Nicky Wu is Quietly Handsome in the Pages of Men Style

Nicky Wu was on this month’s cover and pages of Men Style China magazine, which is apropos since he’s a man’s man and the man has got some serious style. I’ve seen enough of Nicky’s career works to tell you he definitely looks better in modern garb, as opposed to other actors who are strangely better suited to play period characters. It’s a testament to his magnetic charisma in Bu Bu Jing Xin that he overcome the dreaded Qing queue and made all of us swoon for him. I’ve been waiting for Tangren‘s ladyboss and that douchebag Yu Zheng to announce the leads for their respective adaptations of author Tong Hua’s other two novels. Tangren gets Da Muo Yao (Great Desert Ballad) while Yu Zheng secured the rights to Da Muo Yao’s sequel Yun Zhong Ge (Cloud Song). I think Nicky would be perfect for playing the lead of Da Muo Yao, but am not sure if Tangren will bow to popular demand and give it to it’s leading man Hu Ge.


Nicky Wu is Quietly Handsome in the Pages of Men Style — 22 Comments

  1. I’ve been waiting for the anouncement for Dao Muo Dao leads too! I heard that Hu Ge is one of the lead, they’re looking for the other one who have collab with him before…I wonder who…I really hope to see Liu Shi Shi in this adaption too though!

    Nicky looks hot and fly for a 40 year old!

    • Rumor is that Wallace Huo might be the second lead,but I was thinking Leng Geng Xin also collaborated w/ Hu Ge before so it might also be him?Any who I’m really excited about both of Tong Hua’s novels.
      Thanks for the photo -shoot Koala! Nicky is lovely in here and unlike you I prefer him in period costumes with bangs!Hah.

  2. OMG! Can this guy get any hotter? He’s 41???? Unbelievable!!! I am not familiar with all his works but he had me big time with the first episode of BBJX. To think that I never liked the Qing Dynasty hairstyle. The only person that makes me quiver in those chinese period movies/dramas was Jet Li. I was drooling every time he stares at RX. Damn, he’s sexy.

  3. It’s THAT look in his eyes that’s got my knickers in a knot. Really effortless charisma and gravitas on screen. And to think his RL personality is such a goof- playful and a bit childish (keke..) Going from jokester to sexy.. It boggles the mind.

  4. I’m sorry, that last picture made me fall over laughing.

    It makes me think: “The lost Asian member of New Kids on the Block”

    • Butbutbutbut…..Nicky WAS in fact a member of the Asian equivalent of New Kids on the Block. He was one of The Little Tigers. Ahhhh, the boybands of the 80s.

  5. Wouldn’t have been easier to have the two novels done by one person instead of 2? I pity the new cast as BBJX actors and costumes set the bar pretty high.

  6. dang…this guy does not age at all…he ages so well… i first saw him in this super old movie he was in which is the king of comic and he still look as young as ever

  7. Somehow there’s something slightly Indian about him, in my opinion.
    Hopefully those other projects won’t be as heartbreaking, but I kind of doubt that XD

  8. *swoon* Nicky Wu…chin on palm of hand with fixed glares….Yes, he’s a man alright.
    BBJX, we can all agree, set the bar extremely high.

  9. I’m surprised people told me he can’t act!
    Good thing I checked out BBJX
    I don’t know why treasure hunters wasn’t popular. Bad script maybe.

  10. His frequent pursing of the lips annoy me. And his nose does look humongous in BBJX. But then again, can’t imagine another actor playing 4th.

  11. Oh, Nicky. One role as 4th prince and I’ll crush on you probably for years to come. Damn, it was the stares. How can any girl let alone RX resist all those looks he gave her. Thanks for these posts. I liked the one with his calligraphy as well.

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