperor to allow Lu Wu to join 13th Prince in house arrest. In anger, the Emperor tells Ruo Xi to kneel outside.

As Ruo Xi’s kneeling turns from day into night, she looks up at the sky, thinking that 13th Prince can only look skyward for any measure of company in his solitary confinement. All 13th Prince does is drink himself into a stupor. 4th Prince gets word from a servant that Ruo Xi was begging for 13th Prince and upset the Emperor, so now she’s being punished by kneeling in the royal gardens. 4th Prince, who is practicing his calligraphy, calmly dismisses his servant. But then his pen falls from his hand, and his face just looks numb.

He clenches his hand, this pain and rage he feels that the two people he loves the most in this world are out there suffering, and there is nothing he can do. 4th Prince stands up, and remains standing at his table side long after the candles have burnt down, deep in thought. The camera pulls near and we see he’s crying silently in his study.

It’s raining outside and 8th Prince sees Ruo Lan praying. He mutters that these two sisters are so stubborn they get themselves into a knot. 14th Prince arrives to inform 8th Prince that Ruo Xi has angered the Emperor and is being punished. 14th Prince is anxious to find a way to save her. 8th Prince says no one can save her under these circumstances. 8th Prince tells 14th Prince to lay low and not do anything stupid.

Ruo Xi massages her legs as her kneeling as turned into daytime again. Yu Tan comes running to find Ruo Xi, who shoos her away in case the Emperor gets more upset. The storm arrives over Beijing and 4th Prince walks out in his courtyard and looks up at the thundering sky. His wife walks out and gently drapes a cloak over him. It starts to rain and 4th Prince suddenly rushes off.

13th prince is reading in his leaky little hovel and looks outside at the rain. He picks up a pen and starts writing a poem. He walks outside to his tiny yard and looks at the rain.

Ruo Xi hunches over so that she can avoid a little bit of the pouring rain, if possible. 4th Prince arrives and his hand grabs his cloak in anger and frustration.

Ruo Xi sits up when she senses someone’s presence, peering through the rain until she sees him. They look at each other, until 4th Prince tosses his umbrella away. 4th Prince slowly walks over to where Ruo Xi is kneeling. He raises his cloak to shield her from the rain.

Ruo Xi thinks to herself that in this pouring rain, there is someone suffering alongside her. She reaches out to grab his robe and he kneels down besides her. She tells him to go home, she understand his heart and knows he’s hurting for her.

4th Prince grabs her for an embrace, and Ruo Xi melts into his shoulder, allowing herself this tiny bit of comfort. Suddenly the camera pulls away and we see 8th Prince and 14th Prince standing there watching this tableau. 14th Prince sneaks an uncomfortable glance at 8th Prince, who remains impassive. I want to tell these two third and fourth wheels to go somewhere else to ruin the mood.

Ruo Xi and 4th Prince break away, which is when she sees that she’s got company. 4th Prince turns and sees them as well, these two brothers of his who have orchestrated this entire fiasco.

4th Prince stands up and leaves. He pauses as he walks up next to 8th Prince. If looks could kill, his two younger brothers would be dead right now. 8th Prince maintains a pleasant smile this entire time, which he drops the second 4th Prince continues walking. 8th Prince shoots Ruo Xi a look of worry and frustration. But it’s 14th Prince who rushes forward and kneels down, asking Ruo Xi worriedly why she dared to do this? He gets up and allows 8th Prince to approach Ruo Xi.

8th Prince looks so sad as Ruo Xi refuses to look him in the eyes. He takes out a hankerchief and gently wipes her face, chiding her for not thinking about Ruo Lan even if she doesn’t care about herself. 8th Prince says Ruo Lan has a weak constitution and yet Ruo Xi’s actions will cause her sister so much worry. Ruo Xi refuses to answer him, instead picking up his wet robe and handing it to him.

8th Prince knocks his robe hem out of her hands in anger as Ruo Xi still refuses to look at him. He stands up and tells 14th Prince they should leave. 14th Prince says he has something to say to Ruo Xi and asks his 8th brother to leave first.

8th Prince says no one can help Ruo Xi right now. 8th Prince reminds 14th Prince that the chess match is nearly the end right now, but one wrong move and they can still lose it all. 14th Prince understands, but he just wants to ask Ruo Xi something is all.

