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Wahhhhh, episode 13 of Office Girls was sooooo good. But the preview for episode 14 looks even better, with tons of new developments in many different plot threads of the story. The mood remains light and sweet, exactly what I crave these days. I suddenly realized that the OTP in OG reminds me of the OTP in ISWAK/Playful Kiss and that type of dramas. Very lowkey and realistic, bickering while falling in love, without any grand fanfare or dramatic moments. While I do love soaring passion and crazy angst, sometimes it’s the most mellow of love stories that are the most memorable.

Preview for episode 14:

Mama Shen: Zi Qi!

Zi Qi: Mama Shen?!

Mama Shen: Zi Qi, if something were to happen to Mama, my Xing Ren will have to be entrusted to you.

Zi Qi: Mama, you don’t have to worry. I will take care of Shen Xing Ren.

HR Manager: President, if the contents of these files are true, then….

President: Then the busiest person in the foreseeable will be you folks in the HR department.

Kai Er: Xing Ren, I hope we can be friends. I used to tell myself there can be no friends in the work place, only competitors. But seeing you and Le Le have such a close relationship, it’s changed the way I think about friends.

Xing Ren: Manager, I’m happy to have a friend like you as well.

Mina: Xing Ren, opportunity waits for no one. Either you sign right now, or forget about it.

Zi Qi: Consider it? What else do you need to consider? Just reject it right now on the spot.

Xing Ren: Qin Zi Qi, why are losing your temper right now? What I want to do with my future is none of your business.

Zi Qi: I’m your boyfriend. What do you mean I can’t have an opinion.

Le Le: I’m warning you, if you dare to let Xing Ren be upset or cry even one tear, I will…

Zi Qi: I’m the only son (heir) in my family (shielding his family jewels)…..

Le Le: Who cares about that! I want you to swear.

Zi Qi: Okay, I swear. If I toss Xing Ren aside, then dinosaur girl (Xing Ren) won’t ever love me, okay!


Preview for Episode 14 of Office Girls — 16 Comments

  1. Currently watching ep 13 raw and on the edge of my seat. Stallone yelling “you … mother … father” to Xing Ren cracked me up so much. ^^
    Thanks for the preview – was hoping that she would steal him a kiss early in ep 13 but doesn’t seem so, then.

    • The b*tch is back on full-mode obviously. Darn. But seeing our OTP holding hands, grinning like fools and watching a drama/movie together is so swoon-worthy. Can’t hardly wait for next Sunday already. <3

  2. Seeing them holding hands made me squee like…something that squees a lot. And ZQ resting his head on her shoulder? Totally swoon-worthy. They have the best skinship. ^_______^

  3. WOW you’re freaken fast on the preview for next week’s episode!! i cannot believe there are 20 episodes to this drama…i thought it was going to be short, but i guess the more the better hahah..can’t wait till another sunday to come

  4. Hah! I didn’t expect this I was laughnig so much at Mina today. Thank you for the preview.
    The OTP are so adorable and I am getting used to Zi Qi and his friend-the friend is so good at putting him in his place.
    I at at the edge of my seat with the preview because is that the new home?
    Off to the videos again.

  5. Today’s episode was a WIN! I’m so happy seeing Zi Qi slowly grow. I’m really loving the OTP interaction from being single and slowly easing into a relationship.

    From the preview next episode seems to be amazing! We’re finally getting to the meat of the story – Zi Qi Xing Ren starting to date finally! and the machination in the company. And random did anyone notice Kai Er’s hairstyle in the preview is an exact copy of Xing Ren? I wonder if its intentional or I’m looking too much into it……

  6. Why the obsession with Next Stop, Happiness?! O_o

    Ahhhhh I’m fresh off 13 and I’m mustering every bit of self control to not rewatch. (I’ve said this after EVERY wk’s new ep, but I really must post it somewhere to stare and be STRONG!)

  7. Is OG for real?
    This show is just soooooo good. It deserves to be the rating winner for this year.
    Wa!!! Episode 14 looks freaking good!
    Squee! The hand holding. Finally, they’re a couple. Good for them!
    Now together they can fight the dark force, i.e. Kai Er.
    I just read from somewhere than filming for the show is not going to be done until January. Is this right? Does this mean we’re going to have 20+ episode?

  8. hold hands hold hands! 😀

    it seems everyone here is happy abt the drama which is awesome. but i’ve been reading the TTV forum and it seems that viewers are not very happy with the ep 12 and 13. Am a bit worried about the ratings.. The forum posts were talking about how ZiQi is still being so childish and how Stallone is going quite over-the-top and that ZiQi is messing around with Stallone yada yada. I don’t know. I enjoy the show a lot – it’s like therapy after a hard day’s work… But ya, i kinda hope to see a little bit more character development on ZiQi’s side before he can officially take over – or maybe I am not seeing it very clearly yet..

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