Liu Shi Shi and Yuan Hong Attend the 2011 Esquire China Awards

HongShi is back together! For an awards show, that is. Liu Shi Shi and Yuan Hong, the former currently filming An Angel’s Happiness with Ming Dao while the latter just returned to Beijing from the hinterlands of China where he was filming a Hua Mulan drama for the last three months, reunited to attend the 2011 Esquire China Men of the Year Awards. They each received the style award for Male and Female actor, respectively, and of course were onstage together and sat in the audience side-by-side, clearly just to make me happy. The cutest part of the night was Yuan Hong posting on Weibo a picture of Shi Shi on the red carpet (she arrived before him), saying that she’s so beautiful and to wait for him because he’s almost there! Awwww, they melt my insides.

I love Shi Shi’s dress. She always looks amazing in white, and the one-shoulder gown is very fetching on her. I approve of Yuan Hong’s suit and cravat, it’s a step up in maturity for him for formal events, and very complementary of Shi Shi’s dress.

The Chinese newspapers actually reported on HongShi shippers at the event, noting that fans of the two actors were the most boisterous presence in the audience and totally screaming out their love for HongShi, as well as wanting more 13th Prince and Ruo Xi affection.

HongShi never fails to delight me. Even if they remain platonic, they just have this deep seated friendship and affection for each other that is beautiful to see even as they both become bigger and bigger stars.

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Liu Shi Shi and Yuan Hong Attend the 2011 Esquire China Awards — 12 Comments

  1. I’m pretty sure whenever I see/read anything Hongshi I’ll have endorphins secreted even from my fingernails. 😀

    I was grinning fr ear to ear during YH’s acceptance speech, the camera was suddenly on HXM and he’s making sucha happy surprised face that could only be captioned by, ‘Look! my gorg Mom and Dad WONNNNN!’

    • Oh, I KNOW! HXM’s happy face was priceless. It’s like he’s totally cheering on his mummy and daddy onstage. Where’s the daughter-in-law when you need her to complete the pretty tableau? 😀

    • He just got back from 3 months filming in the Western desert in China. He’s extremely tanned because of it. If you look at his neck and ears it’s all the same color. He also posted recent Weibo selcas and he’s really that dark in RL.

  2. Ah… Yuan Hong.. he has matured so nicely. I totally agree with Ockoala, he really cuts a very dashing figure in his suit. I’ve always kept an eye out on his works since LOCH08. I’ve always felt that he has been underappreciated, career-wise and I think he is definitely on a par with HuGe both in terms of looks & talent, just cannot figure why it has taken him so much longer for his big break.

  3. They are seriously ADORABLE together…::sigh:: And Yuan Hong looks as gorgeous as ever…seriously want to see him in more contemporary drama sometime soon…didn’t know he was doing a drama about Hua Mulan—something to look forward to 🙂

  4. i like her very much. espacially in the “starting by each step” with Nicky wu. i want to say that “you are so good”.

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