Bianca Bai is a Stunning Bride for Vogue Taiwan

Bianca Bai is in the pages of Vogue Taiwan these month modeling wedding dresses. Bianca is like Tiffany Hsu for me, utterly gorgeous but a very mediocre actress always playing the second fiddle. I hope her turn as the best friend/rival to Ivy Chen‘s leading lady character in Skip Beat allows her to break out of her vase status and wow me with some marked acting improvement. Until then, I really enjoy Bianca as a model because she’s so statuesque that clothes just look stunning on her. I also happen to LOVE all four wedding dressed featured in this spread, from the old-fashioned demure lace to the edgy tulle confection. While June is typically wedding season, but it’s never too late for brides-to-be to get some inspiration. I always love just swooning over gorgeous wedding dresses, which just activates my princess button.


Bianca Bai is a Stunning Bride for Vogue Taiwan — 9 Comments

  1. Wow! You’re right. All 4 dresses are amazing.
    Yeah I’m really looking forward to Bianca Bai’s role in Skip Beat. I feel like she’ll break out of her normal range and hopefully play a good ‘Moko-chan’.
    Moko-chan is one of my favourite characters in the manga too, so it’d be great if she could play her well.

  2. For me, Bianca is really great actress! I remember her in ISWAK, of course! But she was really impressive in Fated to love you! She acted great, and I believed her! Sufferings, tears, anger…all were shown great by Bianca!
    I believe she did great as Kotonami 🙂

  3. Actually Bianca was nominated best actress in last year’s GBA for a drama role which I haven’t seen. Have watched her in FTLY and PS Man.
    She’s ok as an actress but agree that she’s stunning as a model.
    I find her more beautiful than Sonia Sui.

  4. I thought she was wonderful in P.S. Man. I hardly ever like the second female lead, but I loved her character in that drama, and I loved how she played her with such grace and quite strength. Too bad that drama got more inane and ridiculous as it progressed, and it didn’t help that Sonia Sui’s character was unbearably annoying.

    Anyhow, the dresses are gorgeous; the one in the third picture is my favourite.^^

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bianca Bai or Tiffany Xu as female leads before. I agree that Bianca is still a bit stiff in acting, but she has improved tremendously from her brief appearance in ISWAK. And Tiffany. [facepalm] Her acting is wonderful. She nailed her scenes in Autumn’s Concerto considering they require scenes filled with emotional distress. She really delivered. I hate that they’re stuck in supporting lead dramas. They have the ability to go beyond that.

    Since you mentioned Skip Beat, I would like say I’m extremely excited. I was skeptical of Ivy Chen because I’ve never see her act. After skimming through Modern People (which was a fail of a show that took 29 episodes for the guy to confess, but I endured it because it was Hu Ge), her acting doesn’t disappoint. I believe she’ll portray Kyoko’s character well.

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