Download Links for the Office Girls OST Songs

Yes yes, I got those emails you’ve all been sending me, asking how/where one can download the Office Girls OST. I’m here to tell you this drama probably won’t be releasing it’s OST, since the majority of the songs have already or soon will be released by the individual artists in their own albums. With that said, I managed to locate the main songs for download below.

The one everyone and their mamas have been looking for is Genie Zhou‘s “Free-Falling Entity That Wants to Fly” 想飛的自由落體, which was the song that played during Zi Qi’s adorable dinosaur dance. I LOVE that song, but the others are also really catchy. Enjoy more OG goodies, everyone! Hopefully this will tide us over until Sunday rolls around.

Download links for the following OG songs:

Genie Zhou’s “Free-Falling Entity That Wants to Fly” 卓文萱 – 想飛的自由落體 (side theme) click here

Genie Zhou’s “No No” 卓文萱 – 不要不要 (opening theme) click here

Click here for Yisa Yu’s (郁可唯) entire individual album. Her album contains three songs for the OG OST, and I’ve provided which track is the song in question.

Can’t Bear to be Hurt “傷不起” (track 2 – side theme)

A Pinch of Happiness “微加幸福” (track 4 – closing theme)

A Good Friend is Just a Friend “好朋友只是朋友” (track 9 – side theme)


Download Links for the Office Girls OST Songs — 23 Comments

  1. i can’t have access to yisa yu’s.
    when i click on download button -by guessing- it redirect me to an empty form in chinese alphabet and i can’t read chinese.
    need guidance please

  2. thank you so much for the songs, Free-Falling Entity That Wants to Fly is definitely my favorite!!!!!!! now i can listen to it over and over and over again =)

  3. hey koala. i’m posting for the first time here. i just wanted to say that i love your blog and u do a fantastic job of managing it. i no this is totally unrelated to office girls, but can u direct me to where i might find the sunshine angel ost. i’ve tried searching for the entire thing, but have only come up with the closing song. thanks!

  4. hi ockoala,

    thanks for the links but what i really want to know is where can i download the soft subtitles? i have the links to the raws, what’s missing are the subs..pls pm me thnx

  5. hi koala! i adore your blog, i always check updates every hour lol 🙂
    ive been trying to dl yisa yus album but i have to sign up or sign in, i quite dont understand. if you can help, i would appreciate it! 🙂

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