Bu Bu Jing Xin Scene Recap: Ruo Xi and 4th Prince Find Love in the Palace

Now that most folks have already finished watching Bu Bu Jing Xin, I find the comments section a fascinating hotbed of discussion. A good drama has the ability to incite discussion because it’s multi-faceted. Bad people are not all bad, good people are not angelically good. What happens in BBJX are actions and reactions stemming from people having different interests and different points of view. I assessed all the princes and came to the conclusion that 4th Prince is hands down best suited to be Emperor. He has the intelligence, the foresight, and the patience to govern a country through careful planning and acute observation.

I really wish he could just remain 4th Prince, and have his simple happily ever after with Ruo Xi, rather than the complicated relationship they embark on in the Forbidden Palace. He’s the Emperor and she’s the woman he loves. But between them stands so much complications that Ruo Xi’s hesitation is understandable. But in the end, she makes the choice to pursue her love and the man who loves her. It’s probably the first time she’s just said “to hell with it” and jumped into the fire.

Ruo Xi and 4th Prince may be finally together, and remain in love with each other, but already the ten-year separation between them is harder to bridge than either had hoped. Throw into the mix 4th Prince just becoming Emperor Yongzheng and has a myriad of political battles to fight and a country to run, Ruo Xi isn’t exactly dating the easiest boyfriend in the world. Before they can even resume the flow of a relationship, everyone else’s woes start weighing on them as well. First comes 13th Prince, with the news that Lu Wu, his beloved and the mother of his little Princess Chenghuan, has disappeared. A search yields the sad revelation that Lu Wu has elected to commit suicide by throwing herself into a river rather than be a burden to 13th Prince and their daughter. Ruo Xi is devastated to learn of this.

Ruo Xi and 4th Prince hear this news first. 4th Prince decrees that this news is to be kept from everyone, especially 13th Prince. 13th Prince continues his crazy search for Lu Wu in the meantime. Ruo Xi is helpless to lend a helping hand. 4th Prince finds her and asks if she can go visit 13th Prince and counsel him as well as console him. Apparently 13th Prince has locked himself at home and is drinking himself into a stupor. 4th Prince grabs her hand for reassurance, and you can see how they are everything to each other, especially when seen against the backdrop of the expansive Forbidden Palace. Ruo Xi visits 13th Prince and manages to talk him out of his self-destructive streak.

Upon returning to the Palace, Ruo Xi tells 4th Prince that she lied to 13th Prince to get him to give up looking for Lu Wu. Because Ruo Xi has never lied to 13th Prince before, he never doubted her. Ruo Xi told 4th Prince that Lu Wu left him, and he can’t go looking for her because it would endanger her life, since she was the descendant of a family accused of treason in the past. Ruo Xi made this story up, but 4th Prince confirms that Ruo Xi’s tall tale is actually the truth. They both lament the way things turned out.

One day Ruo Xi happily toddles off to 4th Prince’s chambers to bring him some tea. As she is walking in, she happens upon a servant asking 4th Prince to flip a card for which wife or concubine he will visit that night. 4th Prince nonchalantly flips a card, completely uninterested and immediately turns back to work. But Ruo Xi’s face freezes and she doesn’t enter to give him the tea.

Later Ruo Xi decides to return a present 4th Prince gave her and drops it off in his chambers. As she walks in, she pictures him laying on the bed and happily snuggling up to another woman. She shakes that image from her head and turns to leave. Which is when 4th Prince arrives and immediately senses her sour mood. She curtly tells him she’s just returning a present and is about to leave. Before she walks out, 4th Prince back hugs her and smiles, telling her that he likes to see her jealous over him. He asks her what he can do to ease her unhappy feelings?

Ruo Xi asks him to turn around. He looks perplexed, but turns himself around. Ruo Xi grabs his queue, which is verboten in Qing culture, and especially with the Emperor. He looks down at her grabbing the end of his queue, and looks back up at her curiously. She smiles and says that only she is allowed to grab his queue, because he never lets anyone do it. He smiles and says only she dares to do it. Ruo Xi asks him to fetch her the present back, the one she had returned.

