Trailer for the Upcoming 3D Wuxia Movie Flying Swords of Dragon Gate with Jet Li

Wuxia movies in the golden day of HK cinema were my favorite genre, but the steady decline in quality and innovation has really seeped away all my excitement for any new offerings. I’m tentatively keeping my hopes in check for Director Tsui Hark‘s return to wuxia in his 3D offering Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, which isn’t a sequel to his New Dragon Gate Inn, but more of off-shoot. He managed to lure back Jet Li, re-teamed Chen Kun and Zhou Xun, and added the lovey Kwai Lun Mei to the mix, amongst other big names. Wuxia is as perfect for a 3D version as any genre, but I personally dislike having shit jump out at me, and much prefer to be an old fogey and watch my stuff the traditional way. If the story and the execution are both solid, this could be a fun movie to watch when it’s released next month.

Trailer for Flying Swords of Dragon Gate:

They say Dragon Gate Inn is a black store since three years ago. The landlady is a fugitive on the run from the law.

What kind of place is Dragon Gate Inn? Have you discovered their true purpose?

We have to use to our advantage the location and layout of Dragon Gate Inn, split our team four-ways, and attack them simultaneously.


Trailer for the Upcoming 3D Wuxia Movie Flying Swords of Dragon Gate with Jet Li — 6 Comments

  1. Hmm… 3D wuxia, don’t know how i feel about that. I guess it it will either be a totally love it or just simply hate it kind of scenario. Can’t tell much about what it’s about from the trailer but I love wuxia films so will def see this one ^__^

  2. jet li, chen kun and zhou xun – I AM SO THERE!!! gosh how many movies have chen kun and zhou xun been in together? i totally loved them in balzac, west lake moment and painted skin ^_^

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