Once 8th Prince walks away, 14th Prince quickly kneels before Ruo Xi and takes out a packet of biscuits to give her. Oh puppy, why you so sweet? Ruo Xi opens the package hesitantly, then her face lights up and she shoves a biscuit in her mouth. 14th Prince smiles and tells her to eat slowly.

Ruo Xi eats until she suddenly realizes that the Emperor did not say she was allowed to eat. 14th Prince smiles some more and tells her that she’s already eaten a piece, what’s the difference between one and two. Plus it’s pouring rain, who would be out here to supervise her punishment. He also hid the biscuits so no one would know he brought her food.

Ruo Xi continues eating until she gets a piece stuck in her throat, which causes her to toss her head back and open her mouth to capture some rain water. 14th Prince is astonished at her behavior but she just tells him rain water is especially clean. 14th Prince teases her for not being very ladylike.

Then he changes the subject and asks her if it’s worth it, what she is doing right now? She doesn’t answer and he keeps pressing her, until he fairly begs her to answer his question. Ruo Xi says she is doing what she thinks she needs to do, there is no consideration of whether it’s worth it. All she knows is that if the situation were reversed, 13th Prince would do the same for her, despite not knowing what the consequences would be. 14th Prince asks whether she would do the same thing if the person in trouble today was him and not 13th Prince?

Ruo Xi stares at 14th Prince, who knows that she’s probably thinking that if it was 13th Prince, he would never ask her this question. 14th Prince knows that 13th Prince understands Ruo Xi, but he doesn’t understand her, which is why he wants to know what she’s thinking. He asks her to tell him the truth, on account of them growing up together since they were kids.

Ruo Xi says she never considered who it was. If it was 10th Prince or 14th Prince, she would do the same thing. Yes, she is kindred spirits with 13th Prince, but her affection for these princes are all the same. 14th Prince asks if this means that day on the Mongolian plains, Ruo Xi would have still raced Min Min to help him, even if 8th Prince’s welfare was also not involved. Ruo Xi smiles and nods her head, which makes 14th Prince happy to know that he also matters to her.

She tells him to leave now, everything will be fine once the Emperor stops being angry with her. 14th Prince offers her his umbrella but she declines it. She’s already wet, and the Emperor did not allow her to have an umbrella. 14th Prince gets up and leaves. This goes to show how complicated these relationships are between Ruo Xi and her princes. She knows 14th Prince is involved in setting up 4th Prince, yet she doesn’t hate him and he still cares about her welfare. They are friends, first and foremost, politics and love comes second between them.

Back at the estate of the 4th Prince, he stands outside in the pouring rain. His wife comes running outside to beg him to go inside. She knows he’s hurting right now, but he can’t ruin his health this way. 4th Prince is unmoving, even when his loving wife gets down on her knees and begs him to go inside. He tells the servant to take his wife inside, and without his permission, no one is allowed to come outside.

4th Prince looks up at the rain and thinks to himself, that no matter how heavy the rain is right now, he’s enduring it with Ruo Xi. The poor girl finally collapses that night as the rain continues to fall.

This was the turning point of the drama for me, taking everything that was laid out earlier and tying it all together, and then sending the story into an entirely new stratosphere of intensity. What ties Ruo Xi and 4th Prince together is so much stronger than what she ever shared with 8th Prince. Even if she loved both men with the same passion, the love that she and 4th Prince have for 13th Prince unites them now in one goal. Find a way to free 13th Prince, and if that means getting the throne is the only way to do it, then Ruo Xi is pretty much all in with 4th Prince at this point even if she hasn’t yet thought it through. She’s not taking sides, she’s doing what she thinks is right and saving her best friend from a punishment worse than death for a man who so desires freedom more than any of the princes. This story is so amazingly intricate I have no words but more silent applause for being so well-written.


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  1. The scene where 4th used his cloath to shield the rain is actually not scripted. He just did it automatically when they were filming the scene, and the director liked it so much that they kept it like that.

    • Really? Awesome adlibbing from Nicky Wu. I was already misty-eyed when I saw 4th in the rain, but when he used his cloak to shield RX? Gah. I swear I felt my heart break into a million pieces. And then my tears fell like rain… BBJX is so poignantly sad, it’s beautiful.

