Office Girls Breaks 5 in Ratings so Roy Qiu has Fanservice Lined Up

Wow, Sunday night in Taiwan is ON FIRE. This week’s episodes of Office Girls and In Time With You both are raking in the viewers. OG’s ratings broke 5 for the first time (going from 4.68 to 5.21), which is a huge feat since the only three idol dramas to break 5 in any episode this year have been The Fierce Wife, Drunken to Love You, and now OG. Not to be deterred, ITWY barely broke 2 last week, but jumped again this week to hit 2.34. Neither drama looks to slow down, which leaves poor Ring Ring Bell scrambling to play catch up, with ratings still below 1.

I’ve only watched the last episode of OG, and it’s soooooo good. I was smiling and laughing and then gushing towards the end, when Zi Qi’s friend was asking him how he felt about Xing Ren, and the poor boy’s flashbacks had me just cooing at my screen. He adores her so much and he can’t even process it at this point. Roy Qiu said two weeks ago if OG breaks 5, he will put on a dinosaur costume and drive a Go-Kart around as fanservice. When asked why he’s not doing the popular male-lead-takes-off-his-shirt fanservice, Roy says he hasn’t had the time to work out lately with his busy filming schedule so he doesn’t want to hurt his fans eyes with his withered carcass. Oh Roy, please show us your withered carcass. I’m serious.

Episode 9 was just awesome, taking both Zi Qi and Kai Er’s weird relationship and moving it forward with Kai Er revealing to Zi Qi her sad woe-is-me back story, and Xing Ren and Lao Yu doing their own thing and getting to know each other. I feel bad for Kai Er, but what I feel even worse about is that it’s clear to her and everyone with eyes that Zi Qi doesn’t like her that way. He may have pursued her when he was single and free with his attention, but he’s completely falling in love with Xing Ren at this point and Kai Er knows it. I hope she wises up soon and goes back to being someone with a backbone at work and a desire to make something of herself, as opposed to glomming onto Zi Qi. Though I do sense that she genuinely likes him now, because she knows he’s a great guy underneath his immaturity.

Lao Yu’s relationship with Xing Ren is really odd for me, because I don’t get the sense that he’s falling for her. Maybe the drama is trying to plant the seed, but I see their relationship as friends now and in the future. He may even see Xing Ren as a muse of sorts, but I don’t get any romantic vibes between them either way. I think he’s there to push Zi Qi into recognizing his feelings for Xing Ren, and for her to start seeing herself as a woman and not just as an employee. She’s been so fixated on earning money for so long she’s given herself no room for a romantic interlude, but I’m glad that is all about to change. Who says Xing Ren can’t win in love and work?

Is anyone else loving Patrick Li as Stallone as much as I am? He’s honestly the best comic relief I have seen in any TW-drama in ages. I’ve seen him in so many TW-dramas in the past few years, from Fated to Love You to My Queen to Zhong Wu Yen to The Fierce Wife, but this is his best role to date. I love him as the smirky, wise-cracking, tell-it-like-it-is boss who doesn’t act like a boss. We know he’ll do the right thing when push comes to shove, but watching him be a complete nincompoop in the interim is pretty darn entertaining. His line deliveries are almost on par with how fast and crisp Roy’s is, and both of them are the king of the back-and-forth banter.

There were so many great scenes in episode 9, but my personal favorites were when Zi Qi was typing an apology text to Xing Ren which he deleted when he heard Le Le scream out that Xing Ren had been on a date with Lao Yu, which segued into him watching the “date” on the TV entertainment shows. And when the MCs noted that the boyfriend of the girl in question ought to be tossing tables when he saw this, and then Zi Qi upended his table right there. Love it! But the best scene was Zi Qi chatting with his buddy, who so astutely pointed out Zi Qi’s complicated relationship with both Kai Er and Xing Ren. What to do? It’s so like Zi Qi to repeat “I like Shen Xing Ren” a few times, acting as if he was repeating it as a question, and then claiming he couldn’t possibly like her. Uh huh.

I also loved how Zi Qi is making Ying Ren a doll house version of her dream house, which causes him to cut his finger and go running up to her for minstering. I can’t believe I have to wait until next week for more OG. This drama leaves me with such a buzzy high feeling after watching it. My only worry is that Office Girl is one of the few rare live-filmed TW-dramas, so I’m praying TTV doesn’t extend the drama because of it’s stellar ratings, which naturally causes the drama momentum and plot to tank in the last few episodes. Don’t you dare screw this up, TTV!


