Dashing Cha Seung Won Lands the Cover of Taiwanese Magazine

Cha Seung Won is really popular and well-known in Taiwan amongst all the K-actors. It’s all thanks to City Hall‘s immense popularity, but he’s really made an effort to reach out to his fans there, visiting once a year for a fan meeting. Now he’s landed the cover of popular men’s magazine Men’s Uno (last month’s cover model was 2011’s IT actor Joseph Chang). Best Love finished airing there recently and was also quite well-received so his star continues to rise. During the interview with the magazine, when asked to share his idea of a best love, he replied that it was having a happy and complete family. For a man married twenty years now, that’s reassuring and sweet to hear.

These aren’t the best pictures I’ve seen him take, but at least he’s starting to shed his Dokko Jin persona more and more. I personally wish he could be Jo Gook forever, but I need to let the man continue to try new roles and dazzle me. Word on the street is that he’s reviewing a script for a Spring medical K-drama but hasn’t committed to it yet. After doing an action thriller and a super duper rom-com in 2011, I’m sure he’ll continue to diversify his acting portfolio in 2012 with whatever project he ends up picking.

[Credit: Men’s Uno]


Dashing Cha Seung Won Lands the Cover of Taiwanese Magazine — 14 Comments

  1. i wish he could come back with another awesome rom-com (City Hall, not Best Love – which was bad, but not my cup of tea) ! But will definitely watch whatever he has in store next. Can’t believeeeee he’s married 20 years though, so does not look it (but incredibly cute!)

  2. he looks amazing as always 😛
    i really can’t decide wich i like best: his Jo Gook or Dokko Jin… he was great in both roles and i love both dramas . wish he makes a drama soon

  3. Gosh, I never liked this guy just staring at his pics until I saw him play Jo Gook! This guy is so loveable it hurts to think he’s actually married for 20 years aha ha ha! But you’re right, if he said those words about best love, well, it just made himself more loveable indeed. I have yet to watch him play Dokko Jin though. But I will, soon.

    I tend to like every Korean actor in every drama that I like aha ha. But they just fizzle out in my memory soon after, but I don’t think this actor will fizzle out in the recesses of my brain cells any time soon. He’s hot, yes, but he stands out from all the rest. Maybe because I’ve only seen him as Jo Gook which is now one of my favourite kdrama characters ever or maybe there’s just something else, I really don’t know…I guess I’ll find out more when I see the rest of his projects… thanks for this ockoala unnie!

  4. Luv him berry much and wow…amazing that he could balance between romantic scene and reality (20 yrs of marriage…bravo!!!) ♥

  5. He is always looking dapper and sexy. Can’t wait for his new project! Love that he adores his family. Makes him even more likeable than he already is.

  6. Sigh.. Good looking man.. Had no idea he’s married and his wife is just one lucky lady to be with him… Yes, I’m excited for this next project!

  7. To me, CSW will always be Jo Gook…not the caricature Dokko Jin. Jo Gook gives a great preview of Dokko Jin in Ep. 12 of City Hall when he’s trying to convince Mi Rae’s friends to run his campaign. Of course, KSA does a great job playing off CSW in that episode. How I’d love to see them do a series together again…such chemistry! Re the pics, “Matured Passion” says it all…sigh!

  8. He looks great and I also applaud how he keeps on working it despite his age.

    And I too prefer Jo Guk to Dokko (although Dokko was hillarious and I loved the show itself).

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