Some time later, 4th Prince has dinner with just Ruo Xi. He is uncharacteristically drinking heavily and Ruo Xi tries to slow him down. She knows he went to visit his mother today, the Imperial Consort De, and 14th Prince was also visiting. Their mother pointedly accused 4th Prince of stealing the throne away from 14th Prince, and refused to be crowned the Dowager Empress. Ruo Xi tells 4th Prince to let it go. It’s not like he doesn’t know how his mother has always treated him. 4th Prince laments that it’s always been this way, their mother preferring his younger brother to him. And nothing he does is ever good enough for her.

Even though 4th Prince should let it go, and he is now the Emperor and lords over all, at the end of the day he is still a person. He has feelings, weaknesses, longing that he can’t always hide. Here with Ruo Xi, he can let his guard down and share things with her that he can’t and won’t ever discussion elsewhere. Ruo Xi silently cries to hear this, and she reaches out her hand to pour him another glass of wine. 4th Prince finally lets out a smile small, because he knows that she completely understands him, and he has her by his side. They silently drink with each other.

4th Prince wakes up the next morning in Ruo Xi’s bed, having overslept because he imbibed too much the night before. He hurries to his robe and looks for something. Ruo Xi walks in with a basin of water for him to wash, and then hands him a box, asking if he’s looking for this? 4th Prince asks if she’s looking inside, but she says no.

4th Prince hands her the box and tells her to open it now. Ruo Xi opens it and it’s a magnolia flower pin, identical to the one 4th Prince gave her years ago. 4th Prince reminds Ruo Xi that she told him the old one was accidentally broken. Ruo Xi remembers telling him that, and also remembers that he didn’t say anything else after hearing it. Clearly he filed that information away, ever thoughtful and patient. 4th Prince slips the hair pin into Ruo Xi’s updo, and asks her if she likes it. She sasses back that she doesn’t know, because she doesn’t have a mirror to check it out. 4th Prince smiles at her cheek, telling her that he thinks it looks beautiful.

Ruo Xi may love 4th Prince wholeheartedly, but she still has reservations about consummating their relationship. After hearing from the Empress about how 4th Prince stood out in the rain for her while she was kneeling in the rain, and then later enduring the loss of her sister Ruo Lan in the meantime, Ruo Xi appears to have thought more about her future with 4th Prince. That evening 4th Prince comes to see her. He touches her face, and honestly says that he desires her. Ruo Xi looks down, to which 4th Prince smiles and tells her not to worry. He will wait until she’s willing and wanting as well.

4th Prince sits down on the bed and asks Ruo Xi if she remembers their vow to be always honest with each other? She nods. He asks what he needs to do for her to not reject him anymore? Ever since she moved into the Palace, he’s felt that she’s both emotionally intimate with him, yet physically resists him. That is why he hasn’t consummated their relationship, But watching her smiling and happy with Chenghuan, he doesn’t want to wait anymore. He wants to have children with Ruo XI, he wants to have a happy family with her.

Ruo Xi thinks to herself: she knows that she can’t judge right and wrong, but she resists because she knows everyone’s ending. Ruo Xi suddenly asks to be made Empress, but 4th Prince honestly tells her that this is one thing he cannot do. She pulls her hand out of his, leaving 4th Prince to explain that the Empress was his wife from a very young age, and has never once done anything meriting censure. Plus she lost their child when the baby was young, so she has no child of her own, 4th Prince cannot hurt her like that now.

Ruo Xi asks 4th Prince to never see Imperial Consort Nian again then. He grabs her hand and asks if she really wants to make it so difficult for him. Ruo Xi knows 4th Prince needs to treat Imperial Consort Nian well, since her father is one of 4th Prince’s most important supporters. 4th Prince reminds her that Imperial Consort Nian has done nothing wrong herself. Ruo Xi asks 4th Prince what he can give her then? 4th Prince sometimes wonders what he has in his life.

13th Prince was jailed for ten years. Back then he could fight a tiger by himself, yet now he is so old and weak with ills. 13th Prince is younger than 4th Prince, but has a weaker constitution than him. Ruo Xi is no better. He doesn’t want to think about these things too carefully, because it frightens him. He has the entire world, but he’s always afraid of losing the people who matter the most to him. 4th Prince tells Ruo Xi that he can’t give her anything other than his heart.

The reason he hasn’t given her an official title is because he wants to be able to see her at anytime, and not have to go through the administrative rules for Emperor’s selecting which of his ladies to see. He asks if she understands? She just looks at him. He asks if she still wants to resist him? Ruo Xi doesn’t answer.

