Yoon Si Yoon Replaces Kim Jae Won in Me Too, Flower

The Me Too, Flower! national drama nightmare finally comes to an end. In a never ending cycle of is-he-in-or-is-he-out, the news out of Korea today is that Kim Jae Won has officially been replaced. Setting aside the drama is scheduled to premiere in two weeks, and even though MBC already announced it intends to delay the premiere, that still butts up against Kim Jae Won needing shoulder surgery that will require a month (at least) of recuperation. Something just doesn’t add up in how he can remain the leading man, despite Kim Jae Won saying last week he wants to stay on.

Today Kim Jae Won released a note apologizing to his fans and promising to recover properly and return through another project in the future. Thank god the man is being allowed to HEAL HIMSELF. Now the media is awash with news that Yoon Si Yoon is taking over the role of the parking lot attendant by day and chaebol by night duel identity rom-com leading man. OMG, Han Go Eun (and to a lesser extent Lee Ji Ah) will eat this boy alive if he has to romance them.

My feelings towards Yoon Si Yoon is no secret (I think he can’t act and looks like my Jun Ki lite), so if he’s in then I don’t think this drama will be my cup of tea. If I were Yoon Si Yoon though, this is a great role for him to take. After the runaway success of Baker King Kim Tak Gu, he really hasn’t struck while the iron is hot. At his young age, he really needs to get more dramas under his belt and build up his resume while he’s still got the Baker King wind behind him.

No matter who ends up starring in this drama, I remain intrigued with premise and have so much love for the screenwriter’s previous dramas to check it out and see if he’s got some new tricks up his sleeve. Apparently the leading ladies and/or other actors may be in flux as well based on the news reports, but nothing is certain other than Yoon Si Yoon jumping right into the filming next week. Sigh, Me Too, Flower! remains the most plagued drama production this year following Spy Myung Wol.

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Yoon Si Yoon Replaces Kim Jae Won in Me Too, Flower — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Captian! 😀 Thanks for this news.

    I loved “Baker King” and YSY’s underdog character in it. If it is true that YSY will do this drama and the leading ladies are now in flux, what are the chances of Moon Geun Young being one of its lead actress? I know she’s currently in NY but many strange things have already happened this year in the k-drama universe; one more won’t hurt, will it? 😉 Sorry if I’m asking for the impossible; I’m must be terribly missing seeing MGY in a drama and this news made me think of the possibilities…Okay, okay…I’ll continue to be patient…

    • No, I think the leading ladies are staying. Just more rumors is all. Geun Young isn’t back to Korea until December. I miss her terribly, too.

      • Thanks Captain for the reply…Oh no, not until December? I thought she’d be back by November…Sigh…Well, I’ll just wish good luck to YSY and the rest of the MTF cast.

  2. I feel so bad for kim jae won… he made himself look like this and then now he can’t do it anymore… but thank goodness he decided to rest instead of continuing on…

    haha it feels so awkward for yoon si yoon to be romancing han go eun and lee ji ah O___________O

  3. I second your opinion on YSY sis. And I was never able to get myself to watch Baker King, just saw some snippets and that’s enough for me to take cover. It’s just so bad KJW is plagued with accidents lately and I hope that’s the end of it. Good luck to this drama, I had really wanted to watch this for its premise but YSY on it, that remains to be seen. Thanks for the post and update sis.

  4. Ah I was hoping that Kim Jae won would magically recover ;(. I was only intrigued when he signed up for it. I hope he gets well soon! I wish they did a female version of this instead. Like one female, 3 guys. 😉 Not enough male harem dramas Pffft. But I wish this new cutie luck!

  5. aww, i’m actually really excited for yoon shi yoon 🙁 i think he’s a way better actor than kim jae won *don’t kill me!* D: still, lee ji ah and yoon shi yoon together is weird.

  6. He looks like a child. lol It’s going to be weird to watch him romance 2 older women but weirder things have happened in K-dramas so I guess I will have to wait and see how this boy becomes a man.

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