Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen, and Li Yi Feng Reunites in Beijing to Promote Lovesick

It’s rare that a currently airing small screen couple will simultaneously have a big screen collaboration released at the same time, which is what is happening later this month when Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen’s movie Lovesick comes out. The three leads, Ariel, Bolin, and Li Yi Feng, are hitting multiple cities in China for fan meetings and media events on the eve of their rom-com’s release.

Their first stop is Beijing, and here the cast sits down for an interview with Sina to discuss making this movie. Ariel revealed that she shares a kiss with my Feng Feng in the movie, who plays her ex-boyfriend. Oh, and the reason my boy is wearing a beanie is because he shaved his head last week. He’s currently filming a Qing Dynasty drama for producer Yu Zheng, which I do not want to talk about other than to say ugh. As for Lovesick, it looks really cute, and the three leads revealed they had a blast filming it.

Ariel is so so beautiful these days, and I am in serious lust with her stunning dress and her perfect hairdo. Ariel discussed how she’s so comfortable working with Bolin, and she knows everyone talks about her great chemistry with Joe Cheng, but what she has with Bolin is more understated and different, not really comparable.

If we go by Bolin and Ariel’s chemistry in In Time With You, they ought to totally rock this movie together.

Why so cute, Feng Feng? Even without hair he still makes me grin like a fool. He revealed that he contributes on track to the OST, and performs on stage during the movie when he becomes a rock star. As for how he causes Ariel to develop a phobia of love, he played coy and won’t reveal the details. Whatever, he probably came out of the womb a heartbreaker.



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Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen, and Li Yi Feng Reunites in Beijing to Promote Lovesick — 17 Comments

  1. Can’t wait till this movie comes out! I’m already loving Ariel and Bolin in ITWY!
    and what’s with Bolin’s pants? they need to be burned haha

  2. loving ariel and bolin in itwy although i also liked her with joe cheng…for me she is an amazing actress and has great chemistry with whoever she works with…

  3. realy love ariel and bolin in ITWY !! good acting, nice story and so much chemistry between our OTP ! this sunday is the 5th episode, it’s still a long way to go… ^^

  4. Ariel – how lovely she has grown up to be. 🙂 I can’t quite remember the last thing I saw her in, but she looks a lot thinner than I remember her being. As long as she’s healthy and happy, I don’t care how she looks. She’s beautiful as always.

    I will catch ITWY soon as it airs more episodes.

  5. Ariel Lin is really looking more and more beautiful these days. Is this pre-retirement glow? Anyway, glad for her and for her last few projects..!

  6. Feng Feng = LOVE

    Ariel and Bolin totally have some of the most awesome, understated chemistry I’ve ever seen – they play friends of 15 years in ITWY like they really have been friends for 15 years. I don’t even think Su Ae and Lee Jung-jin had such great chemistry together in Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs, and they pretty much knocked it out of the park. Suffice it to say I’m eagerly awaiting this movie. Plus I can’t wait to see Feng Feng be a heartbreaker, but I’m warning you, dramaverse – get this man a leading role, stat.

  7. Ariel does look gorgeous. Her and Bolin were adorable with their natural chemistry during all of the LS promos so far. Hehe, did you see the fan picture of Feng Feng perving on the kissing couple onstage? It was so cute when he got all shy during the press con, too (Ariel was saying something about him… maybe about the kiss?)

  8. Ariel is making a lasting impression with her character in ITWY. I just wish the episodes would come out faster grrrrrr. I’m excited to see this movie as well but I will probably have to wait at least a few months. =(

  9. I HAVE to, just HAVE to see this drama. Currently I’m absolutely adoring Bolin and Ariel in their currently airing drama, In Time with You.

    But what the heck is he wearing? I’ll forgive him that fashion terrorist tendency however, because his dimples make me smile^^

  10. I love, loooove~ Ariel and Bolin in ITWY. Wasn’t going to watch it at first because it’s similar to 9 Ends 2 Outs, which I liked well enough but not enough to make me want to watch another drama with the same plot set-up. Glad I gave ITWY a chance, and now I just want every day to be Sunday. If ITWY continues with this whimsical, lovely pacing and we get a happy ending, it might just become my favorite drama of all time. Looking forward to the movie just so I can see Ariel and Bolin again.

    Ariel looks really pretty in these pics, and I agree that there’s a happy glow to her now. I’ll miss her when she retires. Bolin looks kind of tired here though. Sometimes I think he looks really cute, but then at other times (like in these pics), ugh not so much.

  11. I’m soooo loving the pairing of Ariel and Bolin in ITWY…the drama is just perfect and the chemistry between them is just natural and explosive, they are playing their characters to the “T” and as viewer you can’t help but get lost in their world. The writing is awesome and the direction is just top notch. ITWY has to be the most thought of and mature drama that has come out in recent time, not even Kdramas can compete with ITWY.

  12. Ariel has this unexplainable glow that makes her gorgeous nowadays. Bolin’s smile makes him so charming. And I’m currently loving ITWY, such a well crafted drama. Haven’t seen a great drama in the past few years. Bolin & Ariel’s chemistry are beyond amazing & so genuine, their characters are tailor-made for them. Wishing them the best for this movie, hope their chemistry in ITWY transcends to Lovesick as well. 🙂

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