Joe Cheng is Mature and Handsome in Latest HK Magazine Pictorials

Joe, I forgive you for the atrocity that was Channel X. So can you come back to dramas now? Hhhmmm? Since wrapping CX back in March, Joe Cheng has been laying low and occasionally popping up for endorsements here and there. I wonder if he’s on the outs with GTV after he accepted SETTV‘s CX, though I thought everyone was fine with that since Mike He jumped ship as well and took on the GTV drama that was originally handed to Joe. Regardless, seeing Ariel Lin on screen weekly does make me miss Joe more, since ISWAK will forever have a special place in my heart. Joe posed for a HK magazine shoot recently and the pictures are fabulous. No one, but no one, smirks like Joe can smirk in the picture above.

These pictures really show that Joe can never ever go back to playing a high school student. In fact, most of the idol leading men are all full grown now, and it’s only with fondness we look back on their youthful days when they played high school stereotypes that made our hearts beat faster. The acting might’ve been iffy, but the passion and heart was all there. Joe actually looked drop-dead gorgeous in CX, it’s just a shame the drama was a big hot mess.


Joe Cheng is Mature and Handsome in Latest HK Magazine Pictorials — 21 Comments

  1. I enjoy seeing him with short hair. I’ve been rewatching The Rose so that’s all I can imagine, but I wish he’d smile in at least one of those photos. Such a nice smile.

  2. Joe’s smirk is indeed very unique….now can we please , please get him back on our screens…though with each project after ISWAK, my worries about his career increase,,,plz, plz plz pick something wonderful ala ITWY next!!!!

  3. Wow…haven’t seen Joe Cheng this hot for a while.

    Everytime I see him now…I can’t help but see Ariel, and wonder why in the world did she not choose him?! lol sorry the shipper in me just can’t get over it.

    • i think she wants Li Da Ren (chen bo lin) 🙂
      after in time with you aired, i think those two have some nice chemistry
      i wouldn’t be surprised if they end up together in real life

    • It kinda reminds Me of that scene in they kiss again when zhi shu fell down the stairs and broke his ankle while saving Xiang Qin ..

  4. “No one, but no one, smirks like Joe can smirk in the picture above.” YES!! YES!!!! YES!!!
    Koala you said it. I though i was the only one who–I should have known better!! No one! No one can smirk like Joe. Gosh damnit, I love him. Hes sooo hot. And he way he looks at XQ in ISWAK, always made me swoon. The way he just smirks so sexy. I love his pictorials, I just love him. Gish hes hot. And hes a June bug like meeeeeeee!!

  5. Good grace! I’ve always had a soft spot for him, prolly after hours and hours of drowning myself in a heap of ISWAK and TKA goodness…..and yes! He smirks like no one else!

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