Joo Won Out, Jung Il Woo in for The Moon Embracing the Sun

Oh my goodness! Ovaries exploding. Oh shit, did I just say that? Whatever, ‘struth so I shant feel shame. Breaking news from K-drama land, where the drama gods are moving chess pieces around in order to ensure that the upcoming fantasy sageuk The Moon Embracing the Sun has the maximum amount of pretty possible in one drama. Rising young actor Joo Won, who is currently one of the leads in the popular weekend drama Ojakkyo Brothers, had been in serious discussions for the second male lead in this drama.Β However, since OB is a 50-episode drama and won’t be done airing until January, logic and scheduling dictates Joo Won won’t be able to free himself up to rush right into production for MoonSun (as I shall refer to it henceforth). I know Joo Won is uber-popular these days but he does nothing for me. Whereas his replacement does all sorts of things for me – none other than current Flower Boy himself Jung Il Woo. Cue the music for Return of Iljimae and start brushing out the mane of glory, m’boy!

The leads of MoonSun will be Kim Soo Hyun playing a young (fictional) Joseon King, and Han Ga In playing a female shaman. Jung Il Woo will be playing Kim Soo Hyun’s older brother, someone who pretends to be a profligate playboy to ensure his dongsaeng’s legitimacy over the throne. Awww, what a self-sacrificing hyung. I’m a much bigger Kim Soo Hyun fangirl than I like Jung Il Woo, so this casting works for me personally. And it can’t really be switched around since there is no way in hell Kim Soo Hyun can be playing Jung Il Woo’s older brother. Though in reality, believe it or not, Jung Il Woo is only 5 months older than Kim Soo Hyun. I know, the latter just looks so much younger. I’m assuming both royal brothers fall for Han Ga In, which would make her probably the luckiest K-actress alive right now. MoonSun goes into production shortly aiming for a January premiere on MBC. I can’t wait!


Joo Won Out, Jung Il Woo in for The Moon Embracing the Sun — 30 Comments

  1. YAY!!! i too love both actors..w/ FBRS nearing finale, it will not break my heart to let it go.. expecting a new treat,..

  2. Wow the cast… well, male cast is <3. Han Ga In is gorgeous, but her acting does nothing for me. I'll be tuning into this for the plot which sounds pretty interesting as well as for the males πŸ™‚ I actually like Joo Won, but I think I like Jung Il Woo a tad more hehe

  3. Oh wow! Another actor whom I cannot forget, Jung Il Woo!!! I’m actually currently watching Flower Boy Ramyun (of course, as he is in it). This guy can switch back and forth from being outrageously silly, cute and funny, to being so angsty, not to mention his looks (plus that brilliant smile). Iljimae is his best character portrayal still. I wonder how he will act in another sageuk. I can’t wait for this!

    • Same !
      Now, Kim Soo-hyun and Jung Il-woo, you’ve got to forget the girl ; just let her be, and have the bromance of the century instead, alrighty ? πŸ˜€

  4. Why is 2011 not over already so I can have Kim Soo Hyun on my screen????? And have Jung Il Woo as his hyung????

    Although it’ll be super stressful for JIW, as I’m assuming he’ll barely have any rest time between FBRS and pre-production for this? =/

  5. …I’ll be in my bunk.

    (I am so excited for this! The hair! It will be glorious! I seriously think I’ve got this long hair kink–The Princess’s Man suddenly got so much better when Park Shi Hoo let all his gorgeous tresses fly.)

    • WORD. Seung Yoo was still a moron and a half in TPH, but after the hair came down he was less annoying. The hotness mitigated his tendency to do stupid things, like walk around the capital in broad daylight just waiting to be recognized. Lucky for him, the citizenry and the law enforcement were more idiotic than he was.

      • He was a bit of an idiot, but the hair and all the emotional trauma kind of mitigated that for me–he did watch his entire family get slaughtered by a plot his girlfriend’s father hatched and his best friend participated in, after all, and then he was left for dead and nearly drowned and then hunted like a beast and then…Well, yeah, the emotional trauma was a big thing and the full-bulletin APB hadn’t been invented yet so I can somewhat forgive the logic-holes.

