Written and Video Preview for Episode 13 of Office Girls

Every time Friday rolls around, I start twitching for more Office Girls. For a drama I figured I’d watch just for my Roy Qiu fix, and maybe even drop early on if it sucked and not even Roy can keep me suffering through the watch, OG has instead turned my Fall TW-drama schedule upside down. That’s the great thing about dramas, and life in general, which is that you shouldn’t ever let preconceived notions dictate your life. I can’t wait for episode 13, which involves our new couple having a tiff, Zi Qi singing the ending theme song to Xing Ren (Roy sings!), and maybe Xing Ren’s turn to steal a kiss? CANNOT WAIT. Also, word is the drama will end at 20 episodes. 

Written preview for episode 13:

The rising love is bubbling between Zi Qi and Xing Ren. Unfortunately, sandwiched between Mina and Yu Cheng Feng, the two can only take slow steps towards love. What super romantic date can Zi Qi conjure up to bring them closer together?

The fearless Stallone decides to ask Zi Qi to be his advisor on love. Whatever Zi Qi says, Stallone stupidly does. A quiet night is torn asunder by Stallone’s wailing voice. What tricks does Le Le have up her sleeve to deal with the clingy Stallone?

Mina and Yu Cheng Feng break up and get back together, still unable to break through their relationship bottleneck. Mina decides to use her trump card and offers an incredibly high salary for Xing Ren to accompany her back to Paris as Mina’s assistant. What will Xing Ren decide?

Zi Qi finds out Xing Ren might be going to Paris and gets into an argument with her. Xing Ren is hurt by ZI Qi’s lack of understanding for her. Zi Qi also regrets his own rash behavior. How can this attack of their love be happily resolved?

First new preview for episode 13:


Mina: I want you to go with me to Paris.

Xing Ren: Go to Paris?

Yu Cheng Feng: Shen Xing Ren is not your chess piece, and neither am I.

Mina: She is quite special to you, right?

Yu Cheng Feng: What do you mean by that?

Zi Qi: Did you forget what I told you before?

Yu Cheng Feng: You think you are protecting her, but maybe that is only your own selfish wants.

Zi Qi: Such an important matter, why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Xing Ren: Why are you yelling at me? What a waste of me thinking about your situation.

Zi Qi: Then don’t go!

Second new preview for episode 13:


*Zi Qi sings to Xing Ren*

Xing Ren: Why do you want me to stay?

Zi Qi: If you go to France, what if you are mistreated? Why don’t you stay, okay? Don’t go.


Written and Video Preview for Episode 13 of Office Girls — 10 Comments

  1. Gasp! Paris ~ oh no. I’m feeling a time leap. Kinda like what they did for Fated to Love You.
    I don’t know how I feel about it, in general I love-hate them, but hmmm.. I love this drama~ I was also planning on dropping it. Midas has scarred me for life, whenever I hear “Office” and “drama” put together it just makes me nauseous. Hehe.
    Roy and Alice have such a unique chemistry. I can’t put my finger on it.. But I feel that they got something so different yet so enjoyable. Ah. The Yu Cheng Feng and Mina parts are the only parts I tend to snooze through. I don’t find the characters interesting at all. I guess it’s also because that Zi Qi and Xing Rin are so unique and awesome that everyone else (asides from Stallone) seem so dull.

  2. I know huh? OG is THAT good.
    I started the show with zero expectation.
    I was just curious. I didn’t even realize until later that ZiQi is Roy.
    Before this, the only Roy that I know is the Roy from Ai Qing Shui Xing Le, and that Roy is no ZiQi. Anyway… the rest is history.

    The new preview looks really good.
    There’s (at least from the previews) still no sign of Kai Er. Me like. 🙂
    I’m still not sure where are we going with the Cheng Feng and Mina’s arc, and at this point I could careless about what they’re doing to each other and whether they’re going to end up together or not. But if their so-called squabbling and quarreling could bring our stubborn hero and heroine to be true to each other – then bring it on by all means.
    XingRen’s stealing a kiss? I don’t think ZiQi is going to mind. I so want him to catch her in the act and then turn to make them engage in a full-blown make out session 😉

      • hahaha… I don’t think it’s just the hair.
        It’s like he morphed into a completely different person every time.
        I guess that what you’d call a good actor.
        He does look like Mike from certain angles. I still like him better than Mike though. 🙂
        Now if only he can kiss like Mike so that his ZiQi can make XingRen swoon and forget her name that would be awesome. 🙂

  3. Ahhhh!!! I’m so excited for this drama! I can’t wait to see what happens and I totally do not know where this drama is leading to…Can’t wait till SUNDAY!!

  4. ockoala, you’ve just reignited my anticipation and restlessness for the next ep of OG; argh, now the wait seems unbearably long :/
    hehe, I can’t wait for Xing Ren to succeed in stealing a kiss from Zi QIi, given how she was mostly passive in the romantic aspect of her relationship with Zi Qi. you go, girl!
    btw, I seriously adore the cute scenes when Xing Ren and Zi Qi are communicating/sleeping with their bears! 🙂

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