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Episode 14 of Office Girls introduced a new side theme song by Quack Wu called “Too Calm” (太冷靜), which played when Zi Qi went to pick out items to prepare for his grand declaration to Xing Ren. This made me realize that I didn’t include Quack Wu’s two side themes in my OG OST songs download link post a few weeks ago. I’ll remedy that now, and to sweeten the deal I’ll throw in a topless picture of the Dumb and Dumber from OG. Heh. Zi Qi is actually really smart, and Stallone just likes to play at being a tool, but together they might actually do something big at Jing Shi Department Store. Who knows, stranger things have happened before. The pictures here are from the upcoming episode where Stallone takes Xing Ren, Zi Qi, and Le Le to the hot springs.

Download link for Quack Wu’s album Dr Q click here (fileserve zip file). The two songs from the OG side theme is track 4 “Never” and track 5 “Too Calm”.

Title tracks:

01. Dr. Q – Dr. Q
02. 嗯嘛! (田庄英雄片頭曲) – Well Ah
03. 會 – Will
04. 永不(台視三立小資女孩向前衝插曲) – Never (OG side theme)
05. 太冷靜(台視三立小資女孩向前衝插曲) – Too Calm (OG side theme)
06. 苦(公視八大愛在桐花紛飛時插曲) – Bitter
07. 逃 – Escape
08. 花很迷惘(民視花之戀片尾曲) – Confused flowers
09. 心願便利貼(台視三立命中注定我愛你片尾曲) – Wish Sticky (Fated to Love You end theme)
10.起步走(台視三立命中注定我愛你插曲) – Starting to Walk (FTLY side theme)
11.那些「苦」(Demo版) – That Bitterness (Demo track)
12.「嗯嘛!」嗯嘛就好(Remix版) – Well Ah (Remix)
13. 太「太冷靜」(Demo版) Super Too Calm (Demo)
14. 英雄傳說 (萬通地產二十週年紀念司歌) – Legend of Heroes
15. Dr. Q Says… (嗯嘛!/會/逃/永不/苦/太冷靜) – Dr. Q Says

Apparently for the hot springs scene in episode 15, the four leads went to Beitou hot springs and literally sweated their heads off to soak and perform their scene. Roy Qiu and Patrick Li had to alternate between the hot and cold springs to make it through otherwise they’d pass out from the steam. They all confirmed that they were wearing swimsuits under their towels, just in case of an accident. LOL, PLEASE HAVE AN ACCIDENT. Thnxbai!

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