She simply pulls the magnolia pin from her lightly bound hair, and her hair falls free and cascades down her back. She’s answered 4th Prince, and he stares at her, before leaning in to kiss her. The camera pulls away from the long-overdue lovers finally getting their time together.

Ruo Xi stands in a pavilion with 4th Prince and 13th Prince as they watch the children play, noting especially that motherless Princess Chenghuan appears to be happy. Ruo Xi says that children should to be allowed to run wild and play now, because soon they will be required to learn all the etiquette and rules that will restrict what they do for the rest of their lives. 4th Prince laughs, wondering what exactly Ruo Xi has been teaching the kids these days. She smiles and says she merely reads to them and sings songs together.

4th Prince is called away with meet with his high officials. He grabs Ruo Xi’s hand and gently strokes it when they were just standing there, so now he reluctantly lets it go before leaving. Ruo Xi turns to see him walk away with a smile. Their relationship has clearly strengthened and deepened now that they have taken it to the next level.


Bu Bu Jing Xin Scene Recap: Ruo Xi and 4th Prince Find Love in the Palace — 39 Comments

  1. I still like 4th the most.. no matter what he did.

    I think it also might due to Nicky who did an incredible job as 4th. I really cannot think of someone better. It’s funny how some people think that the male leads (4th and 8th) are too old. But really.. agewise, they are all perfectly casted. Tangren first wanted to cast Yuan Hong as the 4th Prince (I love YH, but YH as 4th is just totally WRONG). But Yuan Hong decided to leave the company, so he ended up with 13th. Other people in consideration as the 4th Prince: Huang Xiao Ming, Wallace Huo, Jimmy Lin and Wallace Chung. But eventually, Li Guo Li decided to go for Nicky, whose age is perfect for the role.

  2. It was such a beautiful and unforgettable scene basically due to NIcky being
    such a powerful actor. He does not need to speak in order to emote. The 4
    characters I find that make BBJX such a wonderful experience are: 4th & 13th
    princes, Ruo Xi and the emperor. The rest are excellent, but the jist of the story
    lies with them.

  3. Gosh, I can stare at the “after morning” scene all day long. I like it not only because of his sexy hot gaze but more of him openly showing his love to RX, in the presence of 13th and a maid. This is different from another scene where he lets go of her hand when his officer came to report Lu Wu’s news. Thanks again for recapping.

    One question…where exactly does RX stay that allows 4th easy access?

    • Ruo Xi stays at the Yan Xing Chambers. She does not reside in the same chambers as the Emperor, no one ever does.

      It’s not that RX lives in a place that close to 4th Prince or easily accessible, it’s that he doesn’t ever need to go through proper protocol to see her at any time because she is not one of his wives or concubines. If she was, he would need to follow etiquette and be highly restricted to how often he can see her.

  4. What do you think was the main reason Rou Xi didn’t want to consummate her relationship with 4th?

    Was it because she did not want to share the Emperor with other women? She was unable to love him wholeheartedly due to her modern belief on relationship?

    • Like what was said in the recap, she knows about everyone’s future. In the book, there is further elaboration from author behind Ruoxi’s thoughts on her hesitation. Mainly it says that Ruoxi knowing about 4th prince’s future ruthlessness in future events and having to deal with it even when he is so gentle with her now is a daunting prospect for her. Logically, she knows there are shades of grey in coming events, there is no clear cut instigator or victim and all the blame cannot be laid at 4th’s feet but when thinking about plight of 8th prince, it is still difficult for her to accept it emotionally. (pardon with the accuracy of my english intepretation of the chinese sentence in the novel, it’s not a literal translation but I’ve imbued it with my own interpretation of the meaning behind the chinese sentence).

      So, I think the reason above also applies to Ruoxi’s main reasons for hesitation in the drama version. Ruoxi is hesitant to fully commit to him as emotionally she has yet to persuade herself to accept the future ‘ruthless’ him that history has potrayed him to be.

  5. i still don’t like that the 4th prince had so many other consorts and empress
    why can’t he just love only RouXi? They should have had a kid together
    tragic T_T

  6. i love 4th prince more after reading your recap!i like it when he is cruel with all people but not to ruo xi..however this is the reason for their break up..huhu..wish he could stay 4th prince forever~

  7. their love story has to be appreciated in the right context. They loved each other but their love was not meant to be. Different times, different cultures. She did not belong to their era so her world view was different. Tragically what made her attractive also doomed her. But then again, we all want to believe love transcends time. We hope it is going to be better in another lifetime. Otherwise we can’t stop crying.

