Vic Zhou, Yang Mi, and Ella Hit Up Happy Camp to Promote Perfect Two

Not only is Zai Zai looking more and more like Tony Leung, heโ€™s also healthier and happier than I have seen him in years. Seeing Vic Zhou along with Yang Mi and Ella hitting the Chinese variety show circuit to promote their movie Perfect Two (minus Xiao Xiao Bin who is back in Taiwan), I suddenly discovered a ZaiMi craving I never knew existed. Maybe the fates will let them do a project together where Yang Mi isnโ€™t just guest starring as Zai Zaiโ€™s past OTP. Ella continues her womanly reinvention tour, and hopefully her acting in this movie will have matured as she has. In general I just imagine this cast having a blast filming this movie and now promoting it.

Yes, you can call me anytime, Zai Zai. Really. ANYTIME. XOXO, Koala.


Vic Zhou, Yang Mi, and Ella Hit Up Happy Camp to Promote Perfect Two — 22 Comments

  1. Don’t mind me…. I’m just going to sit here in my corner and stare at the pics of Vic… Healthy, happy and clean shaven beautiful man that he is… *sigh*

  2. He is looking very much like Tony Leung. Though Tony is still the one to beat for #1 Electric Eyes. I swear it feels like he’s looking into my soul.

  3. May I ask since it’s been mentioned in the last few articles ? Why the healthy, happy references? Has he been sick and unhappy? I am not a TW scene follower although Ms Koala seemed to have coverted me to Joseph Chang and Office Girls.

    • Zai Zai is a method actor and he also suffers from mild depression in RL. When he played Hanazawa Rui (Huaze Lei) in Meteor Garden (which is the Ji Hoo character in Boys Before Flowers played by Kim Hyun Joong), it suited him because he’s shy and awkward in real life.

      When he was filming The Other Shore 1949 last year, he lost 20 lbs to play the role of an army doctor conscripted to fight against the communists. In fact, he’s had been skinny and mopey for awhile since he lost the Golden Bell to Mark in 2009. So filming a depressing war drama was not a good idea since he got totally into character and no one saw him smile for months on end.

      Anyhoo, he’s back to cheerful ZZ now~

      • Oh wow. Okay now I understand because he does look happy and healthy and has laughing eyes here. No smiling for months sounds kind of scary actually. Thank you for the explanation.

  4. I’m not a fan of his…though I do concur he’s improved leaps and bounds since MG and he DOES look a little like Tony Leung in the pictures. Well at least I think he’s the “best” actor in F4 ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hello Ms. Koala,
    Vic does really look healthy and suits him. I didn’t really like it when he looked so thin and gaunt, it made him look old really…

    On another note, I’m lovin’ the header..smexy Vampire Prosecutor ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh I am sooo gonna miss this show when it ends in 2 days time.

  6. It would seem that Ella has the knack to make ppl ard her happy. Just like Jerry in down with love. I’ve never seen Jerry so happy during interview

    • You’re right, her interviews with her costars in Hana Kimi were also fun and playful. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Normally I’d take offense and tell her to get her hands off my men, but if she’s helping cheer up Koala unni’s ZZ, then she can have our eternal thanks.

    • She is a true sweetheart and a pro. She does work hard to make others happy. I hope she is finding happiness for herself as much as she brings to the world. Love you, Ella.

  7. Oh my, Zai Zai looks wonderful in these pictures. They’re all adorable, but Zai Zai’s laughing seems particularly eye-catching. I hope he keeps doing fun films for a while. So sad that Xiao Xiao Bin wasn’t able to go, since the last time he was on Happy Camp was pretty hilarious, but I suppose he’s got to go to school. lol.

    Can’t wait to watch this episode… and still waiting for the Kang Xi one too~

  8. Vic , your happiness is so contagious! Tony Leung and Vic have the same soul piercing eyes that you’re drowning and swept away into its depth. Yang Mi is very beautiful.

  9. Zai zai looks really happy…..i guess it helps to have Ella and XXB as co-stars….especially Ella who is always in great spirits and seems like a work with

  10. SOB!! Im reading the body language between him and that woman, the Mi one that you like and I am so not liking it. I love love love Vic. Hes so sexy, hos name is sexy, everything on him is so awesomely well packaged. I mean, I just wanna wake up beside him. OK lemme stop, i’m creeping myself out.

  11. Ella looks amazingly beautiful in these pictures. I never would have imagined her this girly before, based on how she looked in the past. (Not that she was ever ugly, I just didn’t really take a liking to her until lately.) And ZaiZai *__* So handsome!

  12. Zai Zai and Ella…more and more gorgeous seen from all of their promoted photos posted by ockoala (by the way…thank you for keeping with all of these…really appreciate that)

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