Written and Video Preview for Episode 16 of Office Girls

I totally called it last week when I said Kai Er is trying to become Xing Ren’s friend so she can destroy her relationship with Zi Qi from within. If I could toss that scheming ho down a well, I would. I hate her continued evilness because I think it’s unnecessary, and the OTP have plenty of other obstacles and challenges to mine. And I prefer seeing second leads find their own way in life rather than cling on to patently hopeless dreams to land the man. Other than Kai Er, I’m looking forward to continued fun times with episode 16 of Office Girls, a drama that never fails to make me happy when I watch it.

Written preview for episode 16

Jealousy is the expression of real love? Even though outwardly she’s fine, when she sees Zi Qi talking with a hot chick, Xing Ren overturns her jealousy bucket. Because of that, following the red wine incident, Xing Ren has to once again open her own wallet. Can Zi Qi help Xing Ren resolve this matter?

Getting a couple to reunite is a difficult task. Zi Qi vows to get Mina and Yu Cheng Feng back together and sets up a clever ruse. He even involves Xing Ren in the white lies. Will this sacrifice succeed in bring the Master and the Goddess back together?

To get Le Le jealous, Stallone once again listens to Zi Qi’s harebrained idea. He gets punched in the face and ends up with a shiner, which does get Le Le’s attention. Will Stallone and Le Le commence their heavy handed love affair?

Zi Qi’s great big secret is only known by Kai Er, and is her trump card. Zi Qi’s lie to Xing Ren is like a snowball that grows as it rolls downhill. Xing Ren appears so blissfully happy, but when will she be upended by Kai Er? The sweet love is about to encounter a dangerous crack in the blissful happiness….

Latest previews for episode 16:


I’ve translated the first part of this preview already, which is the same as the preview shown as the end of episode 15. The second part has Zi Qi finding the customer so Xing Ren can fix her boo boo. She thanks him, and he replies “You think saying thanks is enough?” and then he moves towards her. RAWR!

I don’t want to translate that bitch’s dialogue, just accept she’s planting seeds of doubt into Xing Ren’s head about why Zi Qi hasn’t taken her to visit his parents yet. After hearing that, Xing Ren tells Zi Qi that they have to be honest to each other in the relationship, and if he ever lied to her, she would never forgive him.


Written and Video Preview for Episode 16 of Office Girls — 5 Comments

  1. Gah! That Kai Er. Why can’t see leave them alone?
    I hope Xing Ren will not be as naive and believe what ever her new so-called friend tell her.
    I want her to be smarter and realize who her real friends are.

    I just found out about the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie being in production. What!!! So excited! Too bad it’s only going to be a movie. I want drama of n episodes damn it!!! I’ve been waiting for this forever and now…. Ah so excited.
    RK is 1000X better than Ranma or even the widely hyped-up Skip Beat live action. And the story between Kaoru and Kenshin is so poignant, IMP one of the best in a manga even though their romance is never the focus of the manga/anime.
    I’m not as familiar with Jap actors – but the stills look good.
    – Again sorry for being out of topic her but I cannot contain my excitement.

  2. i love this drama to death but they need to hurry up and wrap it up!!! it’s getting kind of boring and getting no where…the only thing that’s motivating me to watch is because of roy and alice but besides that, the story needs to pick up and get going

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