Chilling Romance with Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin Release Spookily Charming Second Trailer

Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki‘s romantic-horror-comedy movie Chilling Romance is premiering in December, just in time for the holiday season. The movie genuinely looks good in every way – mixing the horror dead people scares with a sweet romance plus Lee Min Ki playing a total scaredy cat. I love it! Son Ye Jin just shines on the big screen, and really all her projects that I’ve loved have been her movies. Perhaps television really isn’t her medium. I don’t recall seeing Lee Min Ki ever sporting such a handsome and charming romantic leading man look, and I have a feeling the chemistry will be electric. I envy the folks in South Korea who can watch this soon. Check out the second trailer below, but beware of the hidden scares.

Second trailer for Chilling Romance:


Chilling Romance with Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin Release Spookily Charming Second Trailer — 13 Comments

  1. SO EXCITED!!! Every single trailer has had me laughing out loud! Love Lee Min Ki’s “ottoke? ottoke?? ottoke?!?!” when the little Ju-On hand starts creeping on his shoulder. Can’t wait 🙂

    • That was my favorite part in the last trailer too. He’s so adorable. He’s such a manly looking guy and when he plays such a scaredy cat, it totally makes my day!

  2. I am such a scaredy cat, but I am willing to check this out, if not the least to watch Lee Min Ki being scared out of his wits. keh, keh, keh.

  3. I am not into horror movies but this – rom-com-horror – definitely a must-watch! Sad I’m not in Korea 🙂

    Will eagerly await for uploads

  4. Koala – I agree, SYJ is such a fantastic actress and I feel like she gets the short end of the stick in dramas.

    But that creepy look she gives with the quirky smile is AMAZING.

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