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Some folks have asked me if I knew where to find the Ring Ring Bell OST. I haven’t responded until now, because I was waiting for the OST to be released, which happened today. While I neither like the songs from the drama that much (I like it much better after listening to the entire OST which is just lovely), and the drama itself had turned from fluffy and cute into stupid and plodding, I still love to help folks new to TW-dramas get their hands on goodies. Below is the download link and track list from the OST.

At this point, I’m barely FF-ing my way through each new episode of RRB, and it’s solely for Peter Ho, whose character and his performance are both too good for this maudlin mess. Much as I love Janine Chang, who did deliver a few episodes of solid performance in the beginning, she’s since started aping the classic poor plucky hardworking girl stereotype to the max that I have the urge to punch her face when her character shows up. I want to take Jia Kai (and Peter) away from RRB and go drinking with him and hear him crack jokes in English.

Download the official Ring Ring Bell OST here (filesonic zip file).

Track list:

01.偷偷的愛 (演唱:丁當+嚴爵/片頭曲)- Secretly in love (opening credits by Della Ting and Yen-J)
02.醬菜女的平凡真心 – Side dish girl’s ordinary and sincere heart
03.相忘不等於遺忘 – Mutually forgetting doesn’t mean permanently forgetting
04.平凡相依(演唱:丁當/插曲)- Ordinary reliance (by Della Ding)
05.接近真相的圓周率 – The odds of getting close to the truth
06.多多 – Do Do
07.知足(演唱:家家/插曲)- Satisfied with enough (by Jia Jia)
08.愛是最好的降落點 – Love is the best landing spot
09.你的笑瞇瞇,我的小秘密 – Your twinkling smile is my little secret
10.讓我罩著你 (演唱:MP魔幻力量/插曲)- Let me shield you (by Magic Power)
11.重要的東西放在心裏 – Important things are kept in your heart
12.小襄的美麗人生 – Xiao Xiang’s beautiful life
13.明年情人節(演唱:丁當+何潤東/片尾曲)- Next year’s Valentine’s Day (ending credits by Della Ding and Peter Ho)
14.平凡相依 哼唱版(演唱:丁當/插曲)- Ordinary reliance (acapella version by Della Ding)

The story may be silly and the majority of the characters annoying (anyone not named Jia Kai and played by Peter), the leads do have great chemistry and their interactions are worth watching. I recommend FF-ing through everything else.


Download Link for the Official Ring Ring Bell OST — 24 Comments

  1. First?
    I agree with you… Xiao Xiang is not a very likeable character though I get the sense that she was written to be as such but I hope she gets a better character development soon.
    In some scenes, I can’t decide if she is plain ignorant or just stupid or just plain suffering for nothing.

    Peter’s character and story arc with the ex are quite well written.
    Strangely though, I felt compelled to continue watching, mainly cos Janine and Peter do have pretty good chemistry and though I know Peter is an ABC and all, I find his occasional spouting of English amusing.

    Stranger still, despite the rave reviews of Office Girls, I had no desire to watch it and would rather watch this RRB. Hmmm…

    • I m with u! Hvnt felt the slightest inclination to watch OG,n m patiently plodding thru this drama instead.guez PH is the pull factor.

  2. YES! Thank You! I’ve been looking for this OST! I saw the MV with Della Ding and Peter and gosh did I melt like a fan girl when he was smiling in the MV… He’s so cute!!!!

    I actually watch this more than office girls as well..

    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  3. I love this show even though ep 5 made me want to punch my screen. Peter & Janine have great chemistry. I just wish the kid will appear more. 😛

  4. I agree. For some reason, I’m not that crazy about OG although I have watched it.
    I usually fast-forward thru most of it. I find the characters ALL screechy & annoying. (even Roy’s character) Le Le is the one I wanna punch in the face, her voice gives me nightmares.
    Peter & Janine do have great chemistry and so far I’m enjoying RRB. His bursts of English crack me up. The preview for episode 8 looks crazy though so it might be going off into stupid-ville. If you go drinking with Peter, call me. (ROFL)
    Thanks for the OST!

    • i’m the opposite
      i watched ring ring bell preview…and that was that
      but OG, i think is refreshing
      depends on personal taste of course
      i think RRB didn’t live up to the hype
      neither ITWY even though ariel lin is in it

  5. im quite the same, i don’t know what it is but OG does not really appeal to me, i tried watching RRB and following the show ever since, im not too keen though with janine’s character in the show, but love peter, which in all honesty im not a big fan of him either but still this drama makes me looking forward for the upcoming episodes..:)

  6. Hmmm, seems from the above comment I’m in minority group here. I do love both OG and RRB. OG because its wittiness, wackiness, silliness and over-the-top-ness (Stallone). The casts of OG have solid chemistry on those elements that make a simple-usual story become attractive and entertaining, hope they continue such performance till the end..

    As for RRB, it’s solely because of Peter…. — I guess, it’s self explained why. I love him in Sophie’s Revenge, disappointed on Starry Starry Night, like him in Love @ the Aegean Sea, head over heels with him in Summer’s Desire and RRB…

    Still, my fave is Peter as the haughty-overbearing-loving tycoon cum knight in a shining armor in Summer’s Desire. He’s just wowed me with his performance in SD, he captivated my heart. His rueful voice singing SD’s OST still stays in my head till now…

    Thanks K for the download link! You’re the best!

  7. Ooooh I really like the song that goes do do do do do li ai~ ^__^ thaaank you~

    Ah the last couple of episodes were ridiculous. A guy walks in on you while you’re naked, your first reaction shouldn’t be to run up to him and hug him. I can’t even find that bit cute.
    I really admire Janine’s character in the beginning. But now Peter’s character is her knight in shining ALWAYS there to help her. He has like a Xiao Xiang stupidity radar whenever she’s about to do something stupid he just appears. I wish she could lift herself up on her own feet and not depend on him :|.

    • Xiao Xiang was probably dropped on her head as a child. Otherwise I can’t figure out how in the world she is that dumb about everything.

    • My thoughts exactly! When I watched the first two or three episodes, I thought this drama was going for a more reflective, melancholy sort of storytelling and loved it. But now I just realized that this drama is just an average taiwan drama only with less of your flashy taiwan directing. Have to say that the chemistry between Janine and Peter (my favorite Janine+_____ pairing so far) is what gets me to continue following the drama, even if I have to fast-forward.

      • Totally agree. It started out promising but has disintegrated in to a basketful of taiwanese-drama cliched shenanigans (have you seen the preview for 8?). just echoing everyone else, i keep tuning in though bc i can’t get enough of Jia Kai (alone or with Janine).

  8. thank you so much for the ost 🙂
    i have a love hate relationship with this drama. at first, i was in love with it and now i am like ehhh, will you all shut up already? while the leads have great chemistry, i started to not love the drama as much when that madam kidnapped her. first of, if someone tried to bomb me, the first thing i would do after i survived would be to call the cops. and second, i dont care how nice xiao xiang is, i would call the cops after i was stabbed, especially when you know who the killer is. after that, my love for this drama faded. but i am still watching it until extravagant challenge 🙂

  9. can’t be download now…why? it’s forbiden by filesonic
    koala please re-post again…
    i wanna this OST very much T_T
    please help…
    thanks so much

  10. Ive been looking for a song that pops out sometimes and then fades away… iTs the one that says “LET GO” the whole time please if you know it help me 🙂

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