Wonderful Radio with Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Jin Releases First Trailer

The upcoming K-movie Wonderful Radio (also called Love On Air) has a confirmed February 2012 release date, and with it comes the first trailer for the cute rom-com starring Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Jin. Watching the trailer, the movie looks like it could be sweet and entertaining, but I’m not quite feeling the hook yet. I saw a few glimpses of the always scene-stealing Kim Jung Tae (Girl K, Miss Ripley) playing some sort of big-wig, which means he’ll likely be a great villain for our intrepid radio DJ and producer to vanquish. I like both leads, but I’ll usually only watch their projects if it intrigues me. I’ll wait and see the second trailer for WR to decide if this movie has the potential to hook me in. Plotwise it appears to be the standard underdog success story mixed with plenty of emotional maturation all around from the characters. If done right, these kind of feel good movies will always have an audience.

Trailer for Wonderful Radio:


Wonderful Radio with Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Jin Releases First Trailer — 14 Comments

  1. I’m not feeling it! And I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to it! 🙁 I’m going to wait for the English subs before discarding it.

  2. For a second there, I thought this was a post about Mu-Gyul from Mary Stayed Out All Night. That picture of Lee Min Jung looks exactly like Mu-Gyul.

  3. It looks cute! A good pick for those lonely Saturday nights when everyone else is out playing and I’m at home. Oops. Did I just say that out loud? I promise I’m not really that socially pathetic…much.

  4. Lil correction here: The movie will be released at 2012 January 5th
    The teaser look promising and aside from the gorgeousness that is Lee Min Jung, Kwang Soo is def the spotlight here HAHA

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