  8. I loved the scene where Ruo Xi pulls the 4th prince’s queue. It’s one of my favourite scenes because I thought it was very cute and light-hearted when I first watched it. But when it came to the time where Ruo Xi left the palace with the 14th prince…the moment they panned over to the 4th prince watching them from afar and gently tugging at his own queue, I broke down and cried. Gah, I love this drama to bits.

    Thank you for yet another wonderful scene recap!

    • That was the part that I broke down as well. Oh man, I’ve watched the first 15 episodes of this episode so many times but I’m too scared to watch it till the end. The heartache just stays with you for days. Watching 4th watch her leave the Forbidden CIty was like ripping my own heart out.

      • I’m like you annbug, I’m actually at 20th episode and waiting a few more days. I’ve watched the first 15-20 eps three times now and some scenes more than others, but I’m afraid since ep 20 is a big turning point for RX, 4th, and 13th. Ep 19th is a good episode for RX/4th and then it all goes boom.

        The queue scene is classic and one of their best moments. Symbolically, 4th always holds his queue when he stands or walks, it’s his thing in defensiveness and caution. The fact he lets her touch it so easily says a lot about how much he loves and trusts her. It’s so tragic when he thinks about it later since he’ll always probably think about that for the rest of his life. This drama is too much!

      • I don’t think I’m ready to rewatch this drama yet, but I might start reading the novel. I’m a little scared because when my sister read the novel, I periodically heard wailing coming from her room *sigh*

        I agree! And knowing that it would be their last time seeing each other…*heart shatters into bits* T___T

      • its just in the drama. the drama probably wanted to make it even more obvious to the audience how restrained and cautious 4th prince was so they added that tidbit in. cute though. i approve

      • Nicky was the one who thought of this scene! Just like he was the one who invented holding the que when he walked as a symbol of him not trusting people.

      • Actually, LSS tugged on Nicky’s queue a lot behind the scenes too. You see her doing it in a CCTV BTS feature of the show. It’s cute. The cast seemed to have such a good time on set.

      • Actually, Nicky did not ‘invent’ the tugging on the queue… He apparently did a lot of research about Yong Zhen and found out that the emperor had a habit of holding on to his queue, so he took on the habit for the role as well….

        What I am impressed about is that Nicky invented the shielding Ruoxi from the rain with his cape move…. That was really touching.

  9. Another great recap! God, I love this drama. I was pro-4th watching the first time and even more so after all the rewatches and reading your blog.

    I think she hesitated for a few reasons. I do think she was afraid of the future ie. if she got pregnant. She doesn’t know what will happen. I also think that you’re right Koala, it took them awhile to bridge the gap. They have both suffered a lot and continue to suffer so for her to be completely with him physically is not easy. They I like that he gave her a reason for while she had no official title. Of course the polygamy still bothered her. By this time, she’s been Maertai Ruoxi for nearly two decades and it’s still a big step to consummate. She loves him a lot that is clear and I’m glad the scene also showed his patience with her.

    Thanks again and keep the BBJX up. Love them!

  10. how many years did 4th and RX spend together in the forbidden kingdom, from when he became emporer to when she eventually left?

    • According to novel, from the moment when 4th became emperor to time when she left Forbidden Palace, it was definitely less than 3 years. She married 14th in 5th month of 2nd Year of Yongzhen’s rule and died about 10 months later so actual time 4th and ruoxi spend together probaby 2 years max.

  11. Thanks for the recap again and for providing us fans a place to share our love of BBJX.

    Being able to finally be together in each other’s arms or at least able to see each other every day after a 10-year separation of loving each other across the distance of space and court intrigues, must have come to Ruoxi as a welcoming relief of a dream come true, a sense of freedom, a sense of good times with loved one finally; and yet it is daunting in many respects not least in terms of loving 4th also represents a live forever in the Forbidden Palace and also because to Ruoxi who knows of history, it also spoke of the coming bloody and vengeful times between the royal brothers.

