Sung Yuri Reunites with Kang Ji Hwan for the Movie Detective Cha

I had heard murmurings that Kang Ji Hwan‘s upcoming movie Detective Cha was going to co-star Kim Sarang, who I like but don’t exactly have this burning desire to see her act opposite him. Then today I literally got the news I’ve been waiting four freaking long years for – GilNok is back, baby! Yes, for all you Hong Gil Dong lovers still feeling blindsided and with a numb spot where your heart is, Sung Yuri has just been confirmed to reunite with her HGD leading man Kang Ji Hwan.

They will be the leads for the new slapstick rom-com movie to be directed by the PD who helmed 7th Level Civil Servant, which funny enough reunited Kang JI Hwan with Kim Ha Neul (after they did the melodrama 90 Days, Falling in Love). Aside from the impossibility of Ji Hwan doing anything with his last co-star so soon, this is the best casting news I could have hoped for. *throws confetti and goes to rewatch GiNok scenes again*

Of all of Ji Hwan’s co-stars, until Lie to Me came along, I thought he had the best chemistry with Yuri. The characters of Gil Dong and Yi Nok are two of the most unforgettable creations in K-dramas for me, their story one that I had a hard time letting go. I didn’t dare to dream that they could do another project together, especially in a cute rom-com that will clearly have a happy ending for them. Yay!

In the movie, Ji Hwan plays the titular Detective Cha who needs to go undercover as a…male supermodel (seriously?), while Yuri’s character is a designer hired to turn the cop into Derek Zoolander. HAHAHA, I’m already laughing my head off with the premise. I’m expecting hijinks galore, with hopefully lots of fun romantic scenes. The movie starts filming at the end of October, slated for a late-2012 release. Boo, I want it now! I’ll just have to stare at their cuteness some more until then.

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Sung Yuri Reunites with Kang Ji Hwan for the Movie Detective Cha — 31 Comments

  1. Happy for the news. I like Sung Yuri after watching “Romance Town” and I think Ji Hwan and Yuri is truly a classic couple. If he doesn’t end up with Yoon Eun Hye, then I’m rooting for Yuri all the way. 🙂

  2. I am happy for KJH’s new project, but of cos my heart is dying for YEH to do sth with KJH again, lol.

    Looking forward to KJH looking all hot as supermodel in Detective Cha !!

    • @Princess Fiana, I agree with you! I am also happy for KJH for his new project,
      but my heart still hoping & wishing for HwanHye to be together for real life and
      have another drama or movie together…and that will be awesome!… Cheers

  3. Late 2012! That’s a really long wait! That seems to be a century from now.

    Loved Hong Gil Dong too! First loved Sung Yuri in Snow Queen then Yi Nok came along and I was relieved her character is so healthy and perky, although they died in the end, ugh…While I’d love to see YEH with KJH, it’s alright to watch him in a movie with Sung Yuri, and it’s a comedy too which is fantastic! Oooh, they’d make him look really good here, can’t wait!

  4. This sounds hilarious, I always thought Yuri was more suited for more fun parts then melodrama and KJH is brilliants in comedies (I laughed so much watching lever 7 civil servant)
    I’ll also be looking forward to this!

  5. I’m not super fond of Yuri, but I love KJH and I liked 7th Level Civil Servant so I’m hopeful for this new project. Yay for more KJH!

    • @Rum, I am hoping also that YEH & KJH will have a movie together
      or reunite for another drama & that will be great!… cheers

    • same with me, doesn’t care who is his co-stars in other movies or dramas, but am still hoping YEH become his lady in RL.. 🙂

      • I wish KJH-YEH will have new drama or movie together again.And I hope KJH -YEH will married real next time:))

  6. I’m very stoked for this project. They have amazing chemistry and KJH brings out the best in his acting partners. The plotline of this sounds hysterical too. He’s great at comedy. Heck, he’s great at everything and she’s definitely made large strides.

  7. Thank you for this news. HGD is still one of my favorite dramas because of the main characters created by KJH, SU and JKS. The plot of the new movie sounds really fun and I am going to look for it on line, will not miss it!

  8. Whatever happened to Tomorrow’s News? I’m not very fond of Sung Yuri neither YEH. There is no chemistry with YEH and it shows i
    n the very low ratings of Lie to Me. I really hope that KJH will be reunited with Han Hye Jin (Be Strong Geum Soon). Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.!

  9. NO WAAAAAAY! I don’t like Sung Yuri! sorry. huhu. she’s just a big threat! uggggggh! I like YEH more more more more more w/ KJH of cors. Omo it takes 4 yrs. for KJH and SY to get reunited and so is it mean that i have to wait 4 yrs. or more for my HWANHYE couple to get reunited too? omo! feeling hopeles~~ -_-

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