    • Really? Wow! Thanks for sharing that! I really admire Nicky as an actor. May I know where you read this? I’d love to read more behind the scene stuff about BBJX!

    • Wow! Nicky Wu is really good! And Koala sis thanks for another morsel of BBJX… i am just so into this drama, my head kinda hurts this days due to staying up late streaming it. I actually like the 4th-Ruoxi pair than the 8th. 8th is a schemer whereas 4th is calculating.

    • Thanks for that! I love reading BTS tidbits and stories like that. Nicky Wu did a great job. I agree that when he shielded her, it really cemented it for me too. It was so powerful, gentle and romantic. Very in character for him too.

      • This scene is touches me. Thanks for the info. Good for Nicky. This reminds me of the korean drama City Hall where the male lead used his body to shield the female lead from the sun while she sleeps in the car.

  2. I was just about to go to bed when I had the sudden urge to check the playground again just in case you posted something new. Lo and behold, not only did you post something, you posted a BBJX recap! Now I’m not sleepy anymore because I’m tearing up and my chest hurts from sympathizing with RX and 4th prince’s pain… So sad (T.T)

  3. Aha! I knew a recap will soon follow when I saw the awesome 4th-RX banner earlier. Efforts in refreshing AKP page the entire day got paid off. Thank you Ms. Koala for a long recap. I read it while listening BBJX OST, savouring every details writtten. The rain scene was so well executed that I could feel her knee pain, her exhaustion and then the temporary comfort when she rested on 4th’s shoulder. At this point, I still couldn’t believe that the sweet natured 14th actually plotted against his very own brother. Makes me wonder what he’ll do to 4th and 13th IF he has gotten the throne instead. Would there be a happier ending?

    • I don’t think he would have done anything bad to them. Maybe exile? I remember a previous episode when he was asking the 8th prince to send his brother away and not kill him if the 8th prince gets the throne.

      I honestly think that things would have been better if 14th prince got the throne as he is related to both camps and he has become a better person due to Ruo Xi’s influence. He helped LuWu escape from the 9th prince even though before he had a low opinion of her. He also knelt on behalf of the 13th prince and Rou Xi so that LuWu could join 13th prince

      • I agree and disagree. I do think that had 14th won the throne, he would not be as sever with any of his brothers like 4th did. So in that respect, I think that it would be good. However, in terms of the bigger picture as the welfare of the whole country, I don’t think it would be good. Even though 14th finally matured at the end, but he’s too trusting and too soft. Had he become the King, would he have the heart to punish 9th when he’s out of hand? I also think that the person running behind the scene would be 8th and 14th wouldn’t even realized it. 8th is just too ambitous and his pride is just too big to let a brother who used to be his follower running the show.

        4th is different. He may be severe in punishment, but he is fair. He doesn’t make exceptions for anyone doing wrong, whether that it is his follwers or not. Besides, 4th is exceptional at controlling the turmoil whether at home or court, as we all witnessed. He had no problem handing out rewards or harsh punishment when necessary. 14th just doesn’t have this trait in him.

    • The question is really the great unknown. 14th Prince would have definitely let 13th Prince out. But then he would have never adored little orphaned Princess Chenghuan the way 4th Prince did, and made sure the girl got as much of a happy ending as possible after her mom and dad both died.

      But would 14th Prince have allowed RX to marry 4th? Maybe, because I thought he loved her enough that he did not covet her selfishly, and would have likely allowed her to marry 4th Prince if he knew she loved him. Or maybe not, because he was always so at odds with 4th Prince. The epilogue shows that 4th Prince always loved his younger brother, but it was 14th Prince that appeared to have a beef to pick with his older brother for whatever reason.

      I think the question is: who would have been a better Emperor for China. 4th Prince worked himself to death for the sake of his country. 14th Prince was no master tactician, he was a decorated general with a great grasp of war. But between the two brothers, 4th Prince was clearly better suited to run the country. That’s where I cast my vote.

      I don’t think anyone getting the throne would necessarily allow a happier ending. I think this story makes it clear that the politics was always going to dog these brothers til the end of their days.

      • “Or maybe not, because he was always so at odds with 4th Prince. The epilogue shows that 4th Prince always loved his younger brother, but it was 14th Prince that appeared to have a beef to pick with his older brother for whatever reason.”

