You Are My Pet Releases Full Trailer as the Movie Gears up for a November Premiere

Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ha Neul’s upcoming rom-com You’re My Pet is premiering in Korean in a few weeks, but I feel like the movie has been filming forever and the stars have been promoting it for equally as long. I was never interested in the manga premise, and add to that a consistent diet of YMP news, it all started to give me fatigue. The slightly risqué poster turned me off the movie even more.

I associate having a pet with comfort and chaste cuddling, not sexy times and wink-wink raunch. But these latest stills from the movie are really up my alley, giving off a very low-key emotional connection between the two lead characters. The full preview for the movie has also been released, so have a look below with English subs. I’ve always intended to watch this movie at some point, but now my interested is revived again.

Full Trailer for You Are My Pet (English-subs):

After watching the full trailer, I don’t find the movie as weird as it sounded on paper. It’s also a plus that Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ha Neul appear to have this delightful bubbly chemistry. Kim Ha Neul is coming off just winning the Best Actress prize at the Grand Bell Awards this month (for Blind with Yoo Seung Ho), so hopefully that will give this movie a boost. It’s funny how some actresses follow up an awards win for a serious and dark role with a fluffy and fun brainless movie candy role. I hope this movie does well for the cast and crew involved. I’m just glad it’s over so Jang Geun Seok could finally cut his hair.


You Are My Pet Releases Full Trailer as the Movie Gears up for a November Premiere — 19 Comments

  1. this gives a completely different vibe from the J-dorama which I loved…I mean what happened to our cold, aloof Sumire chan??…that is not to say that I don’t find this trailer cute…I might still like it…and I agree about the constant output of material… it’s giving me fatigue as well..reminds me of last year’s Cyrano Dating agnecy..which didn’t turn out to be that great for me eitherways..hopefully this wont go that way, i;ve been waiting for this movie forever

  2. Omo, the trailer is finally out :D. Thanks for the post Koala-unnie 😀 x
    I love every bit of this trailer !!! So cuutee, esp the pet gestures =^_^=.
    Movie : This november, do you wanna keep a pet for once?..meoww
    ME: Yess..pleasseee. Not just for November :p !!!

  3. i loved the part in the dorama where momo said:
    “sumire-san, sumire-kun, sumire-chan, sumire, yo sumire”
    haha. loved the dorama. hopefully i’ll fall in love with the kversion

  4. Thank you for the preview. I will definitely give this show a try. I did go back after seeing the J-dorama and read the manga. The drama was better.

    I am having trouble with Momo being taller than his owner in the kdrama. The feeling of a tall, proud and self-conscious Sumire-chan being captivated by this free spirited Momo, a dancer who was by society’s standards all wrong for her: poorer, shorter, younger, still unsure what he wanted to do in life. The height difference was very visual reminder of the obstacles to the relationship that they needed to overcome.

    • Ah, as much as I’m glad that JKS is “Momo” (he is a good actor at least – and that’s better than casting a so-so one), the height-thing bothers me as well.

  5. Well I don’t know about the manga, but the jdrama have not this thing about the pet being for ”sex” purposes. Actually she doesn’t even see him as a man but just as a pet. She is lonely so she likes his company and both share a good friendship 🙂 but after some time she starts to wonder if she feels something more for him – and one night they end up sleeping together – but after they did, their relationship was ruined. They couldn’t face each other anymore and talk like before… in the end of the dorama they turn to be friends again, and they agree to be just friends, they think the night they spent wasn’t a good thing at all are afraid to start a ”love” relationship yet… but we know in the future they will… the end is like this, open end… I don’t know the mangá…

  6. ok, so out of topic..
    but the last “meow” at the end of that clip reminds me of MSOAN/M3!! aww!! memories of the Holiday Couple (and i only choose to remember the giddy ones!!)…

  7. Not looking forward to this, though I may check it out anyway. I just hope its different from both manga and drama. i loved the manga, hated the drama, but still…its an old story…if you know what I mean. I hope they make it fresh and new.

    And also- who is hasumi senpai in the movie? (it is hasumi right…?) Have they written him out?

  8. How do you spell JGS? a – d – o – r – a – b – l – e! always…

    He is such a lucky devil to have pretty noona with him. Great chemistry too!


  9. I am looking forward to this, although I don’t think it’ll quite measure up to the j-dorama. But I’m glad they made it into a film rather than a drama, that way we won’t have to compare in the same way and the film and j-drama can coexist peacefully 🙂 And I’m glad about main leads (even if JGS is too tall for the role), because at least they made sure to cast actors that can gives us a good movie.

    Wondering when it will be available to those of us not in South Korea though!

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