Preview for Episode 16 of Office Girls

Episode 15 of Office Girls started off with a big hammer. The big hammer of cuuuuuute, which proceeded to bonk me over the head repeatedly until I was dizzy and disoriented. The entire episode was wonderful, light and sweet without being cloying or pointless, but the first scene between Zi Qi and Xing Ren set the stage perfectly for what’s to come. It’s been such a long time since I recall any drama delivering laughter in such witty ways, through conversation and clever references, without falling prey to the toilet or physical humor. Xing Ren and Zi Qi’s relationship is really more than I could have hoped for, with such enjoyment on both their parts, discovering the joys of being with each other but not morphing into different people all of a sudden. Zi Qi is still the clown prince of quips, and Xing Ren remains his ever dry and sensible foil. They are simply sublime together. Oh, and I have started the “Go Die In A Fire, Kai Er” Club. It might be a bit preemptive since she hasn’t technically done anything since she got her hopes crushed that she was going to land the hidden chaebol heir that was Zi Qi. But you know she’s a plotty plotter who plots. So who wants to join the club?

Preview for episode 16:

Xing Ren: Argh, I think I rang it up incorrectly!

Zi Qi: Aren’t you making too big a deal? If a customer figured out she was incorrectly charged, she’ll come asking for a refund.

Xing Ren: You can’t brush it off like this. This matter could affect the reputation of Jing Shi Department Store. Plus it was all due to my carelessness that this happened.

Stallone: It’s elder sister Mina! If elder sister Mina summons little bro, I’ll always have time for you.

Stallone to Zi Qi: So what did Le Le say?

Zi Qi: I think you really matter to her.

Mama Shen: I’m apologize for this, but my Xing Ren has never left the country before. I’m going to ask for your help on everything.

Mina: Please don’t say this, Cheng Feng and I will take good care of her.

Zi Qi: Shen Xing Ren? Mama Shen? Mama Shen!


Preview for Episode 16 of Office Girls — 7 Comments

  1. Me! Me! Yes I’ll join the club!
    I think Kai Er is gonna work to break their relationship from the inside. Just like whats-her-name in The Musical.
    Kai Er is already trying to ruin Xing Ren and Le le’s friendship. Did you see the scene towards the end?! OMG! I really hope Xing Ren doesn’t fall prey to Kai Er’s tricks. Ugh!
    I don’t know though…Cos sometimes the shots of Kai Er’s face after she talks to Xing Ren and Zi Qi, it’s not the ‘evil’ face, you know? She actually looks kinda like she’s given up on Zi Qi. Maybe that’s just to throw off the audience cos I’m willing to bet that she hasn’t yet.

  2. *sigh* five more episodes before our amazing Office Girls Drama is over!!! i really want to see what is going to happen next in the episodes, but at the same time, i want it to slow down so that Office Girls won’t end so soon.

  3. Sign me up for the club! It’s kind of unbelievable how they made such an unlikeable character with practically no redeeming qualities. This drama would be getting a 10/10 rating from me if it weren’t for her.

  4. I want to join!! -raises hand-

    Seriously, I can just feel that she is gonna create trouble soon… anyways, I appreciate that in this drama, they are so realistic about their relationship from the whole realization to confession and their daily life.

  5. *raises hand* I want in!!!

    I’ve gone from “omg squee! ♥cute♥” to “wtf oh noes, she’s back” in a matter of seconds.

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