Black Smith Gathers Kim Tae Hee, Song Seung Heon, and Micky Yoochun to Entice Diners

OMG, I can’t even. Look at that picture above. No, you are not imagining things. Song Seung Heon, Kim Tae Hee, and Micky Yoochun are in fact dirtied up like West Virginia coal miners and holding a…….pizza board rather than a coal shovel. This entire concept endorsement is so LOLtastic I almost can’t squee over the fact that HeonHee have been reunited in an ad campaign. When I heard those two, along with Micky, had just released an ad campaign for Black Smith, I was curious if it was an outdoorsy clothing brand or something like that. Imagine to my surprise to hear it’s for a casual dining restaurant in Korea that features pizza and pasta.

Ooookay. Not a terribly sexy thing to endorse, but I was expecting lots of cute nibbling of food. Turns out the ad has a few different concepts, but the coal miner (or pizza miner) one just killed me dead. By the time I revived myself, I could’t fully appreciate the rest of the pictures without wanting to snicker. To be fair, the non-pizza miner pictures are actually super cute. Oh HeonHee, why so perfect? I’d be the first in line if those do did another rom-com together again.

I don’t see any correlation with them shilling for a restaurant, but what the hell, so damn cute! I suppose she’s tying them up to take them to Black Smith to dine.

This absolutely looks like a promo shot for some melodrama about a chaebol family with secrets and lots of good looking progeny soon to be crying copious tears over some woe or another.

This is totally a newlyweds eating out picture if ever there was any.

Okay, I’m totally not trying to imply that my Heon oppa and Micky are, uhm, nibbling on the same strand of pasta. But that Micky is definitely trying to grab a bite from his hyung’s slice in the picture below. They are actually really cute together! Though I always thought it was Jaejoong who had the perfect cheekbones and build to play Song Seung Heon’s younger brother.

Now that we’ve got the cute pictures out of the way, time for some more pizza mining!

So do chefs at Black Smith look like that after they make my pizza? If so, that restaurant better start brushing off their rolodex for lawyers who handle whatever is the equivalent of Korean OSHA complaints. That is definitely a dangerous working environment. But hot and sexy.

[Credit: Black Smith]


Black Smith Gathers Kim Tae Hee, Song Seung Heon, and Micky Yoochun to Entice Diners — 39 Comments

  1. OMG – HeonHee… 🙂 They are soooo cute!! 🙂 I love them. That photo – their smiles – sigh… please let them do another drama project together.

    That’s pretty amazing pizza and pasta – and to get these 3 cuties/hotties?! 🙂 Wow! Thanks Ms Koala for sharing. Yummy.

  2. LOL. Maybe they are building the brick oven the pizzas are made in? Of course they all look fantastic, like they had a great time shooting this add and KTH- gorgeous as ever in red.

  3. OMG. I just remembered this one interview of Mickey Yoochun back in the ol’ DBSK days when he was asked about his ideal woman and he answered Kim Tae Hee. Haha… He must be happy to endorse with her. 🙂

    BTW, Yunho’s answer was Jeon Ji-hyun while Changmin’s was Han Ga-In. I totally forgot Jaejoong’s and Junsu’s wasn’t mentioned in the interview (or it was probably cut).

  4. ockoala – When I read the first line of this I busted out laughing! Pizza mining indeed! Although those last pictures with the men all dirty and sweaty and with open shirts…didn’t make me think of eating pizza…

    And there is totes some bromance going on in a few of those photos.

  5. Hahahaha I totally busted out in giggles in the middle of my prof’s lecture on American imperialism in the first part of the 20th century. Which is slightly strange, considering that the consequences of American imperialism were pretty brutal and tragic.

    But seriously – PIZZA MINING? What was the marketing team thinking? Not that I’m arguing with who they chose, but slapping Yoochun in there with HeonHee seems a little bit strange – he definitely looks like a third wheel. But there’s no denying teh pretty.

    • Yea the addition of Yoochun is weird. I mean couple eating pizza concept is good. Who-ever comes up with these ideas!!!!!!!!! I quess they just want to attract people with some hot actors. I’m not complaining. Yoochun looks so manly lately. I can’t get over it.hahah

  6. The mining concept is so silly. But they look hot anyhow. I still so amazed how KTH still looks so fab when she’s 30. I’m finally liking after all these years.

  7. LOL. I saw some of these pictures before and it did not occur to me they were endorsing a pizza restaurant. I’m just dying here for a giggling fit.

  8. Kim Tae Hee looks amaZing in that “Red velVet” ( the only color that looks like a cake) dress. My Princess 4eveR ! !!!!!!

  9. LOLS, the mining scene would not whet anyone’s appetite for pizza but with those three gorgeous indorses, tsk tsk tsk, Black Smith will have a lot coming their way. I would have liked if they focused more on the eating and the food stuff with SSH, KTH and Micky.

    Oh and you’re right sis, JJ would have been perfect dongsaeng for SSH! but Micky is fine too.

  10. MICKY yoochun

    Sorry koala ilu, and i read this blog everyday and i’m sorry for being nitpicky

    Actually i think yoochun might have intentions to replace the Heon in the Heon Hee couple

    KTH has been his ideal girl since forever

  11. I think they chose the blacksmith theme because the best pizzeria in Korea is called Blacksmith (and is owned by a blacksmith).
    Caffe Bene stealing idea and reputation from a small pizzeria. No bravo.

  12. LMAO. NO. seriously?? for a restaurant ad?! Hahahahhahaha. They are cute and adorable, and sexy and hot together. But I still don’t get the concept related to the one they are endorsing. LOL

  13. bahahaha!! Some of these pictures totally don’t make sense with the product. I totally thought melo, makjang drama ad for that one picture with KTH in the white dress between SSH and Mickey. I think you said it the best. Two chaebol heirs with birth secrets and the girl that comes between them…

    On another note, HEONHEE!!! That picture with HeonHee eating a pizza together makes me totally miss My Princess. It looks like a scene that could have come from the drama.

  14. OMG i can’t…this actually made me laugh out loud.

    gotta admit, song seung heon and kim tae hee look really damn cute together. 😀

  15. Song Seung Heon’s face. His face in the pizza mining pictures. He’s all like, “This is the most ridiculous thing ever, but you know I’m makin’ all you bitches crawl. Now eat my sooty, sexy pizza.”

    I…I can’t with this. I just. I can’t.

  16. LOL mining for pizza! I swear this is the best ad I’ve seen in ages! This is hilariously cute! Ah Song Seung Hun and Jaejoong brothers? Oh that would be the greatest ^_______^! Aaaah but I wouldn’t mind if these three were to star in a drama together. Kim Tae Hee is stunning @___@. Micky, Micky, Micky ~ Yaaay I got new itouch wallpapers ;). Thanks for sharing!

  17. Ah…Song Seung Heon is a manly man…I say damn.

    My HeonHee…*sigh*

    Micky came out alright too. I’m a fangirl for his brother Yoohwan though so I have no room for you Micky except with DDSK/JYJ

  18. Does anyone else feel like these three would make an excellent leading cast in any kind of drama? Seriously drama gods you need to get on that!

  19. thank you for posting those lovely pics of HeonHee. It was almost a year ago when we were in awe with this couple with MP. They do look darn good together, FACT.

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