Nicky Wu Shows Off His Calligraphy Skills for Elle China

Nicky Wu has been filming a C-drama recently but he’s managed to find time to do interviews and promotions for Bu Bu Jing Xin here and there. Elle China recently interviewed him and did a photospread that I found totally perfect. I love the elegantly cut black suit and Nicky doing calligraphy for the pictures. He actually wrote the characters that are shown, and I’m impressed with his genuine talent at the art of writing. I suck mainly because I have zero patience, and calligraphy is all about the patience. Not just practice, but a patience in how each word flows from the strokes of the ink brush. As for these pictures, Nicky continues to look better and better, almost like BBJX just revitalized his entire being and he’s back being awesome and gorgeous. I can’t explain how he makes holding an ink brush hella sexy.

Nicky wrote this rather melancholic poem. I find his writing more precise and less powerful than how male calligraphers typically write, but with quiet restraint that shows control. You know, he writes just like how I imagined 4th Prince to write.


Nicky Wu Shows Off His Calligraphy Skills for Elle China — 35 Comments

  1. What a great concept for a photo shoot. Much more interesting than some angsty, strangely-defined, “zombie businessman goes to work” kind of concept. It’s nice to see something with a little meaning.

  2. ahhh~~~ =D so happy to see the full article here~~ thank you so much Ms. Koala!! Also I’ve been going crazy trying to find the BBJX novel online so I can read it for myself. Can you please let me know where you read yours or did you purchase the novel itself?

    I don’t think calligraphy always need to be bold and powerful at all =] and Nicky’s is beautiful– a sturdiness that comes with a gentlemanly elegance

    thanks for a new BBJX, I’ve been haunting your site for more lol ^___^

      • lol i’ve been following that too, they have such awesome translations… I’m deliberating on the possibility of collabing with them cuz I like translating too hahahaha…
        I also went searching for online chinese version… all the way up to Chpt 29… and then I couldn’t find any more! (like chapters 30-42? plus the epilogues…) i was so heartbroken T-T lol

  3. *dies from too much heart palpitations*

    how can you not translate the poem??? pleaseeeee please please tell me what he writes… PLEAAAAASEEEE!!!!!

    I might as well delete all the songs in my itunes, since the one I’ve been listening is only “Three inches of Heaven” in constant repeat. And you know what I’m thinking about while listening to that song. 4-RX momentss… >.< I'm so gone. Lost cause this one. *point to self*

  4. Here’s the poem and translation which I found at this website:

    楓 橋 夜 泊 張 繼
    月 落 烏 啼 霜 滿 天 ,
    江 楓 漁 火 對 愁 眠 。
    姑 蘇 城 外 寒 山 寺 ,
    夜 半 鐘 聲 到 客 船 。

    Night berth by Maple Bridge Zhang Ji (c.753)
    Against a setting moon, the crows caw,
    The sky is covered by pelting frost.
    A woeful traveler lying awake by the dike,
    Watching maples under fishing lights.
    Outside the city wall of Gu Su one can tell,
    Where exactly is Han Shan Temple.
    For each chime of its midnight bell,
    Strikes in my floating heart an echo.

    • The poet used the moon, the river, the crow, the cold frost, the maple tree, the Han Shan (cold mountain) temple (outside of the city), and lastly the echoing bell at midnight to illustrate the feeling of loneliness of the traveler on the boat.

    • *bows* We are not worthy. That is just exquisite and mindblowing in it’s perfection. What can’t Emperor Yongzheng do might be the next question? Heh.

      • @Monica
        this is a collage, the original paintings most propably were not done at the same time. Considering the harsh life of 13 it is understandable he looked more gaunt for his age. And tbh who dares to paint the reigning ruler commissioning ur work in bad light?

        I like the sunburnt cheeks on 14 being a General exposed to the elements. And 8 fits the praises of his fine/gentile appearance

      • wow, now i really wonder what the real emperor looked like back in the day…do they have painting of him when he was young?

  5. Uhm, what CAN’T he do? Sings, dances, ACTS, does badass martial arts moves, was good in school (No. 6 in all of Taiwan in his day I heard), writes POETRY and beautiful calligraphy, and is just an all-around nice guy. Oh and somebody said he can play the zither too. Hotdamn and he doesn’t even look 40!

    I love the guy obviously. Keke!

  6. Major swooning in here…

    Gorgeous images..,

    Nicky is so damn sexy…fully clothed, now what its gonna like without the clothes

    great elle china magazine caps!

    thanks koala for sharing!!!

  7. was never interested in Nicky Wu until after bbjx….I am wowwed and totally impressed. He is so much more attractive at 40 than he was at his teens and twenties.

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