    The scenes that you covered in your recap are really one of my favourite ones in the drama, because you finally get to see them as a couple living together, observing their little intimacies and sweet exchanges, watching their relationship flower and progress. And yet, it is so bittersweet as it provides such a sharp and poignant contrast to the bitter times ahead, like the calm before the storm. IMO, the sadness meter just rockets skyhigh from here onwards.

    But it is still happy times here for now. I love the underlying symbolism in the screen capture of their two solitary figures standing in unison against the backdrop of the Forbidden Place. I love the cute and adoring way in which Ruoxi grabs 4th’s braid and declares her proprietary rights over it. The honest exchanges between 4th and Ruoxi in which Ruoxi can always count on 4th to be straightfoward to her in things that count and matter. His saying that he has nothing to give her but his heart. Ruoxi finally overcoming her fears and reservations to bridge the final relationship hurdle with 4th (physically). A side of 4th that you never see or hear of except in the presence of Ruoxi.

    The ill-fated couple, their relationship having stood the test of physical separation, of time (10 years) and of longing, finally being able to stand as a couple openly in front of everyone due;only to fail due to the complications of the political battles and Ruoxi nevertheless getting embroiled in them. What a pity, what a waste…..

  12. Another great BBJX recap!! 🙂

    I too love love the queue scene!! It was soooo cute and so Ruoxi. I just love how every little thing in this drama has a meaning that may present itself later on again the drama… the magnolia pin, the queue, the three little dogs painted in the cannister, etc.

  13. thank you for giving us another installment….i loved their scenes together that you’ve captured here so that we can reminisce/share the BBJX love. #4 is such a sweetie without really trying…i was glad when they got together. phew!

  14. I agree with Captain Koala in that – if only 4th could remain just 4th Prince – there would have been a happy ever after.

    Paradoxically – he had to be Emperor to save 13th and Ruoxi. It is sad that 8th’s faction never stopped fighting against 4th, and that is to a certain extent to be expected – but to embroil Ruoxi in it as a means to get at 4th – I think is underhanded – and why at the end of the day – 8th never got my support to be Emperor nor to be Ruoxi’s chosen.

    As for 4th’s actions as Emperor – for that time period and era – it was to be expected, Harsh though it seems to us in the 20th century.

  15. Thank you, koala! I have been feeling the need to rewatch certain scenes between 4th and RX again but was too emotionally worn out to do it. I swear to God, from the time I finished it a week ago ’till now, I am still constantly reminded of this story and how bittersweet everything is. Ahhhh..this drama is just too much! Even watching the screencaps that you took makes me weepy. *sigh*

    I really feel for 4th and 13th the most. 4th because he worked so hard to gain power and protect the woman that he loves and free his best friend and when that finally happened it wasn’t the happy ending that he expected it to be. It really is lonely at the top, as they say. Sometimes I just want to shake Rouxi and say “Damn it, woman…he is trying so hard to love you, can’t you see?” Of course, it wouldn’t be the same Rouxi that he feel in love with if everything came so easily. We already know from the start that she is stubborn and has a tendency to worry too much about others, even more than she should be. But still, sometimes I wish she could just indulge a little, forget about her worries, and love 4th with reckless abandon.

    And of course, I feel for 13th because we know that all he really wanted was to be free to pursue his hobbies, to roam the countryside, etc. but because he loves 4th and he wants to help him, he stayed by his side. I have a feeling that if he really wanted to elope with Lu Wu and denounce his title, 4th would have let him go. But 13th choose to be by his brother’s side and it cost him the woman that he loves. Ahhhhh…so sad.

    Thank you again, koala for keeping the BBJX love alive. 😉

  16. If only RX can be like 8th’s wife Ming Hui, then they can definitely be together happy ever after. Ming Hui loved 8th so much despite of the circumstances. I am sure 8th was no angel either. He wanted to destroy 4th, 1st and the crown prince. All his moves were designed to make him reach the crown. But too bad RX cannot see it!! ARGHHHHH