        This really hit me when i read what you wrote sis I was up to episode 27 until last night and I know things would get worse in the episodes to come. What really baffled me is why 14th is so die-hard loyal to 8th when there is his true-blooded brother the 4th prince he can support. I really like the 14th prince here but that is the biggest flaw i see of him.

        On another note, I hate how their mother showed favoritism between two brothers. Gah! You only have two sons and still manage to alienate yourself from one of them. I actually felt for the 4th prince in this matter, especially when their mother asked whose bracelet gift she will wear. What a question to ask in front of both your sons.

        As of the one most fitting for the throne, I believe it is still the 4th, even if he had gotten it in a devious way. He is calculating, detached and has a very good judgement. If it was the 14th, he would never be able to see the shortcomings of his brothers-in-alliance.

        Anyway, sis koala, thanks again for another wonderful drama you got me into after DTLY. I had never watched a C-drama before. 🙂

      • I agree with you about the topic of the princes to become Emperor. I feel that 14th would not have been the best Emperor because like you say, good on the battle field does not mean good at court and country. 4th was severe but he worked tirelessly for the country and kept things in check. I don’t know if 14th could have done for the country what his brother did. I think 14th is too “sweet” (and I love him for it) to have been the Emperor.

        I do think that however, if RX told 14th she loved 4th and wanted to be with him, 14th as Emperor would have granted it because he loved her selflessly.


        As for the fact 4th loved 13th more than his own full blood brother, I blame this on their horrible mother. Even if 4th “stole” the throne, she didn’t have to reject him as her son in the process. It was clear she played favourites and pushed 14th to be like the Emperor. I agree with him that this was probably the reason 4th is so cautious and hard to read. He clearly did not have a loving childhood with his mother. 13th’s mother died young as well and unremembered too so the two of them grew up in court almost orphan-like (I know the Kangxi Emperor is there but he’s not the best Dad). 4th was not close to his brother due to his mother’s (and father’s) favouritism and shared more with 13th. 14th followed 8th who is pretty much everyone’s brother!

  4. Intricate is an understatement. Loving this drama even while I wait for the subs to be done. I’m suffering here. Thanks for introducing me to this drama again. I’m hooked and deliriously happy. 🙂

  5. Wait for this scene caps for a long time, this is the best scene and best episode of the first half of BBJX. still, I think the scene that 14th begged KangXi for RuoXi and 13th should be included cuz that’d trigger many important scene that happened later.

    • I thought it was one of the most powerful scenes as theses people who helped set him up were pleading on his behalf. I also think it deserves a mention.

  6. Wow, that was unscripted??!?! I loved the cloak part too…. it’s obvious that Nicky was very into his role and so was LSS… sigh~~~ such a good drama.

  7. I love all your BBJX recaps! Even though I’ve watched these scenes countless times already, I check your site daily to see if you’ve posted anything new about this drama. I seriously can’t get enough of it. Thanks for your hardwork!

  8. I have not watched this drama but I am keeping up with your recaps. Despite having no real sense of the background and history in this drama, this scene stands out so much through your descriptions. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I was just wondering if 14th had schemed together with 8th to frame the 4th, then why did he speak up for the 4th? Was it to make it seem as though he was supporting his blood brother or to make it seem as though this was not intentionally planned by the 8th and his gang?

    • Neither. 13th Prince taking the blame for 4th Prince was unexpected. When 13th Prince told the Emperor to question the two officials to confirm his story, and the two officials starting sputtering, 14th Prince could see those two might fold and tell the truth (it was 8th Prince all along) under intense questioning from the Emperor. So he stepped it, because getting rid of 4th Prince’s right hand man 13th Prince is better than nothing, and won’t risk their scheme unraveling right then and there. All the princes are quite calculating.

  10. This has been my favorite episode so far. I’m only on 22 or 23? I try avoiding any posts about BBJX as I don’t want see spoilers, but I had to comment. This was one of those episodes where I screencapped everything and in the end couldn’t narrow it down to just 2 screen caps. I went with six. The whole episode was so beautiful and I’m so addicted after this episode.

