Shin Mina is Effortlessly Gorgeous for Rag & Bone

I donโ€™t have enough accolades for the latest pictorials of Shin Mina for Rag & Bone. While I like R&B clothes, I think itโ€™s overrated and passable at best. But after seeing Mina so lovely and comfy in their threads, itโ€™s succeeded in making me covet what would otherwise be pretty ordinary clothing. I like the color photos more, which give off an air of quiet beauty, but the black and white shots shine this clarity on Mina that gives her this inner glow. This pictorial is a giant win, and goes to show that sometimes doing less is much more memorable.

I love every single freaking picture in this collection. Mina is a goddess at conveying whatever it is she’s supposed to be selling.

[Credit: Rag & Bone Korea]


Shin Mina is Effortlessly Gorgeous for Rag & Bone — 13 Comments

  1. Shin Mina, or the perfect definition of a marketer’s dream.
    She looks effortlessly gorgeous! But I bet when WE wear the clothes, we won’t look a quarter like she does ๐Ÿ˜€
    Girl was born under a very generous star โ˜†

  2. Kudos to Min ah who accepted this DIY project since it’s like a “no make up” at all pictorial. she’s bare faced but still pretty. “no make up” theme might be hard to pull off for some of the celebrities out there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “I love every single freaking picture in this collection. Mina is a goddess at conveying whatever it is sheโ€™s supposed to be selling.” <– i am always a fan of Model Min ah.

  3. goodness she is absolutely gorgeous

    Mz. Koala – rag & bone definitely is a comfortable line of clothing…. but ridiculously overpriced. i went to the Saks Off 5th @ the Block and even then I could not justify the prices… unless the clothes made me look like Shin Mina..then fine ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks for sharing this!

  4. I think this photoshoot is the one that she did herself. Rag and Bone gets some stars to do the setup and shooting themselves, sans makeup in natural light. Mina and some of her friends got together to do this, or at least some of the pictures.

  5. Shin Mina is a very effective endorser. I’m not really aware of that brand cause we don’t have that over here but it makes me want to buy clothes from them now. But then again like I said, it just show how effective Shin Mina is. Those are simple clothing but it looks damn beautiful on her. I’m sure that won’t be the same if I’d wear those. Haha!

    I’m sooo looking forward for Shin Mina’s next project! ^^

  6. I wish I was THAT gorgeous. And yeah, rag & bone clothes are always too pricey (my aunt tried to buy some on the net but she backed out when she saw that helluva price for them).

    If I will look like Shin Mina, though, just by wearing that (and everybody who wears those as well) , well, who wouldn’t mind spending some bucks?

    Please, God, one of my K-drama Christmas wish is that she will have another drama coming!!!

  7. It’s so rare that someone naturally looks that good, I think that’s awesome! ^^ I’m always curious to see a person’s “true” face, without make-up.

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