Office Girls Breaks 5 in Ratings so Roy Qiu has Fanservice Lined Up — 30 Comments

  1. Ms. Koala I am with you ALLL THEE WAYYYY. Just couldn’t get enough of this drama. Yup I am so enjoying the role of the Boss – funny smart ass but with a conscience. How come Taiwan drama airs only once a week (Kdrama airs 2x isn’t it?)

  2. Oh how i wish this drama was everyday and not once a week…damn the wait kills me every week! 🙁 This is awesomest TW drama ever! No wonder its getting such high ratings! All d actors are amazing in dis series except kai er…she;s too fake, cant even speak properly, feels like she just got botoxed. And the manager is hilarious! 😀

  3. Mrs. Koala! You are very very bad!!! I was waiting patiently for the sub on Viki, only came in to sneak a peak at the %! Now, after reading your post, I decided to watch it right when I get home! I am on the way…

    ITWY subbing has been very slow today but sub for OG is explosive! It is only 1 day and the sub is nearly there! (Compared to 3-4 days last week)

  4. Me too!!! Ep 9 was totally awesome. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m so excited that it broke 5!!!! I love this just as much as the Fierce Wife (my fave tw drama for this year). Stallone is hilarious in this role and it is definitely the dialogue that brings him to life. The way that he eggs on XR and ZQ at the end is hilarious!! I watched that a few time.

    I nearly fell off the couch when I saw WQYL (the variety program that was discussing came on ZQ’s TV). I started watching wan yu back in 2003 or something. At first I thought the episode cut to a commercial randomly. Haha. So I thought it was so appropriate that they used the show in the drama. In true tw gossip style. ZQ’s reaction was so cute.

    I just love this show too much. I dare say I am enjoying this more than I did DTLY.

    • I agree! The cut to a real variety was really hilarious, I thought I was imagining things at first. Very cool!

      The Fierce Wife is my favourite too, but it kinda faltered in spots, so here’s hoping that Office Girls will stay strong throughout its run. Jiayou!

  5. Thanks to you I got to understand some parts of it which I missed when I watched it at Viki earlier even if the subs are not completed yet. From viki, I went on to your blog hoping that I’ll be able to read a recap. 🙂 At that time, there wasn’t any posts yet about it to my disappointment. I tried again and I am so happy to read this. Thank you, thank you. Right now, this is one of the three dramas that I am keeping tabs on. Two are local ones (My Binondo Girl and 100 Days to Heaven). I haven’t started with any K drama since Protect the Boss and I just finished 2 Japanese ones. Now I have to wait for Sunday again. This is really fun to watch.

  6. Hah! I just came from viki.LOL.I watched the conversation with his friend like 3 times because I was so tickled pink with it.Poor poor boy.Denial land much?

    He’s just been LOOKING at Xing Ren all episode.Love love it.I didn’t realise it’s a live film drama I thought all TW was produced before it airs.Oh no please don’t extend it.I am dying for him to TRY to express himself to her without insulting her.

    Le Le sure has a loud voice though 🙂 Think I might go back and watch the conversation with his friend again.I just snigger every time Zi Qi tries to explain himself.Hah. Did you see his friend’s flabbergasted expression when ZQ told him Shen mama told him to look after her.OMG 🙂

    • ZQ’s friend is awesome! The way he kept looking at ZQ and doing this eyebrow raises and knowing looks just killed me.

      And when Stallone did his usual teasing and said “Mama Shen’s Zi Qi is about to become Mama Shen’s Xiao Feng Feng” I think I almost fell off my chair I was laughing so hard.

  7. Lovin’ all the scenes. The table tossing cracked me up so much! However I skipped most of the hospital scene. Just because her childhood and teenage years were tough should not be an excuse to act like a b*tch towards Xing Ren.
    Now how come all TW-dramas display broken homes? Either one of the parent died early, or both, or adoption, as also seen in Materiel queen? Btw I don’t mean to burden you, but Mrs Koala, are you still watching it? and/or planning to recap/mini-recap?

    Thanks for recommending OG: it’s such a breeze of fresh air. Can’t believe Roy is 30, tho. Darn he looks young.

  8. Hehe, if Roy weren’t in this, Patrick Lee would definitely be the shining point in the drama. His comedic timing is impeccable. I love seeing him interact with the other cast members during the BTS segment — he and Roy mesh particularly well. 😀

    So sad that Roy’s going to be taking a break from acting after he finishes Office Girls… but he definitely deserves it. Just…stay safe, buddy. ;o;

    Looking forward to the dinosaur racing, although I’ll continue to keep my fingers crossed for skinny dipping. lol. Maybe when the ratings break 7?

