Kim Soo Hyun and Choi Kang Hee are Stylish and Gorgeous in Barcelona

Now this is one noona-dongsaeng romance pairing I’d totally love to see. Perpetually baby-faced quirky beauty Choi Kang Hee, coming off of a great turn in Protect the Boss, went to Barcelona for a photoshoot with Kim Soo Hyun for Singles Magazine. I initially didn’t know where they went, but one look at the first picture and I KNEW it was Barcelona. I love that city so much, and they clearly shot some of the picture in the Barri Gotic. Now I’m craving some Cava. My lushy tendencies aside, the pictorial is just excellent, with great color and posing, and the entire baroque feel of old town Barcelona seeping into each frame. It both highlights the city, and it emphasizes the model in each shot. Now that is some great photography skill.

[Credit: Singles Magazine]


Kim Soo Hyun and Choi Kang Hee are Stylish and Gorgeous in Barcelona — 16 Comments

  1. aaaaaah!!!! first Song Joong Ki and now Kim Soo Hyun!!! you’re spoiling my fangirly heart way too much today Ms Koala……that said I love these shots way more…..damn the colors are frickin gorgeous

    • speaking of KSH anyone have any news on his new movie with Lee Jun Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun?? Looks like they might be done shooting since he’s already gracing magazine covers and Kim Hae Sook is already back on dramas….so excited!!!

  2. Aaah! Those clothes on CKH = WANT. Love her, love him, love the photoshoot. Thanks so much! Now I want to stroll around Barcelona with Kim Soo Hyun, wearing those clothes. 🙂

  3. They almost look like stills from an artsy, moody film about a guy who stalks the noona he loves through Barcelona while she’s on vacation to get away from all her problems. That’s totally a movie I’d watch, guh.

    Kim Soo-hyunnnnnnnnnnn I need more of you in my life ♥

  4. One day, unni, I aspire to be as well-traveled as you are.

    What a lovely set of photographs these are! I love the contrast of the brightly-colored, sunlit backgrounds and the darker clothes KSH and CKH are wearing. I like how most of them look like they’re candid moments, though they’re clearly not (no one looks that good just walking around town). Props to the photographer and his/her team!

  5. Also, I wish I could get paid to go to tons of interesting places and have people make me look gorgeous and then take hundreds of pictures of me. I mean, there are downsides, I know – but the traveling! Such a perk.

  6. i like ckh from protect the boss, but she sometimes tend to look like she’s spazzing out in pictures (at pictures i’ve seen of her in award shows, for example).

  7. Georgeous, but why no shots together? It’s like they’re watching each other, chasing after each other, or thinking about each other in every shot! This “story” should have ended with a shot of the two of them together.

  8. So they were here and I completely missed it! Man I would have killed to accidentally meet Kim So Hyun somewhere in the city. And yeah, it’s an awesome shot, I can’t even recognize most of the places 0_O

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