  11. was rewatching episode 28/35 while reading the recap. thanks so much ockoala!!! now i fully understand the conversation between 13th and rouxi.

    the drama/novel is really intricate that one would want to know more of the characters, feel and fell in love with them. they are all shown in a light more than history but the actions and consequences of one’s status and values in life.

    the actors really nailed it. nicky’s 4th when he clenches his hand, all the emotions being captured into that one act. when lss’ rouxi grabs his robe, its like the whole mess up grab the throne does not matter, but the love and understanding of both who only have their hearts for each other.

    i so love 13th and 14th prince for their strength and flaws and for their heart too. i knew then that no matter the allegiance of 14th with 8th he would still have that understanding if not care for his blood brother 4th and friend 13th. and 13th sacrifice for the 4th was utterly selfless. in the 4th is a victor because he had reigned well his intentions for the throne. it was only after this turn of events that he started to be the emperor kangxi i believed have tutored him to become. fact that kangxi even made an opportunity to use that dead bird to punish 8th. so kangxi indeed paved the way for 4th to be the next emperor.

    sowee…such a long note. so much really of this drama lives in the heart.

  12. It’s proving so hard to recover from BBJX…so my day just brightens when Koala posts recaps like these! It’s such a pivotal moment in the drama, where everything starts going from bad to worse…and then some. The beauty of this episode for me is that it really shows the relationships between RX and the princes…particularly the rain scene between RX and the princes who “loved” her.

    4 shows up and throws away his umbrella so that he can bear the suffering and pain with her, while trying to shield some of the rain with his cloak…no words are needed. It’s impractical but poignant, and totally breaks my heart to see him hurting that he can’t do anything to help the ones he loves.

    8 shows up with an umbrella, and tries to convince RX to stop, if only for the sake of her sister…I really felt that their entire relationship was built around the unrequited love between 8 and RL…like he was trying to right the wrongs by treating RX well. Despite everything that went wrong between them, he still cares enough to try to talk sense into her.

    14 is probably the most practical. Knowing that RX must continue, he brings her food and offers her his umbrella so that she has the energy to make it through the pain…but he still doesn’t quite understand that she would go to such lengths for all the princes she cares for.

    After this, no one will ever be the same again…each giving up a piece of themselves in the battle for the throne. *cries* Prepare for heartbreak.

  13. Your bbjx post always made my day..thank you 🙂
    I really like nicky’s acting here..its very subtle yet strong. Knowing how stoic 4th is, every scene where he cry was just heartbreaking. And that rain scene…its the moment where rx decided to love 4th right?

  14. Awww, thank you. More treats. I loved those scenes too. Epic. I love how Roxi grabs hold of him….I think she has been doing that all along through her actions of favoring him wrapped up in “I’m doing this because he’ll be the emperor one day” self-analysis.

    Truly, if looks could kill, millions of ppl would be dead about now I’m sure. Sighs, I watched ep 25 during lunch and #4 is in revenge mode. He needs to think about the ppl and his father’s last words which made me think I was cockeyed because…the throne was to go to sweety #14 and #4, love you I do, stole it in this universe called BBJX. His heart is needs help. Medic!

    Pray for me as I’m about to watch 26-27….

    • It’ll be okay, hugs.

      One quibble I have with the drama is making it explicit that 4 stole the throne from 14. The novel did not say that AT ALL. And history has debunked that urban legend. The novel didn’t make it clear who the Emperor passed the throne to. I dislike the drama making that change. Even if 4 was ultimately the best choice for Emperor and had every reason in the world to seek it.

      As for 4 being in revenge mode, he is and he isn’t. He does seek revenge against those who hurt the people he loves. But with respect to his brothers, he doesn’t do anything other than ask them to submit to him as Emperor, and it’s because they refuse to do so willingly that more stuff happens. Sigh.

      • I just finished 26 where #4 told R he’ll take fear if not respect or sth like that…The actor plays it like his father gave the thone to him legitimately. I wish they had not put that mark on him too.

        Thanks for the hugs and words of encouragement….I’m afraid for our dear princes.

      • I haven’t read the novel so that point is really something. It made a mark on the 4th’s reign that the stole the throne from 4th. Even his mother is adamant about. Do you know sis that this drama made me google about Qing Dynasty? What i was able to read there about the 4th’s assumption to the throne is there was really a cloud of doubt cast upon it. It said that he put on some stroke on the decree to make 14th into 4th tho those are only speculations. Eventually whatever rumors about the 4th he had redeemed himself by being a good emperor.