      • He said three months, although who knows, he may take a break for as long as it takes him to win a racing trophy, lol. But I’m pretty sure his management company won’t let him take too long of a break.

        I want him to sing again too!

  9. Can’t help myself to share my views. I really love this show, great chemistry between Roy and Alex, the manager is hilarious. This is my first taiwanese drama after being addicted to koreandramas. Thank you ockoala!!!

  10. Oh no! No extensions!!! Please… I’m loving the pace of this drama. Hope they gain some common sense and never decide to do any extensions.

    Love both the scenes you mentioned!!! Zi Qi knows that subconsciously he is Xing Ren’s boyfriend (or wants to be!). I also like how snappy (and immature) he is with Cheng Feng. Usually male leads take off their shirts in celebration but Roy is gonna put on a costume covering everything (hopefully not his face, at least).

  11. Lol. “nincompoop” is totally the best word to describe Stallone. He acts like such a retard. But a funny retard 😀
    I squeal everytime I see zi qi looking at xing ren. He is so in love with her and I really hope Kai er backs off and just becomes a friend to zi qi. She’s getting really really annoying.
    I’m starting to like yu cheng feng more and more. I didn’t like him in the beginning but now, he’s so nice to xing ren! And he’s making zi qi so jealous (which I love to watch).

  12. I looooved this Sunday’s episode (Zi Qi attempting to make that doll house made me fall in love with him even more – didn’t think it was possible!), except for Kai Er’s sob story. For a girl with such a horrible past, I wish she would be above such things as spreading rumors abt Xing Ren. Maybe she thinks the world owes her something after it had screwed her over. But I wanted her to be better than that.

    Anyways, I agree with all your gushing! And definitely kudos to the actor playing the manager and all his interactions/dialogue with Roy Qiu. Actually Roy has good chemistry with everyone. I love his banters with Le Le.

    Anyways, these ratings are definitely well-deserved. I’m hoping OG will end up being top drama of the year or something.

  13. OMG i love this drama soooo much! Roy is such a cutie^^ i LOVE all his scenes :3
    I hope they dnt extend it either. Im loving the pace of the drama right now 🙂 Cnt wait for the
    next episode! 😀

  14. So happy for OG to break the 5 rating. They deserve it. Even the OTT acting of the Manager and Le Le are adorable. I am watching even the raws. Thanks for your commentaries, it’s filling in while the subs are not complete.

  15. And I agree with you on your take on the LY-XR relationship. Didn’t LY pointed out to XR that ZQ probably likes her because ZQ is constantly teasing her? And his smiles are more the ‘amused’ type, like he knows something. And if the subs are correct and my memory is still good, I remember LY saying that ‘differences in career don’t matter between lovers’. He’s not admitted that he and the girlfriend have broken up. He just wants to pursue something he wants so he broke away from his brand. I hope he’s not a real threat to the romance between XR and ZQ.

  16. Sorry to bombard you with comments… but where can I get hard-subbed videos of OG? I want to rewatch it without having to go to viki?

      • You can’t hardsub that’s illegal.That’s why no reputable subbing group is doing it.
        You can be sued because the videos legally belong to the broadcaster.Softsubs though are different it’s not on the video itself.That’s why all the groups are not hardsubbing nowadays.

      • Eh, that it’s illegal is not really the issue. It’s technically illegal to provide video raws as well, which includes uploading to YouTube (and thus using those videos for subbing on Viki) or uploading to download sites. Questions of legality have never really stopped fans, and plenty of “reputable subbing groups” still do hardsubbing, e.g. Jiang Hu, Sublimes, Doremii.

  17. On a really, really superficial note … Is it just me or does James Wen look perpetually exhausted in all of his dramas lately? Or is it that he’s not aging well? (I don’t think he’s that old, is he?) I remember thinking he looked cute in whatever drama it was that I first saw him in, but with The Fierce Wife and now Office Girls, every time I look at him, I can’t help but think, What happened? At first I thought that was intentionally his look for TFW, but now I have to wonder otherwise. Am I the only one?

    On an even more superficial note, I checked out the latest episode of OG solely because of Mrs. Koala’s raves, and the actress who plays Kai Er is beautiful – but I am badly distracted by her light color contact lenses. Granted, she looks good in them, but she’s already gorgeous as is, she doesn’t need them. At least, since I’m staring at her eyes all the time, I don’t have the attention span to pay to her overall acting.

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