  17. I still can’t get over this drama and I still smile whenever I think of 4th and Rouxi. It may have ended tragically but the love they shared is quite intense and unforgettable. If only the this drama series did not go with the story of 4th getting the throne by force, I would been happier especially since historians have already proven that it wasnt the case. Anyway, Nicky Wu played the role quite convincingly that you really felt every emotion he has inside of him. I am a kind of girl who won’t setttle for second best so I will also choose 4th not because of his stature but more so because he is the one that makes me breathless with anticipation every time i see him on screen. It’s always boils down to who I love the most. Love and pain always go hand and in hand and so I’d rather experience pain with the one I love. It was hard for Rouxi to stay beside him in the end as she was from the 21st century…free will, free speech, democracy, justice… and it didnt help that she knew the history. I do understand why she left him but I was hoping she never left his side. However, had she stayed, she would have screwed up history. The writer was brilliant in weaving the last part…she wanted to somehow stay true to the historical facts by not having the 4th/emperor registered rouxi’s marriage, that of the miscarriage…brilliant storytelling and performance by the actors. This will be one of my favorite dramas of all time. Thanks Koala for sharing your thoughts about it and here’s hoping you continue doing so as I am not yet ready to let BBJX go…

  18. Thanks for the recap koala! I’ve been a 4th/RX shipper from the beginning and rewatching it is making me even more dedicated. I appreciate that the author as well as the director has given so much though to this story. Things have a logical and realistic answer which makes this series so much more real. I think other dramas have a lot to learn from this.

    Your recaps have been fantastic…I’m like Athena, I’ve watched up to ep 20 quite a few times now and am always hesitant to go any further because I know of the heartache to come. But, I a too enamored by this series to not do a proper rewatch.

  19. i am soooo looking forward to all the BBJX recaps and discussion afterwards here. THANKS! it gives me more insights and understanding of the drama from another point of view.

    however, will there ever come a time when the english version of the novel or book be published online? there is one english blogspot but it is up to chapter 8 only because they lack translator i think. too bad, as i do not speak nor read chinese, therefor i cannot be of help. i wish it happen soon, the english version of novel i mean. 🙂

  20. I love 4th & RX. I don’t blame either for their tragic or wished that eithe can do differently, because they can’t. 4th is an Emperor, and he was trying to stabilize the court, and unfortunately, there are things he has to do to secure. As severe as it was, but that’s just how it is. He can’t abandon his responsibility or change his ruling which will affect the entire country for RX. I respect him for that. As for RX, she’s from the modern world, her belief system is completely different. I don’t think that all the princes (especially 4th) would love her so much if she’s not who she is, with all her good and bad traits.

    I agree that she would live so much easier if she’s like MH or like any other ladies from the palace for that matter of fact. But she’s not like that. Has never been like that. She cannot pick love over her own values and conscience. I actually think that had she stayed, alot more people will suffer. Well, the doctors will die for sure. If 4th knew that she only has 3 years left from the original estimate of 10 years, many heads will roll for sure.

    What I love about BBJX, is that the story compliments and gave credit to history. It refuses to blame or paint anyone’s light better than the others.

  21. You actually made it even more poetic than it was. I was just annoyed she denied him and made some crazy requests. Concubine Nian by the way is the sister of the general, not daughter.

    And nice to see a drama for once where the emperor has got his priority straight and did not abandon kingdom for the woman, so the woman abandons him. Not that he will make such a choice.

    • I don’t think she really expected him to agree to her request, she was just testing him. Even if he had agreed she would have refused as she was not that kind of a person to have the Empress removed.

  22. i just heard a news “Nicky and LSS wins for most popular male and female stars on the Internet (mainly Sohu sites).”
    Lin Geng Xin also wins Best Newcomer award.
    Update from the weibo of a Tangren staff:
    @哟哟yoyo:#步步惊心# 获得最具网络收视贡献奖!

    BBJX won the award for the most widely watched series on the Internet networks (since this is a Sohu event, I should think this only applies to Sohu video streaming sites?)
    taken from this forum>>http://www.spcnet.tv/forums/showthread.php?29858-Bu-Bu-Jing-Xin-(%E6%AD%A5%E6%AD%A5%E6%83%8A%E5%BF%83)-Liu-Shi-Shi-Yuan-Hong-Nicky-Wu-Kevin-Cheng/page281

  23. i just want to thank you for your recaps.it is easier to understand the way you explain it, with the subs i did not understand many of the things in these episodes, to thank you for the plain explanations,

  24. “She’s answered 4th Prince, and he stares at her, before leaning in to kiss her. The camera pulls away from the long-overdue lovers finally getting their time together.”

    At this point which answers my heightened frustration from previous scenes where they just shared a bet with no consummation, I was like awwwhh!! I wish just for this scene they make it a little more graphic! >.<

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