        I was more disturbed by how little groveling there was on Seung Yoo’s part for how horribly he mistreated Se Ryung during that kidnapping thing. Good lord, I wanted him on his fucking knees after that fiasco.

      • Seung Yoo was still a moron and a half

        A lot of people have bemoaned Seung Yoo’s idiocy, but no one’s called it quite like this. Hilarious.

  6. Love Kim Soo Hyun
    Addicted to Jung Il-Woo
    So this casting is like…OMFG! I died and went to sageuk heaven:)

    Besides both being flower boys, the acting prowess of these two combined…I think I’m going to love this more than Full House 2 or JKS’ new drama.

    • totally agree with you! Yes, this drama looks much more interesting than other 2 dramas…. I’m totally ON for this! I was just so-so when Joo Won was casted for second lead, but now..with JIW?!!! OMFG…

  7. Not to mention Han Ga-in is married to our resident vampire hunk o’ burning hotness. Seriously, what did she do in a past life to merit this good fortune??

  8. OMG…OMG!! Jung Il Woo!! OMGGGGGGGG……….
    110% better than casting Joo Won…and the character seems interesting and I have the intuition that we all (yes, ladies) will fall for JIW in this drama…!! I can’t wait!!

  9. OMFG!! now i wonder whether it would be male lead shipper or second lead shipper??
    kyaaaa can’t wait!!! I thought it would be Feb? no so Jan? that fast!!

  10. While Joo Won makes all sort of things to my hormones… and JIW doesn’t, even I love CHa Chi Soo to bits right now no matter how moron can be sometimes, I find this pair better than Kim Soo Hyun – Joo Won. Why? Joo Won as playboy? in his dreams… even though in Baker King he was pretty good at it. But JIW as PLAYBOY? he is kinda the perfect definition of playboy in klala land

  11. OMO ! I loooove Jung Il-woo but am totally, utterly biased when it comes to Kim Soo-hyun. Seems like I’m one of the few who’ll definitely be rooting for the latter, then, heh ?
    Though it’ll probably be an angst fest, given the actors – both already ripped by heart to bloody bits just from their acting, so I guess we can expect some kind of … Competition ? Like, “who will make the viewers cry and experience heartbreaks the most” ? OH GOD I AM SO WATCHING THIS. *masochist*

  12. I’ll be the odd one out by admitting JIW does nothing for me (yet), or more appropriately his characters do nothing for me. Joo Won’s Taehui from Ojakkyo OTOH has me all swoony despite seeing that JW’s acting skill is amateurish at best. Oh well. Still not happy with HGI as the lead lady. Poor baby KSH will have to come up with couple chemistry on his own somehow

  13. Holy crap! I was excited for Joo Won, but I just knew it wasn’t gonna work out considering OB is being extended by 10 or so episodes.
    But Jung Il Woo as a replacement? Are they trying to kill us with the pretty? Now I honestly can’t wait for this drama.
    I’m still meh about Han Ga In. She is pretty, and her acting is tolerable, but I feel like she won’t have any chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun. She looks a lot older than he does. I just can’t see it. Can’t they drop her and pick a much more talented actress? I know Moon Geun Young rejected it, then what about Jung So Min?
    Still gonna watch for the bromance! But still, I don’t like having that big “What if?” in the back of my mind.

    • Yea Moon would have look more compatible with KSH. As young as HGI looks, there is still a noticeable difference. Jung So Min would have been great too. But who knows, with customes it might make her look surprisingly young.

      Seriously, what kind of things does KSH eat that makes him look so young. I need that magic pill. hahah

  14. oh my! oh my! when I first heard about this last night, I was flipping out in excitement. After BBJX and TPM, I have been watching mostly historical dramas. I even got around to watching Yi San! So I’m really looking forward to this… since I had SSK crack last year – I imagine it’ll be the same. And JIW? Yipppeee!!! Who to root for – they both are good… I know that he’s not getting the girl but I may be 2nd lead shipping here like SSK.

  15. I love Jung Il Woo to see him be second lead.:( I thought he’s already above that status of second leads. Oh well πŸ™

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