Lee Da Hae is Lovely in the City of Angels for a Star Pictorial

My feelings towards Lee Da Hae has been an undulating wave of love and annoyance over the years, which says something for her eliciting strong feelings from her fans and detractors alike. I’ve been both at times, but recently found myself seeing her in a new light after she wowed half of China by showing up on the popular variety program Happy Camp and speaking Chinese fluently without an interpreter. Five years of devoted study can do that for someone, and that someone being an actress some consider fake or trying too hard only makes her achievement all the more amazing and commendable. Da Hae was sincere and funny, and really quite earnest in making the effort to reach out to her Chinese fans. She was recently in Los Angeles for a photoshoot for Star, and a second alternate batch of pictures have been released that I find utterly lovely.

Da Hae literally is a mannequin in this shot, which is what I gather she was told to do, since she looks effortless alive in the other pictures. It’s a striking picture, and I’m amazed not just at how she kept still, but how she projected the very essence of an inanimate object.

Her curves are insane. I can be envious, or I can just stare some more.

I love this picture. Very sultry and secretive.

This shot is my least fave, only because the dress doesn’t fit her frame right. It makes her chest appear like it’s about to pop out, which some folks may actually appreciate more for it, LOL.

Below are some BTS pictures of the locations and the photoshoot. I wish the photographer could have used the LA backdrops more in each picture. The pictures are gorgeous, and Da Hae is the focus with a smattering of pretty backdrops, but none of it recalls any LA iconic landmarks or even the sun-dappled dry sprawl that is the city and its environs.

Sigh, LA really is so very very pretty. And so is Da Hae in this latest pictorial. She mentioned on Happy Camp that she is receiving script for Chinese projects, and is seriously considering accepting one. I think it would be a great move for her career, and hopefully she’ll pick a good one.



Lee Da Hae is Lovely in the City of Angels for a Star Pictorial — 15 Comments

  1. Yes. These are lovely photos. I actually don’t mind that no iconic LA landscapes were used. The mood is rather serene and the background isn’t distracting from the focus on the clothes. Of course, it is more exciting if one can spot familiar landscape in the background. ^^

  2. I love since the My Girl days.

    My favorite role of her up to the presence would be Miss Ripley, she gave a superb performance. You cant help but root for her anti-heroine character.

    I also watched her interviews when she display her mandarin-speaking skills, I was amazed.

  3. This unni is amazing, she proves it in every dramas she made especially when she portrayed the character of Miri (Miss Ripley)… i love her and i respect her!!! ^^^……^^^
    thanks for the pics Ockoala unni…

  4. I’ve been breaking into poetry every now and then and that 3rd picture inspired me….the back turned picture…amazing!

    Title: Angel with no wings
    I gazed upon the sky and breathe the ghastly air of early dawn
    Where mortal roams and sea birds fly above thier heads
    I found loneliness a worthy companion
    Fleeing from eternal bliss I searched for a familiar place
    Where I can call home
    In vain there was nothing but a vast horizon
    So I long to be one with the sky
    Only to find myself rooted to the earth
    For my curiosity has left me weak
    When I searched for my beautiful wings to achieve a majestic flight
    It seems to have abandoned me
    So nay I may never return to my dwelling place
    Where other angels like me endlessly roam….
    By: warrior of the light

  5. yes, people with sick mind + lonely soul are not well come here. Peace
    Love Lee Da Hae- very beautiful multilingual Korean actress.

  6. Well, consider me impressed. Fluent in Chinese after just 5 years of study, and in light of all of her other numerous activities? I sincerely applaud her efforts. Mrs. Koala, do you have a link to the Happy Camp episode?

    I feel rather bad towards LDH, I admit. I had a great deal of goodwill towards her after My Girl, but it seems that she’s had a rather bumpy road since then. While I tend to stay far, far away from all the celebrity gossip and sniping that goes hand-in-hand with the industry, enough of it has seeped out to somewhat color my impression of LDH, as much as I have tried to stay strictly neutral, and for that I feel bad.

    Based on what I have observed, I would say that LDH’s issue in dealing with the negative press that often surrounds her is that she is a strong-willed woman who cannot take other people’s barbs lying down. Hey, it’s okay, I’m the same way myself. However, something I have learned from working with numerous types of people is that almost no one likes defensiveness. And especially in the entertainment industry, it’s often better to simply accept/”own up” to whatever “mistake” was made (even if you’re not at fault – sucks, I know!), and move on – fortunately, the entertainment industry has the attention span of an ADD person. However, I think LDH has a hard time not defending herself and thus frequently argues back against her detractors – but that only fans the flames further and prolongs whatever silly conflict is going on, thus burning into the public’s mind what originally started off as an issue of complete insignificance.

    If she hasn’t already done so, she probably ought to get herself a (good) publicist. Sometimes, we just need someone else to step forward and preempt us, and shut our mouths for us before we stick our feet in our own mouths.

  7. There are so much hate whenever she appears on headlines in other forums, thank god it’s not that case here.

    I love her before but love her even more after watching Happy Camp because she’s the goofy Da Hae that I had known all along. Following her for many years, I never stop loving her because her real personality is so goofy and down to earth that I don’t really find in other actresses.

    I hope she will have more success in the future.Please come back to a rom-com soon with a hot actor!

      • @rhine– “u’r not belong here?”, oh! you mean “I DO NOT BELONG HERE”, hahaha that was really funny lol!! and you probably want to know why i made those remarks against her, remember her arrogant know it all act when she mimicked the Filipino Teachers in 2010. By the way U definitely remind me of the saying “Birds of a feather flock together” And before you shut me out of KOALA’ s blog and if it won’t be too much to ask, pleasssssssseeeeeeeee tell her to think before she talk.

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