First Look at the Upcoming K-movie Thieves with Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun

The upcoming Korean heist movie Thieves has a seriously mind boggling cast of Lee Jung Jae, Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Yoon Seok (the undisputed box office winner of this Fall season with Wandeuki), and Kim Soo Hyun. I provided a synopsis earlier here, but now the first official stills are out. It’s nothing eye-catching, but merely provides a first look at what everyone will look like in the movie. The two female leads are definitely milking their feminine charm, and the men are looking intense indeed. Can’t wait for more pictures and the trailer to come out.

The movie was filmed on location in Macau since it involves a casino heist. Principal filming has wrapped and the crew has all moved on to other projects.






First Look at the Upcoming K-movie Thieves with Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun — 16 Comments

  1. The photo of that actress on the “right” looks like Yoon Eun Hye there. BTW…. The whole cast looks OLD. So “NOT” going to watch it.

    • Don’t feel bad. As a “sufferer” myself, it means upper back pain, clothes that don’t fit right and black eyes after running.

      • OMG, I’m so sorry, but I laughed like crazy with the “black eyes after running”. Pffff…. Hahahaha

      • My boobs are annoyingly big, too, so I can relate. I haven’t been able to wear nice button-down shirts since the 8th grade. (Of course, my breasts have never punched me in the face but it’s a close thing :D)

        I’m just really envious of how much lift hers have got. Obviously, I’ve been wearing the wrong bras or something because those gazoombas are amazing.

    • You can join thousands, probably tens of thousands of Korean women who probably feel similar in response to Kim Hye Soo. That woman’s got some serious, serious, seriously dangerous curves. Va-va-va-voom! She’s like the 21st century, Korean Mae West in terms of the va-va-va-voom attitude. (I personally think she’s absolutely gorgeous, Mae West not so much. No offense to Mae West lovers.)

      It’s as if she won the whole lot of curves when mother nature was handing them out to Korean women. OK, I exaggerate, but really.

  2. This is going to be so epicly awesome, I can’t wait for it. The adults are amazing, of course, but I’m interested to see how Kim Soo-hyun holds his own amidst such a group of veterans.

    Plus I just like heist movies.

    • Yes, to all of the above.
      Plus LJJ will be so so cool, as usual
      I can’t wait.
      I hope, or expect, the soundtrack to be awesome to go with the coolness.

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