      • I’m glad this point was skirted in the novel because they made it so 4th stole it from 14th in the drama. I quibble with this too because it was… i wouldn’t say out of character, but it felt extreme and all of a sudden to the 4th they were developing. I would have been much happier if they left it open and also if I didn’t have to watch 4th’s mother berate him for it several times in the show. That broke me too because he was still her son in the end and she rejected him in every way.

      • The first time I watched this through I actually missed the bit where he was remembering the emperor telling him the throne was going to 14th (don’t ask me how I missed it). Given what I know about history’s account of 4th’s rise to the throne, I was quite happy that it was left open and debated… The second time I went through the series I did finally manage to see the aforementioned bit and was rather disappointed. I knew 4th wanted the throne…but to actually steal it from his blood-brother is another thing entirely. I also thought it strange that RX would have no qualms about this..though I suppose you could argue that she didn’t know? (or have I missed something again…I think I should watch the series properly without interruptions from pesky things such as uni) XD

        Anyways, just my 2 cents

  15. I think this is such a great drama that you can watch it over and over and listen to the OST on repeat and still listen to it without ever getting sick of it.. The drama ended last month but I haven’t been sick of it YET.. I wonder if its going to take me till the end of the year to actually get over it.. I’ll see how long it lasts (probably more than I possibly would think, I’ll surprise myself)

    Anyway, great recaps and keep them coming! 🙂

  16. Thanks for another riveting recap of BBJX. Reading the recap to me is like tasting my favourite wine, in leisure and in small doses as I savour slowly the taste and feel of this drama so that it will last as long as possible.

    This is another of my favourite episodes as it contains so many of the pivotal and my favourite scenes. Ruoxi drinking with 13th, 4th suffering seeing his brother take the fall in place of himself, ruoxi’s tumoultous emotional changes throughout the episode, the scene in the rain with 4th and ruoxi, 14th feeding ruoxi the smuggled cakes…endless.

    I always feel so sad when i see 13th from point of view of ruoxi, knowing that he will have to face 10 years of house arrest especially given his longing for freedom; admiring the beautiful
    camaraderie between 13th and ruoxi;

    Like you commented, the plot has been weaven so delicately and intricately that whenever i come back to it, i always discover a new detail or a deeper level that i missed before. I must really applaud Tong Hua for creating such a wonderful and rich story. I did laugh though when i first knew that such a beautiful and rich story was created firstly out of a simple need to ‘do something’ as Tong Hua had time on her hands (when she first moved to US for her masters), which then turned into a serious pursuit instead.

  17. This is my fave episode… Wait a minute, or is it the episode where both were in the small boat in the pond covered with lotus or is it the other episode where… Sigh… who am I kidding. I love all episodes in BBJX. Can’t leave any out as they each tell an important part of the story.

    Thank you Koala for the detailed recap. It must have been most difficult to do so for this episode… to relive the pain of watching these characters suffer. I am feeling rather melancholy after reading this recap… My poor, poor 4th and 13th prince. *wail*…

  18. Thanks Captain K for these beautiful recaps. This is the 3rd Chinese drama that I am watching due to your recaps – Sunny Happiness and Drunken to Love You being 1st and 2nd. I must say that this story is absolutely captivating.

    I understand that Yuan Hong and Shi Shi have starred in 2 previous dramas together? I can see their chemistry – especially their “brotherhood” as played out in BBJX – very natural and close. Are they electrifying in those dramas where they are a couple?

    4th Prince and Ruoxi are heart stopping here and electrifying!!!!

    I have been scratching my head at who Yuan Hong reminds me of and finally this morning – Park Chan Ho!!! Is there not a resemblance? Either that or I am suffering pre-traumatic stress syndrome at the thought that 1N2D is ending soon and at KHD’s exit!!!
    S I G H!!!

  19. In my country i’ve only got to buy korean drama.Thru ur blog i got to know bout jap,tai,chi drama n thanks 2 u i like wot i’m readin.This drama i’m lovin the most n i tried to watch thru net but here net sucks!!!Can i find this novel in english? Is Name of the novel is Bu bu jing xin in english or has another name? Please help me.

  20. Mrs. Koala, I love you to pieces. I savor every single word you’ve written here. It’s like the world best dessert ever. Thank you so much for all the BBJX related articles. They are treasured.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I checked out the preview…. looks good and I am so willing to overlook the quality of the CGIs from 11 years ago haha….

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