Ivy Chen and Bolin Chen Reunited for Uniqlo Taiwan

Uniqlo, the more technologically-advanced¬†Old Navy/Gap of Japan, continues with its Asia conquering strategy by finally entering Taiwan. Earlier this month the company simultaneously opened six stores in Taipei with a splashy entrance. It hired six famous entertainers as the first wave of Uniqlo spokespersons there. Joining the adorable pairing of Bolin Chen and Ivy Chen are¬†singer Yen J, actor-director Doze Niu, songwriter Joanna Wang, and model Amanda. I tried watching Modern People since I liked all three leads, but I gave up because of the usual C-drama inanity coupled with my shipping Ivy with second male lead Bolin more than with Hu Ge. So it’s nice to see them reunited for Uniqlo, and I applaud the brand using spokespersons with such diverse talents and uniqueness in looks.

As for Uniqlo, it’s clothes are priced low and appeal directly to the functional and basic trends. If I were a cash-strapped college student, my entire closet would be sourced from Uniqlo. Nothing special. but it’s got a nice niche appeal.


Ivy Chen and Bolin Chen Reunited for Uniqlo Taiwan — 9 Comments

  1. I’m a cash-strapped college student. ^_^ Unfortunately, Uniqlo isn’t in the States, at least not this part, but I do shop at Old Navy. I’ve been in Uniqlo in Seoul, though, and I do like their stuff. I think they’re a bit pricier than Old Navy, if I remember correctly, but it’s been a few years.

    On a more superficial level: Bolin Chen! Yay! I think he’s really attractive in a kind of boy-next-door-but-there’s-more-to-me-than-meets-the-eye kind of way.

    • Estel, the only Uniqlo store I have been to is in New York City, and u right is pricier than that Old Navy and sizes tend to run smaller than the average American sizes.

    • Uniqlo just opened its 3rd store here in New York City =) I am loving Bolin Chen more and more ever since the show In Time With You.

  2. Uwaaaaahhhhh ockoala! This is Offtopic but am Totally Digging KJH and YEH’s header! *off to watch Lie to Me again* sigh (sweet memories!) Thanks for reminding me!^^

  3. Uniqlo has launched a really aggressive marketing and advertising campaign in New York City. I see their ads, promotions, events and etc everywhere! It’s starting to get a bit annoying considering how much I don’t like their clothing. It is completely uninspiring and over-priced.

  4. What about ‘skip beat’ with ivy? Do you guys know if it’s already has a time to premiere?
    Thank you so much ^.^

    I SSSSSO LOVE YEN-J by the way.

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