Ariel Lin and Sunny Wang Reunite for the Blackberry Phone Launch in Taipei

RIM just announced lower than expected forecast for next quarter, and the slew of bad news has been dogging the company for the past year since it’s unable to keep up with the smart phone market. One of the digs against RIM is that it just doesn’t “get it”, doesn’t understand cultural shifts, get onboard with the correct trends so to speak. So the fact that RIM hired Ariel Lin and Sunny Wang to unveil it’s latest phone in Taiwan is hilariously spot on with the criticism of the company. Yes, Ariel and Sunny are insanely popular right now (with good reason), but putting Chen You Qing and Ding Li Wei together is just so narratively laughable considering how In Time With You Ended.

Apparently Sunny was adorable during the launch event and reenacted his proposal scene from the drama, where Ariel promptly turned him down. Speaking of ITWY, the writer for the drama has revealed that in real life Bolin Chen is much more similar in personality to Ding Li Wei than his own character of Li Da Ren. Oh rilly? I always contended that there is no man on the planet who actually resembles Li Da Ren, despite every woman and girl in Taiwan going on a Da Ren Ge bender this month. The production for ITWY released two more wedding pictures of the OTP, which I’ve added to this post at the end.

Ariel and Bolin do make a beautiful bridal couple.


Ariel Lin and Sunny Wang Reunite for the Blackberry Phone Launch in Taipei — 21 Comments

  1. I’ve noticed that stars who attend always have the brand name or logo somewhere on their bodies. Like, literally. (In this case, on the back of Ariel and Sunny’s left hands.) This is a branding strategy I’ve never seen before, quite an interesting one.

      • Also in China. I’m ashamed I only know because of my stalking of FengMi pics on the red carpet for celeb events like this. I don’t know if it spread to Korea or Japan though.

    • I really dislike it. It makes the stars look like they are the merchandise as opposed to well, the merchandise. Even if you buy that phone because you saw Ariel carrying it around, they don’t have to be so literal about it….I mean would anyone really get a tattoo of the word “Blackberry?” Weird. What happens when your endorsing something that not so cool?…”Coffee-mate” haha 😀

  2. For a person who’s still mending a broken heart from a recent break up Ariel looks too beautiful? Wishing I look as gorgeous as her when my heart gets splattered all over! Damn Im honestly envious, she’s even glowing!

  3. Real life Bolin Chen is more like Ding Li Wei? Wait…whut? Does that mean he’s a dog who cheats? Or does that mean he’s good with smexy & smooth moves on women and very comfortable in his strongly male skin? RAWR.
    Then I vote we immediately see him in a new drama portraying that side of himself. Enough of these boyish, innocent roles he plays. Who’s with me? *holding up hand* Voting begins NOW.

    • Bolin Chen is apparently the world’s biggest flirt in RL. He’s a lot like his character in Modern People with Ivy Chen and Hu Ge. He’s admitted before that Li Da Ren is nothing like him.

  4. Can Wilson Chen Bo Lin bring his flirty self my way LOL. I know he said he is nothing like Da Ren so that just shows he’s an actor…I think he let himself slip out of character and more like himself a couple of times in the last episode when he was snatching kisses in the airport and in the taxi.

    Hmm…I can’t place Ariel’s shoes. They look like the Very Prive style of Loubies but seem like the Dorepi but missing the chain and open toe.

  5. Sunny seems to be a high temper and rude person while Bolin seems to be a guy who woos girls but not seriously with relationship (a playboy). If you re-watch the screen when Bolin acts when he wants to break up with the girl in ITWY, the face and eyes expression are not from a nice guy at heart.

  6. Wow, Ariel looks gorgeous! (I really want her trenchcoat). Bolin’s more like Ding Li Wei in real life? Haha, I can definitely see him as a total flirt.

  7. sometimes when you let go of someone it does not mean you lost a part of yourself, for some people they find themselves and get to know themselves more by love they project to others…. cheers to pretty Ariel….

  8. I can do it, the more I see Ariel being normal and happy and charming, the less I have the urge to cringe remembering YouChing, but DLW’s presence is so not helping. *ohmmm*

    That observation coming fr someone who brings me the ‘pleasure’ of her collection of ohsoreal/shrill characters/dramas she has created *coughMG2cough* and I was silly and ignorant enough to watch is really giving that statement a GREAT OhYeah! *swear, this my last b*tching o’ ITWY*

    Bolin has always been a charming player along with his bromantic bestie Jaycee Chan. But the keyword is charming, that and DLW don’t mix.

  9. From what I have read, what Maggie said was that Bolin’s eyes (or gaze) is electric, just like DLW which is why she could not look him straight in the eye and so she stayed out of his way. Haha.

  10. Sunny is suddenly the “it” guy now. Life isn’t fair. He’s insanely rich and he still wants to dominate the celeb scene. I’m sure he’ll rise to stardom pretty fast with after this drama.

    Ariel becoming to beautiful. I keep thinking of her chubby cute face from ISWK, she’s insanely beautiful in the wedding photos. They should really date in real life.

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