MBC to Delay Me Too Flower Premiere as Kim Jae Won Gets Surgery

MBC‘s upcoming drama Me, Too Flower! isn’t just accident-prone, the reaction to said accident is the oddest I’ve ever encountered. Leading man Kim Jae Won was in an on set motorcycle accident on the first day of filming (which already screams bad omen to me), which has been diagnosed as requiring surgery and about a month’s rest. Initially the production announced, as all logic would dictate, that Kim Jae Won would be withdrawing from the drama and it would be scrambling to find a leading man. Then a day later Kim Jae Won expressed his hope to stay on with the drama if possible. The production just held a press conference announcing that Kim Jae Won would be staying on and the drama will be pushing back it’s premiere. How and how long are still unconfirmed.

I’m totally weirded out by how this situation is unfolding. I think Kim Jae Won needs to withdraw, have his surgery, and recover in peace without any scheduling rush to get back to work. I don’t know if MBC is pressuring him to stay, or he likes this drama and role so much he’s pushing himself so he can stay on, but either way, it’s just not ideal. And with the drama being pushed back so Kim Jae Won can return to the set after surgery, MBC doesn’t really have any easy solution to fill the extra few weeks. Can’t Lose already agreed to a two-episode one week extension, and I can’t see that story sustaining an even longer drag. Does MBC have any short dramas in the vault it can show? After KBS‘s fiasco with Spy Myung Wol, I’m surprised to see another drama-within-a-drama so soon again. As always, wishing the best to the cast, crew, and Kim Jae Won’s full and healthy recover above all else.

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MBC to Delay Me Too Flower Premiere as Kim Jae Won Gets Surgery — 10 Comments

  1. “Does MBC have any short dramas in the vault it can show?”
    come on MBC… be a sport and pick up What’s Up…that’ll gove 1 month recovery time for ur lead man and 1 extra month for shooting…..come on dramagods!!!!!

  2. Uhhhhhh Koreaaaaaaaa.

    Even if KJW is the one pushing to stay on (which I personally doubt, but hey, I’m feeling cynical today), MBC should have said no. This does not bode well with me. Even a month’s rest feels a little short–my brother has had shoulder surgery twice now, and both times he’s been COMPLETELY out of it for a month. A lot of pills, a lot of sleeping. It’s only after that month he’s been able to *start* being a person again. Slowly. I can’t imagine going back to 16 hour work days like that.

  3. should let KJW have his surgery and rest for awhile. I don’t understand why these artist just want to jump to work when they know their health is compromise. Like is it about money or its just passion that drives people a bit crazy at times??

  4. I was thinking this might happen, simply because they can’t get a lead right away and they were already on a tight schedule. What I didn’t expect though was that Jae Won will stay aboard for the run.

  5. I’m kinda glad the drama peeps decided to keep him on by delaying boardcast but i do agree he’ll be rushing to get back to work. I hope he gets the needed rest and still be able to shoot the drama.

  6. We all know how KJW is dedicated to his craft but can’t he just think first about his health??? I am working on similar cases and with surgeries like that, one month rest is not enough.. geez!!

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