Ha Ji Won in London as Beauty Correspondent for Style Magazine

I love Ha Ji Won in any of her very distinctive looks, but at this point I need her to grow her hair out. I miss her long locks of the What Happened in Bali days, plus I really want to put Gil Ra Im behind me and it’s hard to do that when she still channels Ra Im in her real life. Style Magazine sent Ji Won to London recently to act as it’s beauty correspondent, so she has the enviable task of just walking around town and checking out the current trends in beauty and looks. I wish someone would pay me to travel to fabulous cities and just walk around and scope out the scene. Such a cush job. The magazine released some stills recently of her trip. In it, Ji Won channels a very easy yet trendy style, and I’m wondering if the capelet is in again for this Fall.

Up next for Ha Ji Won is the movie Korea co-starring Bae Do Na, about the winning ping pong team consisting of a North Korean and a South Korean player. Her Summer blockbuster Sector 7 turned out to be a relative bust, with the monster movie losing out to small budget but much better received films like Sunny and The Crucible. Goes to show that substance can still get critical and popular acclaim, but I’m glad Ji Won did Section 7 anyways, since it had the potential to be as rollicking fun as The Host.

[Credit: Style Magazine]


Ha Ji Won in London as Beauty Correspondent for Style Magazine — 10 Comments

  1. She can pull off styles no one else can. Love her. She probably still looks like Gil Ra Im because her hairstyle is still similar.

  2. To be fair, she had the same (or rather a very similar short cut) hairstyle in My Love by my side and Sector 7 as well, so it’s not necessary screaming Gil Ra Im to me. But I don’t disagree, I do miss her long locks. She should grow it back.

  3. She’s had that short hairstyle in a few of her projects. I still find her quite beautiful, but I agree that she should let her hair grow longer. Longer hair frames her face much better, as it did in “Bali”. In “Secret Garden”, her hair seemed to be feathered better in the earlier episodes. In the later episodes, her ends were cut pretty straight across…not as complimentary.

  4. I love this photoshoot. I love how…ordinary it is? Costa coffee and what looks like boots (and olay) is so mundane in a way. and yeah, I agree that she should grow out her hair. She’s the sort of pretty that would still look pretty in a bin bag with a bowl cut, but I still think longer hair suits her.

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